Whether it’s catching up on the news, laughing away at talk radio, or bobbing along to my favorite tune, I thoroughly enjoy the comfort and convenience of a shower radio. If you enjoy these versatile, waterproof, battery-operated electronics you may want to come with me on a quick journey to find one which will best suit your intended uses.

We’ve included many different types of shower radios on this list – radios which adhere to the wall with suction cups, radios with emergency broadcast sirens, radios with built-in flashlights, simple AM/FM radios, radios with digital displays, and much more.

Buying Information

There are a few things to consider before purchasing your shower radio. Don’t worry – there isn’t a lot. If you have already visited other pages of our website, you may have seen that we sometimes write extensive buying guides for certain products. We do that because we truly believe that the best purchase is an informed purchase. In the case of shower radios, however, there are only a few key things to consider.

Where will you put it? – Take a quick look at your shower space. Where do you have room for your shower radio? There are many options and different types of shower radios on the market, so narrowing down your choices based on your available storage space will speed up your purchasing process. You can get radios with hooped handles which will allow you to hang them around your showerhead (if the hoop is large enough to fit over the showerhead) or on hooks inside your shower. Instead of hooped handles, some feature hooks which will allow you to hang them on certain showerheads, shower door handles, and shower caddies. Some are too large to hang on anything. These radios usually feature flat bottoms and require ample space on the ledge of a bathtub or on a shower caddy.

What features are you looking for? – Most of the time, the more features you get, the more money you pay. Whenever this isn’t actually true you should be a little suspicious that you may not be getting a quality radio. You must ask yourself what features you are looking for and then figure out if those radios match your budget.

Personally, I prefer a very basic shower radio. I like an on/off switch, a dial for volume, and a dial for tuning. There are, however, radios with many other features including hands-free phone calls, digital displays, programmable stations, flashlights, and much more. As I’ve said, though, those are usually more expensive radios. They also tend to have shorter battery lives since they use much more power than a simple dial-style radio.

Best Basic
Conair SR10 Shower Radio

This tiny shower radio is perfect for anyone looking for a basic shower radio. If you are tired of all the extra features on most of today’s technology and just want something that does the simple task you need it to do, this radio is exactly what you are looking for.

No larger than a walkie-talkie, this radio will allow you to listen to both AM and FM stations. Simply click a switch to flip between the two types of stations. A built-in turn dial allows you to hone in on whichever station you want to hear. A similar dial allows you to adjust the volume. There are no fancy LCD displays and no hands-free telephone options. This is just a simple radio designed to do what simple radios should do best.

There is one exception to this “all basic” rule, though. This radio is completely waterproof. As always, we do not recommend completely submerging your radio in water, though. Despite being waterproof in terms of having water dumped on it, the pressure of being underwater may cause some water to leak in.

Tiny enough to take up hardly any of the extra space you may have available in your shower stall, this radio will not clutter your shower area. The built-in hook on the top allows you to hang it on the handle of a sliding shower door, on the edge of a shower caddy shelf, or around your showerhead’s stem. The actual hook may be too large to fit around a plastic adhesive to silicone hook, but we have a solution for that problem. Simply attach a mesh bag to the adhesive hook and place the radio inside the bag. This will allow the sound to come through clearly while also allowing water to adequately drain through the holes of the mesh.

If style is important to you, you will be happy to hear that this plastic radio is available in five different colors – black and grey, white and light blue, white and bright blue, white and pink, and all white.

Clearest Sound
Sony ICFS79W AM/FM Weather Shower Radio

Of all the shower radios we reviewed for this website, this one claims to give the clearest sound possible. I have to admit that I wouldn’t expect less for its price. Upon further inspection, we came to find that consumers agreed with the companies claims – this radio has exceptionally crisp and clear sound. Great sound isn’t all you get for this price, though. This radio has many special features in which you may also be interested.

In keeping with what every shower radio promises, this one allows you to listen to both AM and FM stations and is water resistant. If that’s all you’re looking for, you will be very happy with this radio’s ability to deliver those stations with the best quality sound. Part of the reason that this Sony can offer such great sound is its drift-free tuning ability. Drift-free tuning locks onto the radio signal of your desired station and maintains that connection. Personally, I can understand the appeal of drift-free tuning, since I often tune into a station on my own radio and find, as time goes on, the sound gets fuzzy and muffled as the signal moves.

In addition to clear sound and drift-free AM/FM tuning, this radio has a few special features. It features a digital display which shows the station and time. You can even set a timer on the clock so that the radio will turn on or off after a given number of minutes – this is great for helping kids time their showers or keeping you motivated on slow mornings. Also, you can easily find whatever type of music or talk radio you want by setting up and flipping between up to 20 pre-programmed stations.

The Sony ICFS79W comes with a hanging strap so that you can hang it on your shower caddy, shower door, showerhead, or a hook on the wall. Be aware that, measuring 5.25 inches long by 5.75 inches high and 2.75 inches deep, this is a rather large shower radio. If hanging it isn’t really an option, though, its flat bottom will allow you to set it on a bathtub ledge or shower caddy shelf.

Best for Emergencies
Sangean H201 AM/FM Weather Shower Radio

Shower radios are often about more than simply entertaining yourself while you suds up. Since shower radios are waterproof (or, at least, water resistant), they are perfect for emergency situations. Their durability and compact size makes them ideal during natural disasters. This Sangean shower radio was built with that alternative use in mind. Though it is first and foremost a shower radio, its many extra features also make it ideal for use in emergency situations.

We’ll discuss its basic specifications in just a moment, but first let’s focus on its applicability to emergency situations. The most obvious emergency-friendly aspect of this radio is that it is fully waterproof. While it may not be best to submerge it deep in water, it can handle its fair share of splashes. Secondly, this radio automatically tunes into special weather alert stations and will override whatever station to which you are listening to bring you emergency broadcast bulletins. It even features a very loud siren just for these purposes.

Furthermore, the bright LED flashlight built into this radio allows it to perform dual duty in an emergency situation – informing you while lighting your way. This would save you from having to carry both a radio and flashlight.

Okay, let’s take some time to talk about other aspects of this radio. Though it will be very helpful in emergency situations, that is probably not how you intend to use it most of the time. This radio features both an AM and FM dial, though there really aren’t any dials built into this unit. You can easily flick through stations with the press of a button. An auto-scan feature will take a lot of the trouble out of trying to find clear stations amid the misty fuzz that is dead air.

A backlit LCD display will make it very easy to know the time and the station, even in the dark. This radio runs on two D batteries and the amount of power left in them is always displayed on the screen. A hooped handle allows you to hang this radio on hooks in your shower. It also features a flat bottom so that you can set it on a bathtub ledge or a shower caddy.

Best with MP3
Pyle PSR14 Splash Proof Mini Radio Alarm Clock

I absolutely love the 1950s meets 1980s flair of this shower radio’s design. Most of the time a shower radio is an unsightly addition to a bathroom which really doesn’t match its décor. If, however, you are planning a modern or art deco bathroom, this one will fit right in. Suddenly, instead of simply being a radio it is also a part of the design. Aside from design and décor concerns, this shower radio will make a great addition to any bathroom space.

Despite looking somewhat basic, this radio actually boasts some of the best features of all the radios on this list. Obviously, it can bring you quality-sounding AM and FM stations. You can control these by turning the tuning knob to select whichever station your heart desires (assuming that it is within reach). However, it can do a lot more than simply tune into radio stations.

One of the things which makes this radio so special, however, is its ability to play mp3s. Usually you will have to purchase a wireless speaker to be able to play mp3s in your shower. Unfortunately for those speakers, though, they do not offer you the ability to listen to the radio and always rely on a nearby device for content. This radio can do both radio and mp3. Unlike a wireless speaker, however, you must actually be connected to your device to make use of the mp3s. Still, outside of the shower, this will come in very handy.

In addition to its ability to play mp3s, this radio features a digital display which tells you the radio station to which you are currently tuned and helps you locate stations as you turn the AM/FM tuner dial. This display can also be used to set an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning or beckon you (or your child) to the shower at shower time. Two AA batteries are needed to power the radio itself and two AAA batteries are needed for the digital display.

Best Compact
Splash Proof Water Resistant Mini Hanging AM/FM Radio

If you want a very simple, compact shower radio, this one may be for you. Measuring only 3.5 inches high by 3.5 inches wide and 1.7 inches deep, this small, square radio will take up a shockingly little amount of space inside your shower. It can easily fit onto almost any shower caddy shelf or bathtub ledge. The rope attached to the top of it will allow you to tie it onto or drape it around almost any showerhead stem, shower caddy shelf, or shower door handle. You can even hang it from a small adhesive, silicone, or suction cup hook.

Of all of the shower radios on this list this one is the easiest to use. It features a large dial with a turn knob that allows you to switch between stations. The large size of the knob means that you will struggle much less to hone in on a clear signal from your favorite station than you would on any of the other knob dial radios on this list. Inside this dial is a slightly smaller dial for volume. You can control the volume by sliding this dial in either direction. A small switch on the bottom right corner of the radio’s face allows you to switch between AM, FM, and off.

One of the major advantages to a simple radio such as this one is that its batteries will last a lot longer than those of other, more advanced radios. Without having to operate a clock or any other type of digital display, the batteries are preserved solely for running the radio.

Best Basic with Clock
Pyle Home PSR6 Waterproof Shower Clock Radio

The other few basic shower radios we featured on this page only allow you to adjust the station and the volume. This one, on the other hand, will also allow you to adjust its clock. Let me begin by stating that its LCD digital display clock is its only major, over-the-top feature. Aside from the clock, this is a very basic radio. That is, however, exactly what many people are searching for.

I love to listen to the radio in the shower. Sometimes I like to listen to music to get me energized for my day. Sometimes I like to listen to the news or the weather. A lot of the time, I enjoy listening to the traffic reports so I know exactly what I’m in for when I head off to work (In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I am definitely a morning shower type of person). There is a reason why I am telling you about such intimate details of my life, so just bear with me a little longer.

I love to listen to all the radio has to offer but I simply cannot be bothered with all the fuss and muss of these newfangled gadgets and Bluetooth speakers. Yes, I realize I sound old when I say this, but I really just cannot be bothered with trying connect devices and login to apps when I am barely awake enough to open my eyes as I stumble toward the shower. This is why I prefer basic, easy-to-use devices such as this simple shower radio.

The clock that Pyle added to this radio is a wonderful added bonus for me. Once I am finally able to open my eyes enough to see what I am doing, I can keep track of the time to make sure I maintain the schedule of my morning routine.

Water-resistant and able to hang from many different shower shelves and handles, this simple, affordable radio is all you really need in the shower.

Best with Bluetooth
Sangean H202 AM/FM Bluetooth and Weather Shower Radio

None of the other shower radios on this list can hold a flame to the abilities of this Sangean radio. We featured a similar Sangean radio a little further up this page, but it didn’t have one key feature that this one has – Bluetooth. The ability to connect via Bluetooth to any compatible device (cell phone, mp3 player, tablet, laptop) makes this an even more versatile shower radio than any of the others we have looked at on this list. Not only will you be able to listen to AM and FM radio, you can also listen to mp3s and stream podcasts.

The Bluetooth connection means that you can do all of this wirelessly. Essentially, that makes this radio the only shower radio meets Bluetooth speaker combination on this page of popular shower radios. It is the best of both worlds.

I realize that I spent a great deal of time discussing how much I am a fan of the traditional shower radio, because it is so easy to use when I am half asleep in the morning. However, seeing an option such as this one makes me begin to change my mind. This radio will allow me to choose to listen to the radio in a simple and straightforward manner when I’m too tired to do much else. That being said, it will also allow me to listen to my favorite songs and shows whenever I want, via mp3 and podcasts.

In addition to its ability to play AM radio, FM radio, and to connect via Bluetooth, this radio boasts a host of other impressive features. You can program up to ten different radio stations into its memory, allowing you to skip all the static and struggle involved in searching for radio stations. If searching is a must, you can still skip much of the static and struggle, thanks to this radio’s built-in auto seek function. It also connects to many special weather stations and features both an emergency siren and LED flashlight for use in special circumstances.

Simple Luxury

I consider a shower radio to be one of the few simple luxuries around these days. Most people are moving toward more complicated and expensive electronics such as Bluetooth speakers when upgrading their bath or shower experience. Personally, I don’t really enjoy the hassle of setting up a Bluetooth device – I don’t find it conducive to the relaxing bath or shower experience I try to create. For me, the tried, tested, and easy-to-use shower radio is preferable. Maybe I’m just starting to get old, but something in me says – just relax. There’s nothing more relaxing than being able to turn on my favorite radio station with as little hassle as possible.

If you are like me and enjoy the simple, relaxing atmosphere created by a shower radio I sincerely hope you were able to find what you were looking for here.