Natural Skin Care For Men | What To Have & What To Do

Deciding to take care of your skin is an investment in your self-esteem and health. More men are starting to realize there are massive benefits to learning about the best ways to treat and maintain a healthy and youthful appearance through natural skin care for men. 

That’s why we’ve briefly detailed the facts and essentials you’ll need to know, from the differences in skin types to the best tips for beginners voyaging into this new and (no doubt) strange landscape of skincare for men. 

Is There A Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Skin Care?

There are a few fundamental differences between men’s and women’s skin. On average, men will have thicker skin, greater hair growth, and greater oil and PH concentrations. However, diet, lifestyle, habits, and genetics ultimately determine the skin conditions of each man and woman.

Based on studies, the key differences between the skin of men and women include the following:

  • Hydration can be higher in men
  • Microcirculation can be higher in men
  • On average, men have thicker skin (up to 20% higher than women)
  • PH can be higher in men
  • Contains more collagen on average in men

Despite there being a difference in the skin composition between men and women, skin care will often fall under the same regime. Especially as stigma starts to fall away about male grooming and self-care routines. Wide ranges of skin care products for men are now available for the first time, giving them the chance to take better care of themselves without shame or embarrassment. Natural skin care for men is a common practice now. Wanting to appear youthful and healthy is no longer restricted to one gender.

It’s also vital for both men and women to identify their skin types and gain a better understanding of their unique needs and requirements. Without a basic idea of how to develop your skincare routine, you won’t be able to effectively maintain healthy and vibrant skin. 

We often forget that it’s the largest organ of our body. And in these modern times with the countless stress factors our bodies are exposed to, it’s so important we start looking after this vital organ with natural skin care for men.

Learn About The Different Skin Types

When we learn about the differences between dry and itchy to oily and sensitive skin, we can understand our unique skin types. With a brief analysis below, you’ll identify your likely skin type and how you can treat and care for that type accordingly.

Some of the different skin types men will encounter include the following:

  • Oily skin – Greasy or shiny
  • Dry skin – Rough, flaky, or itchy
  • Sensitive skin – Burns or stings when using most products
  • Combinations – A combination of dry and oily, etc
  • Normal skin – None of the above 

Understanding your skin type will help you learn how to take care of your skin and select skincare products that are right for you.

Natural Skin Care For Men: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize

Here, we’ll break down a good skincare routine and the things you’ll need to get started on your journey to healthier and younger skin. It’s never too late to start! There are 3 fundamentals to any routine that make up natural skin care for men, and include the following:

Cleanse, ideally twice a day

By using face wash to wash away the day’s sweat and dirt, we rid our skin of harmful bacteria that accumulates in our facial pores. It’s always preferable to wash both in the morning and at night before bed.

Exfoliate, ideally twice a week

When you exfoliate, you rid yourself of dead skin cells. By doing this, you create a smoother, softer, and brighter complexion while preventing a pimple outbreak. Exfoliating in the evenings is the best time, as this gives your skin time to recover and any redness or puffing to dissipate.

Moisturize, ideally twice a day

In the mornings and evenings are the most preferable times to moisturize. This helps keep your skin hydrated and nourished through any weather changes and exposure to the sun. It helps retain water in your skin, and reduces the fine lines that develop as you age.

3 Tips For Developing Natural Skin Care For Men

To develop and maintain a healthy skin care regime, there are several factors you’ll need to consider. We’ve compiled some key factors and tips we recommend everyone follow.

Compare Products

Skin products are designed with specific skin types in mind. It’s important to know if you have dry or oily skin, whether you’re prone to breakouts, and if certain product ingredients irritate your skin. If your skin is sensitive, you’ll want to choose something unscented or fragrance-free to avoid agitation and discomfort. Dry skin requires more oil-based products, and those prone to breakout should avoid oily products that can block your pores.

Always Wash Your Face After Working Out Or Exercising

Even if it’s lukewarm water, ensure you wash your face after every workout session to avoid blocking pores and breakouts. Soap can be extremely harsh on the face, drying out your skin and damaging it in the process. This is why we often require a mild-face cleanser or face wash to clean but not burn our skin.

Mind Your Shaving Techniques

While it feels satisfying, shaving too close to the skin can cause razor bumps, ingrown hairs, razor burns, and other skin irritations. If this happens regularly, consider switching to a single or double-blade razor, and try not to stretch your facial skin while shaving. Also, shave in the direction your hair grows, and for further comfort and protection, try using moisturizing shaving cream. 

Rinse after each stroke to reduce skin agitation, and try to change your blade every 5 – 7 shaves.

Our Conclusion

Every man’s skin is unique, and there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” skincare routine. Luckily, modern cosmetics and skin care brands offer a diverse range of products and items that cover all types of skin and conditions.

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