The heat and moisture in the shower help to open pores and dampen both skin and hair. This makes it easier for razors to cut through the hair and to glide across the skin without leaving behind a harsh razor burn. For women or men who pluck their eyebrows, I suspect that the opening of the pores makes it a lot easier to pull the hair from the skin as well.

None of this would be possible, however, if your shower mirror fogged over as soon as the humidity rose. For that reason, we’ve only included fogless mirrors on this list. There are a few ways that companies have developed fogless mirrors, though. One of the first ways was to spray chemicals onto the glass. I’m not a big fan of introducing unnecessary chemicals into my environment and dislike that these sprays need to be reapplied every so often. For that reason, I searched around until I found the best fogless mirrors that work without chemical sprays.

These mirrors come in a variety of shapes and styles. They can be hung in a few different ways as well. Since you or your showering space may have specific needs for your shower mirror, I included a bunch of different options below.

Best with Squeegee
Fogless Shower Mirror by ToiletTree Products

Why do you need a squeegee for a fogless mirror? Great question. There is actually a very logical response. When you use a fogless shower mirror you are in a shower! The whole purpose of a shower is to stand underneath of water (well, okay, and to get clean). It is inevitable that some water will find its way onto your mirror as you shower. The squeegee will help you to clean away these droplets so that you can clearly see what you are doing.

Unlike the mirrors listed below, this one does not require you to run its surface under water. Nor does it adhere to the shower wall with a suction cup. This is totally outrageous, isn’t it? Actually, it’s rather ingenious, if you ask me.

Keeping fog off of your shower mirror is managed by making the mirror a similar temperature as the rest of the room. Instead of running the face of this mirror under water, there is actually a small slot behind the mirror which you will fill with warm water. The warm water in the back of the mirror will keep it warmer for much longer than any of other mirrors on this list.

This mirror comes with its own mount. To install it, you will need to use silicone to stick the mount to the wall. Though there is slightly more work involved in installing this mirror than there is for suction mirrors, this is a preferable option for people who do not have a flat enough surface onto which they can stick a suction cup. After you install the mounting system, slide the grooves in the back of the mirror over the nubs on the mount to hold it firmly in place. To fill the back of the mirror with water you must simply slide the mirror off the nubs, fill it, and place it back on the mount.

Best Rotatable
No Fog Shower Mirror

Rotatable shower mirrors are built for those people who need to share their mirror with others. The ability to angle the mirror upward, downward, or to either side allows the user to customize their experience. I know that when my little guy gets a little older we’ll need to start sharing the shower mirror with him as he begins to learn to shave.

Since I hover around six feet tall, I also know that there will be a big difference for us in terms of where that mirror needs to be located. Constantly removing the mirror from the wall and sticking it somewhere else will not only be inconvenient and annoying, it will also cause the suction cup to slowly wear down over time. The ability to angle this mirror means that you won’t have to continually move it from one spot to another just to accommodate people of different heights. Simply turn it and allow it to pivot on its axis.

The very fact that this mirror is capable of turning on an axis should tell you that it sticks out slightly from the wall. You will want to be certain that you have enough room inside your shower to accommodate this mirror before going ahead and purchasing it. Also, since I recommend not removing this mirror’s suction cup from the wall very often, and because the mirror and suction cup are not separate pieces, I suggest this mirror for people who are able to warm it up with a handheld showerhead.

This mirror features a very classy chrome-finished frame, placing it a step above many of the white and black plastic options available today. As an added bonus, it also comes with a plastic hook which is attached to its own suction cup. The two prongs on this hook allow you to effortlessly hang your razor next to your mirror, or even stick it directly to the back of the mirror.

Best Showerhead Mount
ShowerTek WV2 Fog Proof Shower Mirror

Is there seemingly no extra space inside your shower? Are the walls of your shower made of something uneven, or tiny tiles with a lot of grout lines to which a suction cup will not adhere? Are you wary about sticking a mirror onto your shower wall with silicone? This ShowerTek mirror might be exactly what you need. Instead of sticking to the wall with suction or silicone, this mirror attaches to your showerhead.

I hope you noticed the word “attaches” in that last sentence. This mirror does not simply hang around your showerhead. This mirror does not require you to spray water on it or inside of it intermittently throughout your shower to keep it clear of fog. This mirror works very differently than any other mirror on this list.

This mirror attaches to the showerhead stem, so that it sticks out from the side of the stem. It literally screws onto the stem in place of the showerhead itself. The showerhead then screws into the attachment area on the mirror so that the arm of the mirror simply sits in between the stem and the showerhead.

I’m sure you are wondering why the company would have you go to all of this trouble when they could simply have you clip the mirror onto the showerhead stem. The answer is rather ingenious. To keep the mirror warm, this system diverts water from the showerhead stem, into the mirror, where it swirls around and heats the glass before moving on to come out the showerhead. You will never have to spray your mirror to clear it of fog – this system does all the work for you.

Best with lights
ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror

As someone with a very dimly lit shower area I can fully appreciate how wonderful it would be to have lights on my shower mirror. Though I am a fan of brightly lit spaces and our bathroom itself has very bright lights, our shower is shrouded in darkness behind the thickest, darkest shower curtain I have ever seen in my life. This is very necessary, though, since we have many children but only one bathroom and it is often necessary for someone to brush their teeth while someone else has a shower.

Still, despite the necessity of it all, I can’t even begin to describe the number of times I have silently cursed the dim lighting as I struggle in unsatisfactory circumstances. A mirror like this one, however, would solve all my problems.

Essentially, this mirror resembles another of the ToiletTree mirrors on this list. It is rectangular with a thick chrome-finished border and somewhat resembles the appearance of a flatscreen television. Inside the frame are tiny LED lights which help to light your face as you shave or tweeze or exfoliate.

This mirror attaches to the wall with silicone. Actually, I should say that this mirror’s mount attaches to the wall with silicone. The mirror itself is able to slide on and off the mount with ease. To keep the mirror fog-free you simply lift it away from its mount and fill the slot in the back of the mirror with warm water. The warm water will heat the mirror which will make it a similar temperature to the steamy air surrounding it.

Best Basic Round Mirror
Shatterproof Fogless Shower Mirror

This basic, low-profile shower mirror will take up very little space in your shower. It is ideal for people who don’t have much space in their shower stall or for people who just want something simple. Unlike many of the other mirrors on this list, it does not feature a built-in suction cup or mounting device and, therefore, will not stick out from the wall.

“How does it stay stuck to the wall?” you ask. It comes with a suction cup hook. The hook sticks to the wall and a small cut-out circle at the top of the mirror allows you to hang it on the hook. This is ideal if only one person will be using the mirror or if multiple people of similar heights will be using it. The adjustable, rotatable mirrors listed further down this page are better suited to families who will share the mirror among people of different heights.

Let’s talk a bit more about its “fogless” quality for a moment. The materials from which this mirror has been made are designed to allow it to hold a temperature for a fairly decent amount of time. This means that you will simply have to remove it from its hook, run it under the warm water from your showerhead and hang it back in place. Regular mirrors stay cool despite the warm, steamy environment of a bathroom during shower time. This mirror’s ability to hold the temperature of the water is what will stop it from fogging, since fog is caused by a difference in temperature.

As an added bonus, you will also receive a separate suction hook, specially designed to hold your razor. Instead of featuring only one hook, this special hook has two prongs, allowing you to slide the handle of your razor between them. You can place this hook anywhere you wish, using its strong suction cup. It’s actually rather convenient to be able to house your razor next to your mirror.

Best Basic Square Mirror
Deluxe Shave Well Fog-Free Shower Mirror

Just like the mirror listed above, this one comes with its own suction cup so that you can adhere it to your shower wall. A small cut-out circle in the top of the mirror allows you to remove the mirror from the wall without having to remove the suction cup. This design also allows the mirror to maintain a low profile instead of sticking out into your shower. I recommend this type of mirror for anyone with a small shower stall, because the low-profile design means that it won’t take up valuable space and that you won’t constantly bump your shoulders off it as you try to turn around.

Like the mirror listed above, this one is designed to hold the temperature of the room after being doused with warm water. It is its ability to maintain this temperature which will keep it from fogging long enough for you to shave or tweeze.

The only real difference between this mirror and the one listed above is its shape. The one above is an oval shape, whereas this one is rectangular. Your choice between these two options will be based mostly on aesthetics – which one will better accent the design of your bathroom.

Best Round Mirror with Suction
Gideon Fogless Shower Mirror

If you prefer a mirror with a very strong suction cup and have adequate room in your shower to house something which sticks out slightly from the wall, this mirror is probably more your style. This type of mirror will also be preferable for those who have to share the mirror among multiple people of different heights, because you can adjust the direction in which it is pointing. Taller people can angle it upward and shorter people can angle it downward; you can even angle it to either side.

To get this mirror to stick to the wall, use the suction cup built on the back of it. I am sure you are wondering how this mirror will stay stuck to the wall better than those listed above, considering that all three use suction cups for that purpose. The answer is in the simple locking mechanism built into the back of the mirror. Just above the suction cup you will find a locking arm which allows you to place just the right amount of force onto the cup as you turn the arm when you stick it to the wall. Of course, as with all suction mirrors, this one will only work on flat surfaces. For example, it will have a very difficult time sticking to areas where grout lines are located.

Like the two mirrors listed above, you will have to run this mirror under warm water to makes its fogless abilities truly shine. The materials from which it has been made are designed to heat up when placed under hot water so that the mirror will stay a temperature very similar to that of the room. Since mirrors usually become foggy as a result of a difference in temperature, this works to negate the problem without the use of chemical sprays. Since this mirror should stay stuck in one place most of the time and cannot be removed from its suction cup, the way the previous two mirrors can, I suggest this mirror for people with handheld showerheads, because it will be much easier for them to spray water onto its surface.