So you’ve decided to install a shower in your new or renovated bathroom and are looking for a shower door. Or, perhaps, you are simply looking to replace one that is old, outdated, or broken. Well, whether you’re looking for something streamlined and completely frameless, something with a touch of rustic charm, a door and wall panel, or even a curved door, just for you I have collected the very best and most popular shower doors available.

Buying Information

If you’re looking to purchase a shower door there are a few, very basic things you should keep in mind. First of all, I want to state that if you are working with some sort of contractor it is best to consult with him or her before just randomly purchasing a door. That being said, I am assuming that you are here because you know a little bit about bathroom renovations and are ready to purchase your shower door.

Size – The most important thing to consider when purchasing a shower door is its size. There is nothing worse than purchasing one and getting everything prepared for installation just to find that it doesn’t fit. Measure the opening for the space into which you will be installing your door to be certain that you find one which will fit.

Plumb? – You should also check to see if your walls are plumb before you purchase your shower door. Many walls, floors, or ceilings aren’t entirely square with one another. If this is the case in your bathroom you will need to find a shower door with enough space in its side frames for adjustments.

Style – Obviously, style will be an important part of your decision. For the most part, the doors on this list are rather flexible in terms of the styles they will work with – most feature hardware which is pretty universal among interior designs. If you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for but absolutely fall in love with the basic size, structure, and price of a door, remember that you can always purchase different hardware to change its appearance.

Just a Door or Something More? – You also need to consider whether you are actually looking for just a door or whether you will also require a wall panel or entire shower enclosure. A couple of the doors on this list come with an additional wall panel because they are made to fit into recessed alcoves, but many are only doors.

Sliding Shower Doors

Probably the most popular type of shower doors on today’s market, sliding shower doors are built for use with shower wall panels or to slide behind actual walls. For the most part, this option is best for people who have turned a traditional bathtub alcove into a shower stall. Let’s take a look at some of the best sliding shower doors on the market before moving on to other types of shower doors (such as hinged doors, curved doors, and swing doors.)

Best Sliding Door with Anti-Splash Threshold
DreamLine Enigma-X Frameless Door

Sliding shower doors are wonderfully easy to use and require very little space in your bathroom. Unlike swing doors and hinged doors, these doors do not require being opened into the room, allowing you to place things near your shower door entrance without the concern of bashing the door into them.

The problem some people find with sliding shower doors, however, is that the water can find its way out of the shower and onto the floor. Usually, this occurs as people move their handheld showerheads around inside the shower and the water finds its way through the gap where the door and the wall panel meet. That will not be a problem with this particular door, because a clear plastic splash guard has been fitted into that space. This keeps all the water inside the shower while maintaining the appeal of a frameless shower door.

This entire ensemble features all hardware, the door, and the glass wall panel. Though it is frameless in terms of its top, this door and wall panel feature side frames which allow you to attach them to the wall. There is space inside this framing which will allow you to adjust things if your walls are not completely plumb. You can purchase this ensemble in two sizes. One will fit an area between 56 and 60 inches wide (the extra space is found within the framing); the other option will fit an area which is between 44 and 48 inches wide.

The hardware for this door is available in either brushed or polished stainless steel. This style, combined with the visibility of the upper tracking bar and roller wheels, gives off an air of classy, contemporary industrial steampunk. The long, rod-style handle adds further to the clean lines one would expect in a classy, contemporary space.

56 to 60 inches wide

44 to 48 inches wide

Best Non-Plumb Walls
DreamLine Infinity-Z Frameless Shower Door

If you are looking for a very adjustable, semi-frameless sliding door and glass wall panel for your bathroom you need not look any further than this incredibly impressive, adjustable set. Let’s begin by discussing the size of this set before moving on to talk a little bit more about its appearance and adjustability. There really is no point in you reading about all of those other things if this ensemble will not fit in the space you have for it.

Any sliding door requires a wall which it can slide past. Though some people have four actual walls around their shower stalls and just a little door-type opening, most people have three-sided shower stalls. If you have a long, three-sided shower stall in a space large enough to house a recessed bathtub you likely need not only a sliding door but also the wall it will slide past. This set has everything you will need. Measuring between 56 and 60 inches wide, this set will fit into most bathroom alcoves and is very adjustable for walls which are not plumb.

Though this door is advertised as frameless, it is easy to see that there is, in fact, a frame around the enclosure. Many frameless sets do not include a frame along the top of the doors, but this one does. I am sure you are wondering why it has that frame and how it can still be called “frameless”. It is still considered frameless because the door panel and wall panel themselves do not have framing – they are freestanding pieces of glass which help them feel seamless. The frame along the top conceals the track and tracking wheels that allow the doors to slide back and forth. Concealing this tracking device allows this set to tie in nicely with streamlined, contemporary and modern bathrooms which celebrate clean, straight lines.

Best Industrial/Steampunk Style Sliding Door
Vigo Elan Clear Glass

The industrial and steampunk design styles are all about exposing the functional elements of any design piece, from plumbing to the inner workings of furniture. This Vigo shower door plays into the exposure theme of these two design styles by leaving the tracking rod and wheels fully visible, instead of hiding them behind a steel frame. There is one other door on this list which also exposes these elements, but something about sheer size of the tracking wheels on this door makes it stand out as much more applicable to one of these design styles.

This sliding door features no frame along its top edge, making it seem almost as if it is floating. Of course, you can see the tracking rod and wheels, which tells you that it is not floating. Still, the lack of an upper frame makes this door seem much lighter and adds an airy feeling to the room.

If you are thinking of purchasing this door, you should be made aware that you are purchasing much more than just a door. You will also receive a glass wall panel which goes with the door, as well as all of the hardware. This set is designed to fit into any alcove made for traditional recessed or drop-in bathtubs. The door itself is 37.5 inches wide. With the wall panel, however, it is made to fill a 68 to 72 inch opening. The size is adjustable, because there is a small gap with some wiggle room built into the side frames.

You can choose either clear or frosted glass when purchasing this set – a neglected option in most other shower door ensembles. Usually, you are given one or the other – clear or frosted. Most of the time, clear is the only option. Personally, as someone who has lived with many children, I prefer the idea of using frosted glass, because it would allow me to have a private shower in what has become a very public bathroom.

Hinged Shower Doors

We have looked a lot at sliding shower doors. I think it’s about time we began looking at some hinged shower doors. Not everyone’s bathroom is designed for sliding doors. Not everyone is transforming a bathtub alcove into a shower. Some people are adding small or large shower stalls to their bathrooms. The doors on this list can be used alone, simply to cover an opening to a slim shower, or they can be used with additional wall panels or enclosures to create large shower stalls.

Best Hinged Door with Wall Panel
DreamLine Unidoor Plus

It isn’t often that you find a hinged door which also comes with a wall panel. Usually, hinged doors are sold on their own, as they are meant to be placed in a small opening of a wall. If you are hoping to have a hinged door on the shower you are building into your traditional bathtub alcove, however, we managed to dig one up which is actually quite impressive.

This DreamLine shower door is built for people who hate cleaning shower tracks or simply like the watertight seal a hinged door can create when it is closed. The door and the wall panel are frameless – meaning that they do not feature a frame along their top edges. This allows the eye to effortlessly float up to the ceiling, creating a more open and airy appearance to the bathroom. It is the side and bottom frames which hold everything safely in place.

Though the open and airy appearance of a bathroom with a frameless shower enclosure is slightly feminine, the hinges of the door of this ensemble are very chunky, adding a rather masculine appearance. You can play up the soft, feminine appeal by selecting a brushed nickel or polished chrome finish for the hardware which comes with this set. You may also choose to go the masculine route by selecting dark, oil-rubbed bronze hardware.

Best Door without Wall Panel
DreamLine Elegance Frameless

If you are simply looking for a hinged door you will want to stop and read this review. You won’t have to worry about a wall panel here – this is only a door. This DreamLine door is perfect for small shower stalls built into tiny alcoves. The side frames of this door allow you to adjust it between 34 and 36 inches in width. Like most shower doors, it measures 72 inches in height. One of my favorite things about this door is that it can be attached to open on the left or the right. This means that, no matter which side you want it to open toward, you are covered.

The frameless design of this door lends an open feeling to your small, cramped shower stall. It helps to make it feel more spacious and as if it is a part of the rest of the room. Overall, it has a very clean, contemporary appearance. That being said, the appearance can be made slightly more rustic if you select the oil-rubbed bronze hardware instead of the polished chrome or brushed nickel.

Other Types of Shower Doors

Not everyone is looking for a typical sliding or hinged shower door. Some people are looking for something a little bit different. Here are a couple of my favorites for people with non-traditional shower goals.

Best Curved Door
Fleurco Signature Alina Corner Shower Door

Curved shower doors are, in my opinion, the best idea for corner shower stalls. When your shower stall is an addition to a traditional bathroom or something you need to work into a newly-built basement bathroom, corner units are usually the choice for most people. They are easy to install, they require little to no tile work, and they don’t require you to build walls. If there is already a bathtub in the room, this design allows you to keep your bathtub without having to combine it with your shower space.

This particular curved door, unlike some others, does not come complete with an entire shower enclosure. In my opinion, this is a good thing. Shower door openings are, generally, the same size for most of these types of enclosures, meaning that this 36-inch wide door should work with just about any enclosure of this type. Mixing and matching shower doors and enclosures allows you to get just the perfect size of shower stall to match your space without having to sacrifice your preferred door.

I selected this door based on its popularity and the fact that people seem to be quite impressed with how well it functions. If I am honest, however, I have to tell you that I am truly a fan of its appearance. Most curved, corner shower doors are single doors. They are usually rather boring to look at – embellished only with a D-shaped or rod-style handle. This door, however, is actually a set of doors.

Instead of one large door, this is two small doors which open like French doors, welcoming you to your showering space. I never knew that showering in a shower stall could feel quite this regal. To top it off, the typical D-shaped or rod-style handle has been replaced with two rather classy knobs.

Best Swing Door
Miseno MSDC6069 Purify Shower Door

I think that this is one of my favorite doors on this list. I like it mostly because it is so different – a definite conversation piece. Perfect for any industrial, modern, or contemporary space, this Miseno shower door is what I like to refer to as a “swing door”. Working much like a hinged door, it swings open into the bathroom. Unlike a hinged door, however, this one does not rely on hinges to stay in place. I am sure you are wondering exactly how that is possible. Allow me to explain.

This door is connected to its framing with small rods that stick up from little fixtures attached to the edge of the glass at the top and the bottom, about four inches in from one side. These rods fit into the frame, allowing the door to move as you swing it open and closed. This interesting design also allows the door itself to butt up against rubbery seals lining the edges, which helps keep the water inside.

The hardware, including the framing, is available in brushed nickel for your contemporary bathroom, glossy chrome for a more daring design, or oil rubbed bronze for your masculine, vintage, or industrial room. A clear glass panel is included with this entire ensemble, allowing you to close in an entire shower alcove.