Shower curtains are a must in many bathrooms, especially those, like ours, which feature a bathtub/shower combination unit. Installing shower doors on a bathtub can be tricky and will likely cause you to feel claustrophobic in the bathtub as you find yourself unable to open them all the way. Shower curtains, on the other hand, allow you to open them completely. Furthermore, through a combination of texture, color and pattern/print, they can add to your interior design style.

Let’s take a quick look at some of this year’s best shower curtains. In addition to ensuring premium quality of each curtain, I did my best to bring you curtains which would match a variety of interior design styles. In essence, this list has now become my own personal reference point for future bathroom renovations in our house-flipping business. It’s okay, though, I’ll share my secret list with you – just don’t tell my wife. She likes the world to think that our design abilities are somehow magical.

Buying Information

There really isn’t much you need to consider in terms of purchasing a shower curtain other than its quality and whether or not it matches your décor. I will, however, touch on those few little things here so you have a solid basis moving forward into your purchase.

Quality – It can be difficult to determine quality in regard to a shower curtain. Try to find one which states that it is waterproof and mildew resistant. If that is not possible, remember to buy a waterproof liner to use with your curtain. To get a full picture of its quality, try looking into some of its sales statistics and the feedback consumers have left behind about it. Each shower curtain on this list has already been screened for this quality.

How Does it Hang? – There are three ways your shower curtain may hang – with hooks which go through metal grommets, with hooks which go through reinforced holes, with hooks which clip on. In my opinion, your best option is the type with metal grommets, because they are durable, long lasting, and cannot be pulled down. Curtains with reinforced holes, while more difficult to pull down than clip-on curtains, can still rip and come apart over time from the force of gravity pulling on the holes. Clipped curtains are often selected for design purposes more so than function, since you can buy all sorts of fancy, decorative curtain clips, such as ones with sea shells on the clips.

Is It Washable? – Very few full-duty shower curtains are machine washable, but it is possible to find some. First, a full-duty shower curtain is one which offers color and soft texture to a room while also protecting your bathroom from the water inside your shower. Often, to get this kind of service from shower coverings you will have to purchase a non-waterproof, external curtain for the sake of décor and an internal, waterproof curtain liner. Since shower liners are usually made of plastic, they are not machine washable. However, external decorative curtains are often washable, as are the very few full-duty curtains which, somehow, manage to be decorative, soft and waterproof.

Size – It is very important that you consider the size of your shower and the size of your curtain. You want to be absolutely certain that it will stretch far enough to cover the space, from wall to wall. If you would like a curtain to go all the way around a freestanding or clawfoot tub, you will have to search a little harder to find one which is extra wide. Length is also important, so be sure to measure the space between your curtain bar and your floor.

Best Basic Waterproof Curtain
Interdesign Water Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain

I told you that I found the best full-duty shower curtains on the market. Trust me, it was no easy task – there really aren’t as many out there as you may think there are. Truth be told, this is why I turned to purchasing much of what we use for our renovations from the internet – the selection is just so much larger.

This InterDesign shower curtain, like most of the other InterDesign curtains on this list, is mildew resistant and completely waterproof. What’s more, it is also machine washable. Whenever you find it has taken on that strange scent of dampness or if anything gets on it that you wish to wash off, you can simply throw it in the washing machine. As someone who has thrown away my share shower liners over the years after giving up on scrubbing them by hand, this is a definite plus.

As we move down this page you will see more and more prints and patterns in the curtains we have chosen to include. Each of those curtains will be best suited to specific design styles. This curtain, however, can match almost any design style. It features no patterns and no prints; it is just solid color. In keeping with its versatility, this curtain is available in a total of fourteen colors, including white, aqua blue, black, celery/seafoam green, charcoal, chocolate, coral, dark taupe, lemon, mint, navy, sand, and slate blue.

Tiny buttonhole reinforced holes along the top of this curtain will allow you to use any slim curtain hooks to hang it. Measuring a standard 72 inches by 72 inches, this curtain will be ideal for more standard shower/tub combination units. If your curtain bar is low enough you may be able to use it for a standalone shower with a high lip edge. Remember, the 72-inch wide curtains are best for straight wall to wall coverage – not clawfoot or freestanding bathtubs.

Best with Horizontal Stripes
InterDesign Mildew-Free Zeno Shower Curtain

If you are looking for something basic but not quite as basic as the previous option, you may be interested in this small line of horizontally striped shower curtains. The stripes on these curtains add a punch of color and lend nicely to any beachy or nautical theme you may be trying to embrace.

The thick size of the lines makes them preferable for those with contemporary tastes. However, the wide range of available colors allows you to use these curtains in almost any style of bathroom. For example, to match a contemporary bathroom, you may like the charcoal and white, yellow and white, slate blue and white, or dark taupe and white options. To match a beach-themed bathroom you may want to purchase the sand and white, light blue and white, or azure and white curtain. A Hollywood glam bathroom would be best accented with the high contrast black and white option. This list is not exhaustive. There are many more color options, including red, purple, navy, and orange.

In addition to being available in many interesting color combinations, this curtain is available in five different sizes, allowing you to pick the best option for your space. Looks like you won’t have to get your hopes up just to be let down the way I have been many times.

For a standard, inset drop-in or recessed bathtub/shower combo you can order the 72 inch by 72 inch curtain. For slim shower stalls you can order the 54 inch by 78 inch curtain. A range of freestanding and clawfoot tubs can be serviced by the 96 by 72 and 108 by 72 inch options. For drop in and recessed bathtub/shower combos with two open walls, you may want to consider the 84 inch by 72 inch curtain.

These are merely suggestions, though. Always measure your own shower space to be certain that you are selecting the right size. Also, remember that your curtain will never completely taut, so add a few inches to the measurement of your shower’s width.

Best Contemporary Meets Modern Style
InterDesign Chevron Curtain

If you want a fusion of the contemporary and modern styles in your bathroom, this shower curtain will certainly help you to achieve that goal. Its zigzag chevron pattern is very geometrical and harnesses the interesting shapes and patterns of the modern style. The colors in which the curtain is available, however, are much more in keeping with the soft, muted, cool-meets-warm style of the contemporary movement.

Regardless of the color selection you choose when purchasing this curtain, it will have a white background. On top of the background are rows of zigzags. The third row of zigs or zags is an accent color while the other rows are all the same color. Your options include Aruba (light teal) with a coral accent, grey with an Aruba accent, grey with an orchid (purply fuschia) accent, grey with a yellow accent, light green with a coral accent, navy blue with an orange accent, or navy blue with a mint accent. If I am honest, I will tell you that both of the navy blue options are more in keeping with a modern, modular or Scandinavian style.

Small reinforced buttonholes along the top of this curtain will allow you to effortlessly hang it on any slim hooks. Do not bother trying to shove thick wide hooks through these holes; you will only stretch or tear them, making the entire curtain much weaker.

Like many of the other InterDesign curtains, this one is machine washable. If this curtain gets dirty or accumulates a lot of dust hanging in your bathroom, simply throw it in the washing machine for a quick clean. If you recall from out last review, I stated that most of the InterDesign curtains on this list are mildew resistant. The key word in that sentence was “most”. Unfortunately, this one is the exception. It is not mildew resistant or waterproof, meaning that you should purchase a liner to use along with it as extra protection.

What makes this curtain spectacular, in my book, is the fact that it is available in multiple sizes. I cannot tell you how many times I have found what I thought was the perfect shower curtain for a bathroom I am working on only to find that it won’t actually fit into the area in which I need it to fit. There are three different size options for this curtain – the standard 72 inches by 72 inches, 54 inches by 78 inches for narrow, yet tall shower stalls, or 108 inches by 72 inches to fit all the way around your clawfoot or freestanding bathtub.

Best Artistic Line
Kikkerland Shower Curtains

If you would prefer that your shower curtain not simply add to your overall design style but feature as a major focal point in your bathroom, you may want to take a quick look at this beautiful line of artistic shower curtains. From everything from natural prints to interpretive graphic designs, you are bound to find something to match any bathroom décor.

Let’s get the basics out of the way first, then we’ll take a closer look at the different designs in which these curtains are available. Measuring 72 inches in both length and width, these average-sized curtains are best for wall to wall coverage of a shower/tub combination. They will likely be a little bit too short for a typical shower stall and nowhere near wide enough for a clawfoot or freestanding bathtub.

Unlike most of the other curtains on this page, these ones are made of plastic. This means that although they are completely waterproof and mildew resistant, they are not machine washable and will not add a soft texture to your bathroom. The holes in the top of the plastic curtain have been reinforced with hard plastic grommets for extra protection. This type of reinforcement is very important when you are working with plastic shower curtains because they are much easier to accidentally tear from their hooks than are fabric curtains.

Okay, are you ready to read this extensive list of print and pattern options? This line includes options which are well-suited to spa bathrooms, cottage bathrooms, contemporary bathrooms, and even the bathrooms of quirky teenagers. This line of curtains includes a realistic, bright green bamboo print which offers a feeling of being at an Asian spa, a realistic black and white birch print perfect for any ski lodge, a white and blue silhouette graphic of a man in the rain, a very detailed, blue and white map of North America, a nautical themed curtain made up of yellow, red, white, blue, and black nautical flags, a red and white graphic made to mimic the iconic shower scene from the movie Psycho, a yellow and white graphic of a submarine which pays a beautiful homage to the Beatles, and a clear and blue silhouette of a shark in the ocean.

Best Vintage Appeal
Gypsy Ruffled Shower Curtain

Any vintage, French country, or shabby chic design would happily welcome this soft, feminine, ruffled curtain into its design. With layers upon layers of ruffled fabric, this curtain has all the frills necessary to fulfill any of the designs listed above. It would, however, be a little too much for most other types of interior designs.

One unfortunate downside to this style of curtain is that the ruffles will collect dust quickly. Thankfully this curtain is fully machine washable. At the slightest hint of dust you can simply take it down and throw it into the washing machine and even the dryer.

The soft, sheer fabric of this curtain will help bring a sense of comfort and tranquility to your bathroom. It also means, however, that it is not waterproof. You will have to settle for using it as a privacy curtain around a bathtub-only design or with a liner for any type of showering space.

This 70 inch by 72 inch curtain features metal grommets which allow you to firmly attach this curtain to any curtain rod using slim hooks. You will not have to worry that holes will stretch or rip over time, as the metal reinforcement will protect the surrounding fabric.

Best Colorful Contemporary Design
InterDesign Leaves Fabric Shower Curtain

If you are looking for a similar style to the curtain discussed above but want something a little less feminine, this leaf pattern is probably what you are looking for. This large scale print is very much in keeping with the current contemporary trend. The pattern itself lends a level of comfort to your contemporary bathroom which, without certain patterns of textures, could easily become very cold and impersonal.

The large print used for this curtain is very much in keeping with the current contemporary trends. While small prints and intricate patterns were all the rage for Victorian themes, contemporary themes make things a little simpler and easier on the eye by blowing these prints and patterns up into large prints. The large print on this line of curtains achieves that goal of elegant simplicity. In fact, I wouldn’t even hesitate to use certain colors of this curtain in an upscale spa or Hollywood glam bathroom.

The nine various color options for this extremely affordable shower curtain feature layers of different colors or shades of the leaf design on top of a stark white background. The combinations of foreground colors you can choose between include: black, grey and light grey; black, grey and red; three shades of brown; coral, grey and light grey; grey and two shades of green; yellow, grey and light grey; three shades of blue; three shades of purple; two shades of soft blue and green.

Four different size options means that you can purchase these curtains for almost any bathtub/shower combo, shower stall, freestanding bathtub, or clawfoot tub. You can select a 54 by 78 inch curtain for a slim shower stall, a 72 by 72 inch curtain for a standard inset, drop-in or recessed bathtub/shower combo, or an 84 by 72 inch or 96 by 72 inch option for freestanding or clawfoot bathtubs.

Best Contemporary Floral Design
InterDesign Thistle Shower Curtain

Allow me to begin by stating that I am fully aware that this is not an actual floral design – there isn’t a single flower on the entire curtain. Bear with me, though, there is a method to my madness.

Although most people tend to steer clear of floral designs in the world of contemporary design, I understand the appeal that a feminine touch such as a floral design can have when trying to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. To bring you the same psychological and emotional effect as a floral pattern without breaking the “few to none” rule for flowers in the contemporary design motif, I brought you this large thistle design shower curtain.

This particular curtain is also available in a bunch of contemporary color combinations, including: a grey background with light blue, white, and black thistles; a light blue background with white, black, and grey thistles; a grey background with white, black, and coral thistles; a grey background with taupe, mint, and white thistles; a grey background with light purple, dark purple, and white thistles; a navy background with layers of lighter blue thistles.

If you want to add a further pop of color to your contemporary design or plan to create an eclectic design made up of different styles, the more daring color options of this curtain may be of particular interest to you. These options include a black background with pink, orange, and white thistles and a purple background with black, grey, and white thistles.

Best Industrial Style Shower Curtain
Welcome! Waterproof Decorative Rustic Barn Curtain

You may have wondered why a lot of the focus on this page has been aimed at contemporary, vintage, modern, and quirky designs. You may have wondered why I hadn’t managed to include anything for your industrial style bathroom. The truth of the matter is that most industrial style bathrooms do not require shower curtains. They are built to be very minimalistic. As part of that design, they often feature full, sloped tile floors which make barriers unnecessary on showers. Those which do not feature this type of flooring often feature showers enclosed with glass or steel doors which, again, makes shower curtains rather useless.

If you have one of the exceptions to this rule of general industrial design, I thought it was best to include some sort of shower curtain for your design style. Though I wish I had have been able to bring you a curtain with more print and pattern options, I feel confident that this particular curtain is high quality and will match more industrial designs.

One look at the name of this curtain may throw you off, however. Seeing “rustic” and “barn” in its name makes it sound like something more suited to a country cottage than an industrial loft. However, when you actually see what a rustic barn door looks like when magnified onto a shower curtain, you quickly see that its texture and colors perfectly accent an industrial design.

This fully waterproof, soft touch curtain is available in four different sizes, allowing you to fit it around your bathtub or into your shower stall with ease. You can choose between 66 inches wide by 72 inches tall, 48 inches wide by 72 inches tall, 66 inches wide by 72 inches tall, and the standard 72 inches by 72 inches.