I’m not sure if you stumbled across this page as you are trying to figure out what, exactly, you need in your soon-to-be-built or renovated bathroom space, or if you are here because you are definitely in search of a shower filtration system. Nevertheless, I will take a quick moment to discuss exactly what a shower filtration system is and how it can be beneficial to your shower experience and overall life.

A little further down this page, I will give you some basic information you should consider as you go about searching for your perfect shower filter. After that, I have included reviews of seven of today’s best shower filters so that you can either begin or complete your search.

Shower filters are designed to remove unnecessary components from your shower water. Mostly, they are designed to remove chlorine from your water. Adding chlorine to water is necessary part of making is safe for drinking and other general uses. The chlorine kills germs, bacteria, and parasites that could harm us as we drink and bathe. After the chlorine has been added by our country/state/city water cleansing systems, however, it is not removed.

We often remove this from our drinking water via water filtration systems that sit on our countertops, in our refrigerators, or which attach directly to our kitchen faucets. Most people skip their showers, though. They think, “It’s not like I’m going to be drinking this water, what harm can a little chlorine cause?” The truth is that it will not necessarily harm you. I’m not here to try to scare you into purchasing something on this page, so I’m not going to tell you that your life is in danger here.

Chlorine can dry your hair and skin. It can aggravate skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema. It can lead to dandruff and an itchy scalp. In the harsh winter months that many of us face, this problem is only exacerbated by the cold weather outside. Adding a filtration system to your shower is a great way to remove chlorine from the water to make it much less hard on your skin and your hair.

Buying Information

Two Types of Systems – Two major types of household water filtration systems exist. One is a large unit, usually installed somewhere near the point where water enters your house. This type of system filters all of the water in your home, including the water going to your kitchen sink, your bathroom sink, and your shower space. Due to the large size and cost of these systems, we will not be discussing them here.

What is a Showerhead Filter? – Instead, let’s take a look at something much smaller and easier to use – a showerhead water filter. These filters are small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand. They attach to the plumbing stem for your showerhead, in place of your showerhead. Once one has been attached, you simply attach a showerhead to the other end. The water is filtered as it moves through from the stem to the showerhead.

Different Types of Showerhead Filters – Two major types of showerhead filters exist on the current market. One works with carbon and the other uses Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid). Both work in similar ways, relying on chemical reactions to negate the effects of chlorine. These two choices are your best options, as they actually work to remove the chlorine. Some other options simply add other chemicals to the water to make it softer on the skin and merely masking the effects of the chlorine.

With or Without a Showerhead? – You can purchase a showerhead filter on its own or one which comes with a showerhead attached. There really isn’t too much of a difference in terms of quality here. What you want to consider are price and customization. Generally speaking, it is cheaper to purchase an all-in-one system with the showerhead attached than to purchase each piece independently. This may not, however, allow you to end up with both your favorite filter and your favorite showerhead. In fact, very few showerhead/shower filter combinations (and none good enough to make it onto this list) feature a handheld showerhead.

Best 3 Stage Chrome Shower Filter
AquaBliss High Output Universal with Replaceable Filter Cartridge

Not only is this a wonderfully attractive shower filter, it boasts a number of great qualities as well. I must say, I have stumbled across my fair share of beautiful shower filters made to accent one’s bathroom décor but have found them severely lacking in terms of actual functionality. In fact, some of the prettiest options are often the most poorly made. I have also come across some shower filters which work exceptionally well but are so hideous that many people wouldn’t bother to entertain the thought of adding them to their shower space. This AquaBliss filter manages to bring both style and function to your shower.

I believe that function is much more important than style where shower filters are concerned, so let’s take a look at that first. By running the water through three stages, this filtration system actually does more than simply remove chlorine from your water.

Chlorine is removed as the water moves through both carbon and Vitamin C filters. This process makes water much less harsh on your skin and much less likely to irritate your skin or hair. Tiny particles in this filtration system catch and remove other unwanted elements as the water moves through. Heavy metals and sediments from well water and piping are caught and kept away from your skin. This will make water feel softer and will also add to how gently it will caress your skin.

You can easily access the filter cartridge inside the chrome case by simply twisting the case apart. This will allow you to change the filter cartridge as often as necessary without the use of major tools and without having to replace the entire ensemble.

I suggest this filter (or one which looks similar to it) to those who make great use of stainless steel and polished chrome in their bathroom spaces. It has been designed to seamlessly fit into any polished chrome stem and showerhead ensemble. Though it is often pictured with various showerheads, it does not come with one. In my opinion, this is actually a good thing, as it will allow you to select one that best suits your own needs.

Best Basic White Chlorine Remover with Showerhead
Sprite HO2-WH-M

Some people are just looking for a very basic answer to their dry skin and hair problems. They aren’t looking for something complicated; they don’t want to fuss around trying to find a filter and a showerhead; they don’t care if it filters every single thing out of their water; they do not care if their filter and showerhead are stainless steel and designed to drop jaws as a result of their aesthetic beauty – they just want something simple. For those people, I present the Sprite HO2-WH-M.

The filter built into this ensemble will remove chlorine as well as some other harsh elements, such as rust and dirt. It isn’t top of the line in terms of removing heavy metals and particles but does a fairly good job, since its main purpose is to remove chlorine. Once a month, the cartridge should be flipped around to prolong its life. When you feel that it is no longer doing its job as well as it once was, simply order replacement cartridges and swap them out.

This basic shower filter comes with its own three-setting showerhead. You can choose among a basic soft shower, a massage shower, or a mixture of the two. It is not a removable, handheld showerhead, but it will surely get the job done.

Best Filter/Showerhead Combo for Low Water Pressure
3 Settings Pressure Shower Head with Filter

Personally, I think that this is a really neat shower filter/showerhead combo. Some people may find that it doesn’t match their interior bathroom décor, but others, much like myself, won’t mind since it is so easy to monitor. Most other shower filters require you to guess when they have run their course. To use them, you must rely on your own ability to judge the harshness of your water in order to know when to change the filter. This one, on the other hand, features an area encased in clear plastic so that you can see the filter cartridges and know when they are getting overloaded with sediment.

What I find most impressive about this filter/showerhead combo is that it hasn’t been designed with only one purpose in mind. Its abilities do not focus around simply filtering your water; it also focuses on increasing your water pressure. It does this by forcing the water through tiny pinholes. Don’t ask me to explain the physics behind it all, but it does make sense. Forcing the water through such a small hole increases its pressure. Of course, you will probably want to steer clear of it if you already have high water pressure – its tiny jets of water may feel more like being hit with needles than having a shower.

When using the showerhead, you can select between a rain setting, a non-pulsating massage setting, or a combination of the two. These options also increase the value of this showerhead and filter combo in my books.

Best 2 Stage Chrome Filter
Geysa High Output Universal

If you are looking for something similar in style to our choice for Best 3 Stage Chrome filter but need to stay within a smaller budget, this 2-stage option may be just what you need. Just like the AquaBliss filter which was named Best 3-stage, this Geysa filter is stylishly crafted with a polished chrome encasement.

Two stage filters are a little more affordable than three stage filters, which is why this option may be better for those working on a strict budget. It may not remove as much from your water as a three stage filter or may need to have its cartridge replaced a little more often, but the start-up costs are much easier to absorb.

Despite not being as great as a three stage filter, this two stage filter will still remove chlorine from your water, making it much less likely to irritate your skin. In fact, this filtration system claims to be able to remove not only chlorine, but also many heavy metals, molds, fungi, and pesticides – all things which could potentially upset your health and have negative effects on your skin and hair.

This particular filter does not come with a showerhead attachment. Again, I will say that this is actually a bonus for many people. It will allow you to select any stationary or handheld showerhead of your liking.

Best Filter that Won’t Lengthen Your Showerhead
Culligan ISH-100 Level 2 Inline

If you are in desperate need of a shower filter (or simply want the luxury of one) but do not have enough space between your head and your showerhead to accommodate one, Culligan has you covered with the ISH-100 Level 2 Inline filter.

Though it attaches to the shower stem and is placed between the stem and the showerhead, this filter will only add approximately a half an inch to the length of the entire ensemble. This is because the actual filtration system juts out from between the stem and the showerhead instead of sitting between the two as with most other models. Finally, people whose showers feature low ceilings and people of exceptional height can reap all the same rewards as the rest of us where shower filters are concerned.

I wouldn’t tell you to consider purchasing this filter simply because it takes up a very small amount of space. If I went that route, I would risk suggesting you purchase something which is of inferior quality to the rest of the items on this list. Like everything else on this list, however, this filter has received excellent ratings by actual consumers and is one of the most popular shower filtration systems on today’s market.

Though it does not claim to be a water softener (and therefore will not remove calcium or metals from your water), consumers have reported that it does an excellent job of removing chlorine from water and filtering out some of the other particles which once irritated their skin.

Best with Multiple Style Options
Aqua Elegante High Output Luxury Shower Filter

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line water filter and also want to ensure it matches your bathroom’s interior décor, you may have stumbled across the exact thing for which you have been searching. I know I asked you to suspend your desire for style at the top of this page, but this may actually be one shower filter which is able to bring you that style without asking you to compromise in terms of function.

This Aqua Elegante filter is available in three different finishes – brushed nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze. Whether you are planning to add it to a cool contemporary space, a warm shabby chic bathroom, a rustic industrial space, or any other type of style, one of these options is likely to match your needs.

Not only is this an attractive shower filter which comes in three different styles, it is also designed to do its job well. It will remove chlorine from water to create a showering experience which isn’t harsh on skin. It also features a special filter which will remove metals and rust from your water, allowing you to maintain a clean, stain-free shower space and unaggravated skin.

The filters are easily replaceable. Simply twist open the encasement, remove the old filter, slide a new one in, and close the encasement. Of course, you will have to remove the entire system from your showerhead space to do this, but that will be easy as well. No plumbing or knowledge of plumbing is required.

Longest Lasting Shower Filter
Cedar and Citrus CC22000002 Showerhead Filter and Water Softener

If you are looking for an option which doesn’t require regular maintenance, this is probably the one you want. This Cedar Citrus filter only needs to have its cartridge replaced once a year. Yes, you read that correctly. Most of the other options on this list require that you change their cartridges every few months. The unique design of this one, on the other hand, allows it to last up to four times as long as the others.

What makes this filter even better is the fact that it will work not only to remove chlorine, but also heavy metals, bad odors and other sediment in your water. It will leave you with the softest water possibly by way of a showerhead filter, at a fraction of the cost of many others. Yes, you read that correctly as well. This filter lasts longer and is actually less expensive than many competitors.

You may be wondering what the catch is. Surely, I did not just tell you to go ahead and scrap your interest in all of the other filters on this list. There is a catch, but it is rather small. If you ask me, it is completely insignificant. My opinion is, however, somewhat controversial in the world of interior design. What likely makes this company able to offer such a wonderful filter at such a low cost is that it has been designed for function, not beauty. Chances are that its white plastic exterior will not match many bathroom interiors. If you don’t care that it doesn’t match or are lucky enough that it actually will match your décor, take some time to consider this option.