There is truly nothing like a warm towel as you exit the bathtub or shower. It just adds to the comfortable, relaxed feeling you established for yourself under the warm water flowing from the taps. This is why expensive gyms and country clubs have towel service. It isn’t because wealthy people are too lazy or entitled to go get their own towels – this is a common misconception. It is actually because, as full-service facilities these gyms and country clubs know that their customers will be much happier and much more likely to stay if they are relaxed.

Let’s help you bring that wonderfully relaxing idea home by helping you find a towel warmer for your bathroom. Not only will your towel be much warmer as you exit into what may be a slightly cool room after your shower, it will also dry much faster thanks to your new towel warmer.

Buying Information

As you consider purchasing or as you narrow down your possible options after deciding to purchase a towel warmer, allow me to direct your attention to a few important considerations you may want to make. I believe it is important to know your options before moving into any purchase so that you can protect your budget and ensure that you get everything you need, and as much of what you want as possible.

Rack or Basket/Cabinet? – There are two major types of towel warmers. It is very important that you know which one you would prefer to have. This knowledge will help you cut your potential options in half, making it much easier to navigate through them. The rack style either stands free of the wall or attaches directly to the wall. This option is best for those who not only want to heat their towels but also hope to use their towel warmers to dry their towels faster after a bath or shower. If you hang your towels after use, you have probably experienced what it is like to have your towels quickly take on that musty smell you know will lead to mildew. Properly drying your towels is an easy way to avoid this problem and to be able to use your towel longer before needing to wash it.

The only potential problem most people face when it comes to a towel drying and heating rack is the amount of space it takes up. In comparison to the basket or cabinet style of towel warmer, this type of towel warmer needs a considerable amount of floor or wall space. Consider this before purchasing your towel warmer rack.

Something else you should consider is that, although racks have the benefit of allowing you to dry your towel, a cabinet will make your towel much warmer. Therefore, I suggest cabinets to those who don’t have a lot of space and those who want very warm towels. Racks are best for those who also want to dry their towels.

Hardwired or Plugged in? – These days, most towel drying options are plug-in options. Some even come with wire covers to help you maintain an organized and orderly bathroom space. Very few options will allow you to wire them directly into your electrical system behind the wall, but these options do exist. Mostly, these are wall-mount towel warming racks. Your preference will depend upon the number and location of outlets in your bathroom, your budget, and your knowledge of electricity or ability to hire an electrician.

Best Corner or Under Counter Option
Brookstone Towel Warmer

As someone who is a big fan of rack-style towel warmers, I was surprised that this basket style was the most popular option. That being said, everyone has their own opinions and the whole world won’t always agree with me (no matter how right I think I am). One of the biggest reasons that this particular towel warmer is so popular is its basic shape and size. It takes up considerably less space than any rack-style warmer (wall-mount or freestanding). Its slim design is much easier to slide into a corner or between bathroom fixtures than the typical cabinet-style which requires a shelf, countertop, or ample floor space in which to sit.

Obviously, drying your towel won’t really be all that possible with this warmer. Despite what any of these enclosed towel warmers tell you, they are not the best way to dry your towels. In fact, your towel will actually dry much quicker just hanging on a hook on the wall. That considered, you aren’t here looking for a towel dryer, are you? If you are, you may want to consider looking further down this page. If you are looking for a towel warmer, on the other hand, you have come to the right place.

A simple push of a button will activate this warmer and bring your towel to a comfortable 120 degrees Fahrenheit within ten minutes. You can only heat one towel at a time, so this is best for people who bathe alone. A simple standard outlet will be all you need to make this warmer work. It will also shut off automatically after the proper temperature is reached to reduce the risk of fire – a great selling point in my book.

Best Stand or Mount
Knox 6-Bar Electric Towel Warmer

I love this towel warming rack. Its thick towel rods apply more heat to the towel than some of the thin, round rods featured on other warmers. A total of six rods, measuring approximately 20 inches wide, allow you to fit multiple towels and cloths on this warmer without over-crowding. This style of warmer also works as a towel and cloth dryer, making it very helpful for many bathroom needs. Personally, even though I will wash a facecloth after I use it, I don’t always wash it immediately. I hate throwing wet cloths into the hamper only to have them emit a disgusting musty smell throughout my bathroom. A rack such as this will allow me to dry my cloths out before pitching them into the hamper.

Another wonderful selling feature for this rack is the fact that it can be placed on the floor as a freestanding rack or it can be secured to the wall. The entire unit clips into two, large, sturdy feet which hold it upright – even with the uneven weight of oddly stacked towels. Simply unclip the feet and use the mounting brackets to secure the unit to the wall. Hiding the cord won’t be quite as easy if you mount this unit on the wall. For this reason, I would suggest mounting it over top of an electrical outlet so you can hide the cord behind the unit itself. The mounting brackets will create enough space between the rack and the wall to fit the plug.

The brushed stainless steel finish on this rack, in conjunction with its thick, squared rungs, makes it the perfect addition to almost any contemporary or industrial space. It will also fit in well with most contemporary-spa and Hollywood glam styles.

Best Cabinet Style
Elite Mini Hot Towel Cabinet

This adorable cabinet unit has quite the 1950s ultra-modern appeal to it. Something about the white and powdered blue reminds me of years gone by. The retro-style font used for the company logo and product name also add to this ambiance. Of course, if you aren’t looking for something in a retro modern style you may be turned off by this warmer at first glance, but I assure you that it is worth your time and consideration.

Let me begin by stating that if you absolutely hate the appearance of this unit you can always choose to hide it away in a cupboard or cabinet. Of course, you will want to be sure that your electrical cord has a way of escaping that cupboard or cabinet. Drilling a hole in the side of back of the cupboard or cabinet should do the trick.

What makes this unit worth your consideration? First of all, it takes up very little space. No larger than a typical toaster oven, this towel warmer will easily sit atop a bathroom counter or slide onto a shelf. The rack inside the cabinet keeps your towels from touching the sides, allowing warm air to float around the towels. The ability for air to move is crucial to quick heating. If you fold your towels, you will be able to fit one or two large, fluffly towels inside. Three or four small or thin towels will also be able to fit, folded up. Rolling your towels (especially thin towels) will allow you to fit many more.

Best Wall Towel Warmer with Round Rungs
Warmrails HSKC Kensington

I know I have spoken extensively about the fact that thick and square rungs are much better than round rungs. The truth is that, in my opinion, they are. I believe that their size and the amount of the towel they touch at any given time means that they can warm and dry much faster than this style. So, then, why would I even place this one on the list? Well, truth be told, I know that everyone has unique needs. Your interior décor may simply not support the visual appearance of those thick, square rung options I have touted. You may need (or at least prefer) something with slim round rungs for your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.

This rack isn’t terrible. In fact, it’s quite wonderful. It just may take a little bit longer to achieve its goals than the square-runged options. If that doesn’t concern you too much and you are looking for something with round rungs for your bathroom space, I honestly think you should consider this towel warmer. The round rungs, in combination with the polished chrome finish, make this warming rack an excellent addition to many classic, traditional, feminine spaces. It even has its place in many contemporary spaces.

Unlike some of the rack-style towel warmers, this one is not freestanding. It is wall-mount only. This means that it will come with everything you need to mount it to the wall, but it will not come with any sort of a stand for you to sit it on the ground. A long 7-foot cord will allow you to run the electrical components along the floorboards or, even, through the wall.

Best Small Wall Mount
Warmrails HSRS Regent Towel Warmer

If you are looking for a very compact wall-mount towel warming and drying rack, this one may be just what you need. Personally, I love the fact that it will take up very little space. I recommend it for those who need to warm and/or dry two towels at a time, at most. Families who have tandem showers (one out, one in, repeat) and, thus, need to dry or warm multiple towels at once, may want to look at something a little larger. This size is, however, perfect for single individuals, couples, and families who rarely have showers around the same time of day.

The ability to choose between two different finishes (chrome or nickel) means that you should be able to fit this warmer in with many different interior décor styles. The chrome finish, for instance, will fit in much better with crisp, cool designs, whereas the nickel finish will be better suited to warmer spaces – even some country-inspired rooms.

This wall-mount only rack can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet if it just so happens to be placed in a convenient location. If not, you can use the 7-foot cord to plug it into an outlet located at quite a distance.

Best Freestanding Rack with Long Cord
LCM Home Fashion 6-Bar

For those with limited electrical outlet options as well as limited spaces to fit their towel warmers, I would like to present this LCM freestanding towel warmer with an extra-long, six foot cord. Most other racks feature a three to five foot long cord. Very few have a cord as long as this one. I love the length of this cord, because it will allow you to plug your warmer rack in even if it must be placed a considerable distance from an electrical outlet.

Many people like to hide cords as much as possible in any room, especially in a bathroom. These people will be happy to know that a cord this long can easily be run along a baseboard and/or around cabinets to create a streamlined appearance to the bathroom space.

Overall, this rack is very similar to the one listed above – at least, in terms of its style. It features thick, squared rungs for better drying and heating abilities. These thick, squared rungs also create a very contemporary or masculine appearance to the piece. Like the option listed above, it also features six rungs in total and measures around the 20 inch wide mark (though I do believe this one is slightly slimmer than the one listed above). It comes with mounting brackets like the one listed above, as well.

Best Curved Wall Mount
Amba RWH-CB Radiant Hardwired Towel Warmer

I am in love with this rack. The only thing which could possibly make it any better, in my book, would be if it featured thick, squared rungs for faster warming and drying. That being said, I recognize that such rungs wouldn’t fit in with everyone’s bathroom décor.

Despite not having my favorite type of rungs, I think that this may be my favorite wall-mount option. “Why?” you ask. This rack is curved outward from the wall. This extra space between the wall and towel means better airflow around the towel, allowing it to dry faster. It also means that damp towels will not affect the wall. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen paint and drywall ruined with the dampness of towels hung directly on them.

Another wonderful selling point for this warmer is that it features more warming/drying rungs than any of the other options on this list. Instead of featuring two sets of three or four rungs, this one features two sets of five rungs, for a total of ten warming/drying rungs.

This is a hardwired rack, for the most part. You can wire it directly into the electrical components running behind your wall. If this is beyond your ability and you don’t want to hire an electrician, it does come with a cord so that you can plug it into an electrical outlet in the room.