Toilet paper isn’t exactly one of those things most people discuss with family and friends. It isn’t one of those things we typically ask for other people’s opinions on. In fact, many people find it to be quite a taboo topic. Still, it is an essential product for every bathroom. Let’s take some time to discuss some of the best toilet papers, so you can ensure that all of your bathroom needs are met.

I will do my best to create an open and honest conversation here without crossing that line which makes people shudder in embarrassment or disgust. Let’s be honest here, though, we all use toilet paper. We all want a good quality toilet paper and some of us have special needs where our toilet paper is concerned. On this page, I’ve gone ahead and done all the research for you, so that selecting the best brand and type of toilet paper for your needs will be easier than ever.

Top Choices

For those special needs or desires that some of us may have where toilet paper is concerned I have found some of the top ranking options and listed them here. A little further down the page you can find some of my other favorites. All the products on this page are very popular among consumers and have earned their place based on that popularity.

Overall Favorite
Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper

Of all the toilet paper products I looked into while researching for this page, this one was, by far, the most popular among consumers. It has received incredible reviews (which is impressive for any toilet paper, if you ask me) and ranks high in terms of sales. So, what makes it so special? Let’s take a closer look to find the answer to that question.

First of all, this is triple-ply toilet paper. If you aren’t familiar with the term ply, don’t worry, many people aren’t. A ply is layer. In order for toilet paper to do its job and to break down well once it leaves your toilet, its layers need to be rather thin. By combining multiple layers, toilet paper companies can make toilet paper stronger.

For comparison’s sake, allow me to tell you that most cheap toilet paper (like the stuff you find in public restrooms) is single ply. Double ply toilet paper is actually featured in abundance on this page, because it is a great improvement upon single ply. What does that tell you about triple ply toilet paper? It is extremely strong. As most of us know, strong toilet paper is an important part of being able to use it without worrying about it breaking apart and leading to a messy and rather gross experience. Of course, you can achieve similar results by doubling and tripling up the layers of the toilet paper yourself, but you will quickly find that you use much more and end up having to change the roll much more often. Three plies also mean that this toilet paper is much more absorbent. As a woman, I can appreciate the importance of its absorbency.

What else makes this Quilted Northern toilet paper so popular? I believe a big part of its popularity is the fact that it is unscented and septic tank friendly. Unscented toilet papers are important for those of us with sensitive skin. People with septic tanks can appreciate the importance of toilet papers which will break down easily and refrain from clogging their septic systems.

In addition to the fact that it is triple ply, the extra-large size of these rolls makes them last much longer than most other leading brands. As the only person in my household who manages to remember to change the roll, it is a small comfort to know that I wouldn’t have to do it quite as often with these large rolls. These rolls are actually so large that they require an extension for your typical wall-mount toilet paper holder. Don’t worry, though, because Quilted Northern will actually send you a toilet paper holder extender with you first purchase.

Longest Lasting Roll
Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper

If you were impressed that the extra-large, triply-ply roll Quilted Northern promised to last a long time, you will be even more impressed by these 1000-sheet rolls of Scott toilet paper. Let me begin by stating a few things here. First, unlike the Quilted Northern, this Scott tissue is not triple ply; it is only single ply. There is a chance that you may need to double up or bunch up this paper as you use it.

Despite this fact, these rolls appear to actually last longer than the Quilted Northern. Consumers who have tried both kinds claim that this one is actually superior to the other. How can that be? Personally, I believe that it is because this paper’s single ply is much thicker than the individual plies of the other brand, meaning that three plies of this paper would actually be unnecessary.

Additionally, each of these rolls contains an impressive 1000 sheets. Yes, you read that correctly. There are, in fact, three zeros after that 1. The company itself has even dubbed this toilet paper “America’s Longest Lasting Roll”. Of course, this may mean that your toilet paper holder may not accommodate one of these rolls. You can always purchase an extension for your toilet paper holder, though. Personally, I would prefer to purchase the extender than have to replace to the roll every day.

Best All-Natural and Environmentally-Friendly Toilet Paper
Seventh Generation Natural Tissue

If you are dealing with extremely sensitive skin or have a passion for saving the environment, you may want to consider giving this all-natural and environmentally-friendly Seventh Generation toilet paper a try.

Let’s discuss skin sensitivities first then move on to discuss this paper’s environmental impact (or lack thereof). One of my children has a terrible problem with contact eczema, so I can understand the incredible importance of finding products which do not contain harsh chemicals. No dyes, scents, or bleaches have been used on this toilet paper, making it much safer for use by people with extremely sensitive skin or certain allergies.

Every aspect of this toilet paper is environmentally-friendly. Not only are the paper and the roll fully biodegradable, the plastic packaging can easily be recycled. Even better, the paper, roll and plastic packaging are made only from recycled materials. Unlike some other products which are made partially from recycled materials, these are made completely of recycled materials. Absolutely no trees were chopped down to make the paper or the rolls. No oil was used to create the plastic of the wrapping. You can rest assured that your environmental footprint will shrink greatly as a result.

Other Popular Toilet Paper Products

Not every toilet paper can fit into a distinct category. The following products are all great products which have received many wonderful reviews from satisfied consumers.

Angel Soft Double Roll Bath Tissue

Despite not making it into our top three choices, this is still a very impressive and popular type of bath tissue. In fact, it wasn’t placed here because it is less popular than the others – it was simply placed here because it didn’t fit into any of our top three categories.

This Angel Soft toilet paper is double-ply, offering enough strength and absorbency for most of your typical bathroom needs. Consumers have reported being very satisfied with how well it works. It holds its own when compared to the strength of many other brands and people report that it does not leave little annoying bits on their behinds.

A beautiful texture has been embossed on each sheet to offer extra strength and grip. Perhaps this texture can be thanked for its wonderful cleaning abilities and strength. This toilet paper, like most listed here, is completely unscented, making it gentle on sensitive skin and preferable for many people with allergies.

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Big Roll Toilet Paper

By far the most absorbent Cottonelle toilet paper, this thick, two-ply tissue claims that it “removes more”. I think this is probably thanks to its rippled texture. The soft ripples are not only gentle on skin, but also help to collect things as they move along your skin.

In addition to being Cottonelle’s strongest toilet paper, this is also its softest. Again, I think a big part of this is thanks to the rippled design. Additionally, I believe that the fibers of this toilet paper have been interwoven in such a way as to make it feel much softer than other leading competitors.

This toilet paper comes in extra-large rolls, meaning that you won’t have to change the roll as often, but you may need to extend your wall-mount toilet paper holder to accommodate it. This product is also fully safe for use with a septic system – a fact sure to put septic users at ease.

Charmin Ultra Strong Bath Tissue

You’ve seen those commercials with the cute and cuddly bears having discrete conversations about their bathroom experiences and potty training, right? If so, you are probably already familiar with Charmin bathroom products. If not, don’t worry, you will be familiar soon enough.

In general, Charmin is known for the strength of its toilet paper and the fact that the paper doesn’t leave little annoying bits behind after you wipe. I want to take a quick moment here to give kudos to the marketers at Charmin for their ability to take such a taboo topic and turn it into a series of commercials which actually make many hearts smile. It can be difficult to open up a conversation around clingy bits of toilet paper, but they’ve managed to do just that.

Back to our discussion, the washcloth-like texture of this toilet paper is what makes the strongest of all the Charmin toilet papers. It can easily wipe away any mess without much effort on your part. I have to admit that this isn’t the softest toilet paper on the market. It isn’t even the softest toilet paper Charmin makes. However, it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice some softness for strength.

Its extra-large rolls are the size of four regular rolls, which means you won’t need to change them as often (something I was certainly happy to hear). A final positive point about this toilet tissue is that it is completely safe for use with a septic tank.

Charmin Sensitive Toilet Paper

Enjoy the strength of Charmin toilet paper but not quite able to handle the grittiness of the washcloth-like texture added to its Ultra Strong version? This toilet paper is made with much of the Charmin strength you’ve come to know and love, but is much softer for those with sensitive skin. Of course, it should be obvious that this option won’t be quite as strong as the Ultra Strong option listed above, but sacrificing some strength may be necessary if you have overly sensitive skin.

In addition to a softer texture, this toilet paper has been infused with lotion to help ease chafed and irritated skin. Easily apply a small layer of lotion with every wipe and, instead of making the problem worse, help it heal.

Again, this paper has been placed on what the company calls “Mega Rolls”, which are approximately four time larger than typical toilet paper rolls. I must caution that it may be necessary to purchase an extension for your toilet paper holder, but it may be worth it to not have to change the roll as often. This toilet paper is also 100% septic tank safe.

Wipe Away Your Concerns

Okay, maybe the title here was a bit of sad little pun, but it made me giggle a little bit. Hopefully, it did the same for you as well. Now that you’ve learned a little more about the most popular and reliable toilet papers available I hope that you will be able to make an informed decision about the right toilet paper for your bathroom and your bottom.