If you are looking for the ultimate shower or bath experience, a steam shower is what will take you there. Many different types of steam showers exist – some built by hand, others pre-fabricated – along a continuum of prices. No matter the price or the type of steam shower you acquire, however, the result will be the same – ultimate relaxation.

Though I haven’t been fortunate enough to install one in my own home, I have installed them in some of our higher-end flip houses. I must say that just watching one work as a test run made me scrawl it onto my bucket list. My life and home won’t quite accommodate one yet, but I am happy to lend my knowledge and research skills to helping you find just the steam shower you are looking for. If you’re ready to add one of these incredible apparatuses to your bathroom it is important that you find one which best suits your needs and your budget. Let’s take a quick look at some of the differences among steam showers before delving into reviews of actual top-ranking products.

Buying Information

You know you want the ultimate relaxation space but aren’t quite sure where to start. No problem. We’ll take some time here to look at the different types of steam showers available as well as some of the interesting features you can choose from as you narrow down your options. If you are sure of what you want, feel free to skip this section and get right into the reviews I have written for you below.

Prefabricated Versus Do-It-Yourself – Before you even begin to look further down this page you should decide whether you would prefer to purchase a ready-to-install prefabricated steam shower or build the shower yourself. Of course, building the shower yourself will require some handiwork. If you aren’t familiar with plumbing, electrical work, or basic building, you may want to steer clear of this option or hire someone who is qualified. Trust me, when you are mixing water and electricity you want to be sure that the job is done right.

Built-it-yourself steam showers can be a little more expensive than prefabricated showers, since you have to hire someone to make them. On the other hand, they are completely customizable. They can be as large or small as you want. They can fit into oddly-shaped areas. You can choose all of your own fixtures, materials, and colors. You can even choose to add in many of the special features that prefabricated steam showers boast.

Prefabricated steam showers are much easier to install. They usually only require you to hook up a steam generator, basic plumbing, and basic wiring as you fix your unit in place. Some assembly may be required, but it is usually rather straightforward and comes with instructions. However, these aren’t as customizable as make-it-yourself steam showers and can be more difficult to fit into the general décor of some bathroom spaces.

All The Extras – This part of our discussion will focus mostly on pre-fabricated steam showers, since you can choose to add whatever features you would like into your build-it-yourself shower. I won’t go into major detail here about each and every possible feature – I will go into more detail about these features in the individual shower reviews. For now, I will just give you a general list of some of the most common features so you can create a list of your own that identifies how important each of these features is to you. Popular features include: multiple rainfall showerheads in the ceiling of the unit; one, two or even three stationary or movable seats; steam and shower or steam, shower, and whirlpool bathtub; glass walls; single wide or double wide doors; one or two handheld showerheads; aromatherapy; chromatherapy; digital displays; wireless speakers; hands-free phone calls; built-in televisions.

Best Prefabricated Steam Showers

Now that you have a better understanding of what sorts of options are available in the world of prefabricated steam showers, we will take a closer look at some of the best options available on the current market. Each of these options has received excellent feedback from consumers and ranks among the best in the world. Though not all of them would work well with the interior décor vision I have for my future, fantasy bathroom, I would gladly take any of these home simply for the relaxation each would offer.

Valencia Steam Shower
with Jetted Jacuzzi Whirlpool Tub

In my opinion, of all the showers listed on this page this Valencia offers the most luxury. Not only is it a shower, steam shower, and bathtub all in one, it also boasts an impressive array of extra features.

Let’s begin by discussing the shower elements. Five rainfall showerheads have been built into this unit’s ceiling. That’s right – five. Even four is pushing it where most of these showers are concerned; five is virtually unheard of. Ten wall jets ensure that your body will not only be clean as you exit the shower, but also quite relaxed. Two handheld showerheads have also been included, allowing up to two people to maintain ultimate control over their showering experiences.

If you enjoy getting energized with music in the mornings, relaxing with music in the evenings, or using your shower time to catch up with family and friends, you will be happy to hear that shower system also includes an AM/FM/MP3 radio with a built-in hands-free telephone.

Chromatherapy is quickly becoming the rage in all things bathroom. From colored lights around bathroom mirrors to color-changing lights in bath and sink faucets, having a touch of colored light in your bathroom space has become a bragging point. This system features programmable color-changing lights in its shower area as well as its bath area. This means that the water inside the bathtub will appear to change color as you bathe.

A total of 16 massage jets will help you feel as though you are melting into paradise as you relax inside the whirlpool bathtub. The bathtub itself is much more like an indoor hot tub than a bathtub. Three large bucket seats have been molded into it, allowing up to three people to comfortably make use of this system.

There is, honestly, much more to say about this system. I am shocked by the fact that I cannot do it justice in the space I have available to me here. In addition to all that I have already discussed – impressive in its own right – this steam shower system boasts a large overhead circular light, built-in shelving, a 220V steam system, an aromatherapy outlet for essential oils, a space-age meets modern design reminiscent of the Jetsons, two large hinged doors, a small external control panel, and a large interior control panel with an oversized screen which can also function as a television.

Ariel 300A Steam Shower

If you have a very limited amount of space to offer your steam shower and would prefer to keep it separate from your bathtub (or not to have a bathtub at all) this compact option may be just what you need. In case you haven’t yet guessed, I will tell you that this is only a steam shower. It does not incorporate a bathtub. It does, however, feature a total of 256 rainfall nozzles spread out across four ceiling panels, as well as a handheld showerhead. Adding further to your comfort and cleaning abilities, six adjustable body jets have been installed into the walls.

The base of this shower is about six inches deep. I point this out, because I live in a house where many people have long hair. As disgusting as it can be to think about, clogged drains are a very real thing and occur quite often in my own home. I always find it reassuring to see that a shower would take quite some time to overflow if its drain were to become clogged. A six-inch deep base means that this shower’s user would notice the clog long before water started flowing out onto the surrounding floor space.

Constructed of blue tinted glass and black acrylic, this slim shower is best suited to masculine spaces. Of course, this does not mean that it is made for men. Anyone can enjoy both the experience of this steam shower and its visual appearance. It is simply best suited to bathrooms which embrace darker colors and a cooler aesthetic – probably something in the modern or industrial realm.

Though this unit does not feature color changing lights, the tinted glass offers its own bit of chromatherapy. If you turn off the lights on the inside of the shower, light filtering in from the outside will cast a blue glow, undoubtedly leading most people toward a calming, peaceful state of mind.

As usual, I have been babbling on and on about my favorite features and haven’t the space left over to tell you, in detail, about many of the other impressive qualities and features this system holds. Allow me to quickly run through a list of those features for you here: 24-inch wide swinging door; built-in shelving; drain located at the center of one wall side; corner unit; many interior lights; adjustable seat (moves up and down); built-in heating limiter.

DZ962F8 Platinum Steam Shower Sauna Enclosure Jetted Spa

This stylish, two-person corner steam shower unit is everything I think of when I envision the bathroom of a posh country club. This is the type of space I would expect to be used by those who expect nothing but the best. Not only does it have an array of impressive features, it also has the aesthetic appeal I envision for such a space.

Constructed of a mixture of clear glass, slatted wood, and stainless steel framing, the very appearance of this shower system conveys prestige. Many other steam shower systems look busy; I’m not really sure how else to describe them – they just look busy. Buttons, screens, showerheads, jets, panels, and lights are so plentiful and obvious in the design of those systems that it is hard to know what to look at first. With this shower, on the other hand, some less important things have been removed and others have simply been streamlined into the design. The purpose of these functions, after all, is function. So long as they work, there really is no need to draw extra attention to them.

Measuring 47 inches wide by 47 inches deep and 89 inches tall, this system is built to slide easily into the corner of any bathroom. It features two slatted-wood topped stools with squared stainless steel legs for comfort, warmth, and strength. Each of these stools is able to be moved freely around the shower space or removed completely if you so desire.

An LCD touch display panel allows you to control the temperature, steam, radio volume, and lights, as well as to set a program for on and off times. The lights can be set as just basic, white light or you select a color or pattern of colors for a relaxing chromatherapy experience. To add to your relaxing experience, a total of twelve body jets has been fitted into the walls of this unit. Each back wall features six jets, perfectly located to hit pressure points along the back of a person sitting in one of the stools.

Other features and functions include one handheld showerhead wand, a built-in chrome and glass shelf, slatted wood ceiling, slatted wood floor, rainfall ceiling panels, AM/FM radio with audio input, and an aromatherapy option.

Ariel Platinum DA324HF3 White Steam Shower and Whirlpool Tub

One of the most luxurious of all the steam showers listed here, the Ariel Platinum combines three relaxing water experiences – a bath, a shower, and a steamer. Just like the old infomercials, I am tempted to yell out, “But wait! That’s not all!” Let’s take a moment to discuss the various features associated with this steam shower/tub, then look at its aesthetic appearance.

For most people, optimal comfort will come as they use the shower, tub, and steaming options all at the same time. It is important to know, however, that it is possible to use them in pairs or one at a time.

The shower features are many and are also able to run together or independently. Rainfall showerheads have been installed in multiple locations on the ceiling to imitate the experience of standing or sitting outside in a warm rain shower. Massage jets, 12 in total, are paired up on the walls of this shower in sets of six – creating the optimal shower experience for one or two people. A singular handheld showerhead can be shared as needed.

The tub is more than just a tub – it is a whirlpool tub. Two molded seats allow you to share this soothing experience with a loved one. A total of 16 whirlpool jets add a gentle massage experience and help to circulate the warm water.

A computerized control system allows you to manage each of the features listed above as well as the built-in FM radio. This entire ensemble measures 59 inches wide, 59 inches long, and 89 inches tall. For most people, this unit will just fit between their floor and ceiling spaces.

It is a corner unit, featuring a large curved front which runs between the two walls it rests against. The shower walls that rest against your bathroom walls are white acrylic with chrome accent panels running the height of the space where the body jets are attached. The curved front face of this unit is made up of glass panels, glass doors, and chrome framing. The base of the bathtub portion of this ensemble is white acrylic to match its interior walls.

The basic shape, color, and materials used for this steam shower make it ideal for modern and Scandinavian-style living spaces. That being said, it can be worked into a contemporary bathroom as well, so long as the rest of the color scheme compliments its white and chrome. This will be a difficult piece to bring into a vintage or country cottage bathroom, but is worth the style sacrifice if you are looking for ultimate comfort.

Ariel WS-701 Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub

Of all of the bathtub/shower/steamer combinations listed here on this page, this one appears to house the deepest bathtub. How do I figure this? It is the only one which actually features a built-in step to help you get up and inside of it. Clearly, as you must have guess by now, this is a three-piece ensemble – it features a shower, a steamer, and a bathtub – and you should know that each piece is impressive in its own right. In addition, there are a few extra features which are sure to delight you as well.

Before we get too far into things, allow me to tell you that this may not fit well into many interior design schemes. However, truth be told, it can be very difficult to fit a pre-fabricated steam shower into any design other than a high-tech urban loft. That being said, many people choose to sacrifice a little of their personal style for the exceptional comfort such a showering experience will bring. If this sacrifice isn’t worth it to you, you may want to consider building your own steam shower from scratch.

This particular unit features a white acrylic bathtub, shiny black wall panels, a blue tinted glass front face, blue tinted glass doors, and chrome framing. Between the shiny black wall panels are two chrome panels which house two sets of six body massage jets. Standard in this type of shower system, the ceiling is home to multiple rainfall showerheads. An upgrade to many of the others on this list, this unit features two fully-adjustable handheld showerheads.

As I am sure you have guessed, there are also two seats molded into the bathtub area. What you may not have guessed is that each of these seats features its own padded headrest and massage jets. In total, there are over twelve jets inside the bathtub itself.

Best Steam Generators

If you would prefer to create your own steam shower space there is one thing you will definitely require before your project can be complete – a steam generator. Though your other materials will likely be different from someone else’s, we are certain that everyone will need one of these to build their own steam shower, so we decided to add our two favorites to this page.

Most Powerful Home Steam Generator
Superior 9KW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator

The Superior steam generator runs on 220V of energy. It can be installed up to 16 feet away from its control panel, thanks to its 16 foot long control panel cord. The control panel itself features a timer, an on/off switch, and temperature control. You should note that temperature in this system is measured in degrees Celsius, not degrees Fahrenheit. If this will be a problem for you, you may want to look into our other option.

In total, this generator is capable of providing warm, relaxing steam for between 320 and 460 cubic feet. Be sure that your shower size falls somewhere within that range. In addition to relaxing and rejuvenating steam, this generator will also add scent to your shower space, thanks to the special oil holder area on its steam head. Oh yes, I almost forgot, this isn’t just a generator and control panel combination, it also includes a steam head and most of the plumbing pieces you should require to install it in your bathroom space.

The generator itself is self-draining. This is an important quality in a steam generator, as excess water build-up can lead to the formation of mold and mildew.

Best Luxury Steam Generator
3KW Sauna Bath Steamer for Home Spa

If you are planning to create your own steam shower space and want it to mimic many of the wonderful features that come with high-end prefabricated options, this steamer is a great place to begin. Of course, many of the other elements you add to your space (such as seating or a whirlpool bathtub) will also impact the feeling of luxury, but I truly believe that this generator will be an essential part of creating your luxury shower space.

What makes this generator so special? To begin, it isn’t simply a generator. Most steam generators have one job and one job alone – create steam. Look at the generator above this one. It creates steam, comes with a basic control panel, and has the ability to emit beautiful scents – but nothing more. This one does all of those things and then some.

This generator’s control panel is also capable of providing you with entertainment thanks to its built-in FM radio and CD player. It also features a hands-free telephone option so that you can make calls while you are inside your custom steam shower. It features a digital timer and water temperature control and comes with a remote control so that you can adjust your settings or radio station from a distance.

Capable of steaming up to 142 cubic feet (or 4.2 cubic meters), this unit will create steam temperatures in a range of 68 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a relatively small unit which will be easy to tuck away. Unlike many other steamers, this one is available in either 220V or 110V. Talk to your electrician about which option is best for your home.

Cleanse, Detox, and Relax

There’s nothing like melting away a day of frustration and stress inside a steam shower or whirlpool tub. There is nothing better than celebrating a wonderful day in the exact same space. Rest your aching muscles, rejuvenate your dry skin, breathe life back into your pores, and give your body the shower and bath experience it deserves with one of the fine steamer showers we’ve just taken a look at.