Shower caddies are a wonderful way to add extra, yet temporary, space to your showering area. As home renovators and people who have lived in many houses over the years, we understand that permanent shower shelving isn’t always the best option for many people. Not only is it a costly and lengthy project, it can over-clutter the showering area, deterring future buyers from purchasing your home. Furthermore, you can’t take it with you when you leave.

We are huge fans of shower caddies in our home. Even with two bathrooms, our large family never seems to have enough space to satisfy everyone’s need. With two tween girls, a teenage boy, and a toddler, it seems as though everyone needs his or her own kind of shampoo, condition soap, and razor. Somehow, we have to fit all of their things, as well as our own, into our small tub/shower combination. Sound familiar? If so, we have just what you need. Keep reading.

Buying Information

One of the first things most people look at when purchasing a shower caddy is how well it matches their bathroom décor. That’s fine. Go ahead and do that, but please remember that there is much more to this decision than style. Not all shower caddies are made even in quality and many people have found this out the hard way.

The first thing you want to be sure of is that it will not rust. We are talking about something which will sit inside your shower – it will take a hard beating from hot water and can break down over time. Plastic is, honestly, one of your best options. We understand, however, that it isn’t necessarily the style choice most people would like to make. Just be sure to take the time to read through some consumer reviews about your chosen shower caddy to see if it has rusted in other people’s showers before spending your own money. All of the steel caddies we have featured here have received great reviews from consumers, so you probably shouldn’t worry too much about each of them.

Another thing many people forget to consider is the size of their shower caddy. They become so blinded by the way it matches their décor that they forget to consider whether or not it will actually hold all of their belongings. You may want to measure the bottles you usually use for shampoo and conditioner to be sure that they will fit in the space provided. You may also want to consider whether or not you need an over-the-showerhead caddy that accommodates your showerhead’s hose (assuming it has a hose).

One of the most important things to consider is the amount of actual storage space your new shower caddy will afford you. Will it be enough? Do you need something larger than what you have actually picked out? Will you need multiple caddies?

Best Ornate Design
Zenna Home 7566NN Over-the-Showerhead Caddy

Let me begin by stating that this would be a great shower caddy for any posh, contemporary-Victorian, classy bathroom space. Instead of featuring straight lines and thick bars, this Zenna showerhead caddy features thin, scripty scrolls of piping which will nicely accent any upscale feminine design. This piping doesn’t only serve an aesthetic function, though; it also holds your belongings in place and stops them from falling out onto your head.

As showerhead caddies go, this one offers ample storage space. It should help to alleviate some of the space concerns you may have in your bathroom. Its two shelves should not protrude any further than the shower head itself, meaning that it shouldn’t get in your way. One of the shelves features taller sides than the other, making one optimal for holding bottles. The shallower shelf is best for holding smaller items, such as soap and razors. A towel bar has been included at the bottom of the caddy so that you can bring your rolled up towel into the shower with you and dry off before exiting.

A rubbery plastic collar has been fitted around the bent portion of the caddy’s frame which goes around the showerhead’s stem. This rubbery plastic helps the caddy grip onto the stem so that it will not fall onto you if you bump into it – a problem I have experienced with more than one shower caddy in the past. Two extra-large suction cups have also been added near the bottom of the shelf to help it stick to tiled shower walls.

In total, this caddy measures approximately two feet tall and 9.5 inches wide. The bottom shelf is slightly deeper than the top shelf in terms of how far it sticks out from the wall. Both shelves feature grated bottoms for better air circulation and protection against mold.

Best Corner Caddy with Minimal Interference
Zenna Home 2130NN Tension Corner Pole Caddy

Although shower caddies are excellent storage systems they sometimes take up a little too much space in tight shower enclosures. That is why I was so delighted to find the Zenna 2130NN – a shower caddy with minimal interference. Its unique design allows you to store the same amount of shower products as other caddies without cutting too far into your showering area.

Most other caddies feature rounded shelves which resemble pie pieces. Unfortunately, people with limited space inside their showers find it difficult to maneuver with these shelves protruding into their way. This Zenna caddy, on the other hand, features four adjustable, L-shaped shelves which do not cut into your showering space but still provide enough space for two to four bottles per shelf.

Composed of rust-resistant steel, this caddy is fully extendable up to over 8 feet in height, making it perfect for people with full-height showers. If you are working with a little less space, the tension rods will allow you to squeeze it down a little shorter. If you are hoping to use this in a tub/shower combination and need it to fit between your bathtub ledge and the ceiling, simply remove one of the tensioning rods to shorten it significantly.

The basic, straight line design of this caddy’s shelves will provide an excellent finishing touch to any modern, contemporary, or industrial design. You can also select between four different finishes (polished nickel, brushed nickel, dark Venetian bronze, and chrome) to ensure that it matches your interior décor.

Best Masculine Over-the-Showerhead Caddy
InterDesign York Lyra Shower Caddy

If you are looking for a somewhat masculine over-the-showerhead caddy, this InterDesign caddy may be right for your bathroom. I want to note right at the start, here, that I do not recommend this particular caddy for anyone using a removable, handheld shower head. It does not feature a space in the middle to house your shower hose and may cause the hose to interfere with your showering experience. We do have other options further down this page which would better suit those needs.

Now that the handheld showerhead owners have skipped along to read about other over-the-showerhead caddies, we can continue with our discussion of how this may be the right fit for you stationary showerhead owners. The vertical and horizontal lines of this caddy’s piping serve the distinct functional purpose of keeping your bottles and soaps on the shelves, but they also lend to the masculine appearance of this piece. The slight curvature of the shelf spokes and the thick band of metal across the top of the barrier lend a special design element which reminds me of the brown leather chairs and clunky wooden desks one would find in a 1950s den.

The four hooks at the bottom of the caddy are paired together just close enough for you to hang a razor from them. Personally, with multiple girls in our house who love to use the shower as their personal shaving space, I love that this caddy offers a safe, out-of-the-way place to store razors. If you don’t need the hooks for hanging razors, however, you can always use them to hang clothes or loofahs.

Measuring a total of 10 inches wide, 4 inches deep, and 22 inches tall, this caddy offers a significant amount of storage space. It is available in dark bronze, matte black, pearly white, satin, and silver – making it perfect for almost any color scheme.

Best Expandable Over
The-Showerhead Caddy – Zenna Home E7446HB

If you began reading about the over-the-shower caddy above this one and skipped forward because you need one which will accommodate the hose of your removable, handheld showerhead, you may want to take a moment to stop and read about this Zenna shower caddy.

This is one of very few shower caddies which actually takes into consideration the fact that some people have showerheads with hoses attached. Interestingly, it also takes into consideration that some people do not have that type of showerhead. This caddy features four shelves on two levels – two shelves side by side at the top and two shelves side by side at the bottom. You can choose to pull the shelves apart from each other (creating a space for your showerhead hose) or to leave them together (making the entire unit more compact.) What I love the most about this is that if you move from a house with no hose on the showerhead to a house with a hose on the showerhead (or vice versa) you won’t need to run out and purchase an entirely new caddy.

There is even a hook in the middle of the unit which will hold your showerhead hose tightly to keep it from interfering with your showering experience. If you choose not to use this for your hose, however, you can always use it to hang a loofah or facecloth.

A rubbery plastic no-slip collar has been added to the part of the caddy frame which sits on top of the showerhead stem to ensure that it stays in place. Offering extra protection against slipping, Zenna included two extra-large suction cups at the back of the unit to hold it to the wall.

A nice balance of flowing and straight lines in the overall design of this caddy makes it well-suited to any old-meets-new contemporary bathroom design.

Best Mesh Caddy
Maytex Mesh Bath Shower Organizer

Let’s assume that none of the shower caddies listed above is quite what you are looking for. Maybe you need something that takes up a little less space. Perhaps you need something easier to clean. Maybe you have multiple corner and over-the-showerhead caddies and still do not have enough space to house everything your shower needs to hold. Take a deep breath, because I am about to bring you the solution to your problems – the Maytex Mesh Bath Shower Organizer.

This organizer takes up very little space and will still allow you to utilize shower caddies in all the other areas of shower. Rust-resistant metal grommets allow you to hang this organizer on whatever hooks or rings you are currently using to hang your shower curtain. Though it is built for showers with curtains, you can easily transform this organizer into something a little more shower-door friendly by hanging it from strong suction cup hooks or using large plastic hooks to hang it over the shower door.

Its six large, strong mesh pockets will hold anything from shampoo and soap to razors and facecloths. When you think it’s time to clean it, don’t worry about having to pull out your scrub brush – simply take it down, empty it out, and throw it in the washing machine.

Best Over the Shower Door Caddy
Zenna Home 7803SS

If you have shower doors and are trying desperately to find more storage space for all of your shower accessories, you might be overlooking one very important resource – your doors. The very structure of the door supplies you with great support for a shower caddy. On top of that, the door itself is much like a wall – allowing you to place something on it which utilizes that flat space. The Zenna 7803SS is exactly what you need to utilize that space to its full ability.

Long hooks on the top of this caddy mean that it won’t fall off the door. I have seen a few over-the-shower-door caddies in my day that weren’t made with adequate hooks, causing both a mess and a significant amount of pain when they inevitably fell off the door. Two extra-large suction cups at the bottom of the caddy also work to hold it in place so that your things don’t fly around as you open and close the door.

I must say that I love the overall design of this caddy. Not only is it visually appealing, it is also extremely functional. It features three shelves – two large enough to hold two to three oversized shampoo bottles, and one perfectly fitted for one or two bars of soap. Two hooks on the very bottom of the unit allow ample space to hand loofahs or facecloths. Four loops (one on each side of the large shelves) will allow you to hang up to four razors.

Most Rust-Resistant
Zenna Home 2104W Bathtub and Shower Tension Corner Caddy

If you are interested in the look, feel, and durability of a steel shower caddy but are afraid that one may rust after a certain amount of time, you may want to direct your attention to this Zenna caddy made entirely from enameled steel and plastic. The enameled steel tensioning pole gives you all the strength and durability you would expect from any steel shower caddy without the worry of rust, because the enamel keeps the metal safe. Though it can reach a total of 8 feet in height you can also choose to remove one of the tensioning rods to make this entire ensemble fit between your bathtub ledge and ceiling.

The plastic shelves are quite thick and durable themselves and will never rust. Most of the other corner caddies on this list feature sides to each of the shelves to help hold your shower items in place. This one, on the other hand, features lipped edges which help prevent things from sliding around. The shelves are about 10.5 inches deep, but a good inch or two of that depth is taken up by the lip of the shelf. The shelves are shaped like pie pieces to utilize as much of the corner space as possible and are fully adjustable in terms of their height and the amount of space between each shelf.

Everything You Need, Right Where You Need It

The idea of using bathroom caddies made a huge difference in our own household. After installing a couple in our main bathroom everyone was suddenly able to find everything they needed. There was no more yelling, “You moved my shampoo!” There were no more wet footprints on the hardwood floors of our hallway – evidence of someone running out of the shower in search of her missing razor or soap or hair conditioner. We hope that at least one of these caddies helps to alleviate some of the showertime stress in your own home.