If you’re looking for a luxurious spa experience or want to channel the glam and prestige of the Hollywood hills, this page has been designed just for you. The luxe spa and Hollywood glam designs are, actually, a couple of the easiest to create in a bathroom space. The textures and surfaces a bathroom typically contains lend perfectly to these styles.

Let’s take some time to delve into what it means to create any luxurious, glamorous space. Then, let’s take a quick look at how to best apply that style to your bathroom.

The major key to a spa bathroom is relaxation. A Hollywood glam bathroom is all about feeling important and getting pampered. In this article I will discuss how to achieve a mixture of these two styles, but I will also let you know which elements are from each style in case you would rather lean more in one direction than another.


One of the first things people usually ask about in regard to style is color. Let’s discuss the spa style first. We’ll come back to the Hollywood glam style in a little bit and I’ll give you some tips for how to mix the two into a stunning design.

The spa style often incorporates a range of muted, natural colors mixed with white. White is the base color for many spa designs because it gives the appearance of cleanliness. Natural colors, such as the greys and slates of natural stone, help to offer the “fresh hot water spring” appeal that many of these designs try to mimic. Wood tomes are also brought into many spa designs, because they also reflect the natural, outdoorsy style of hot water springs.

The Hollywood glam style is very different from the spa style in regard to color. Instead of trying to bring the outdoors in, the glam style wants you to feel as though you are indoors at one of the finest hotels on the planet. The color palette is usually very basic. It is made up, mostly, of white and black. White acts as the base color and black acts as the accent.

Sometimes, in addition to black (which is actually a shade), other accent colors are brought in as well. These accent colors are usually very feminine and offer a powder room appeal. Think pastel pink, purple, blue, yellow, or green. Sometimes in the boldest and most daring of glam bathrooms, a bright accent color will be added. Often this accent color is bright pink or fuchsia. You may notice, however, that bathrooms of this style will only use one actual accent color. Silver, gold, and glass are also big in the glam design style, because they give an air of prestige.

If you want to create a mixture of the spa and glam design styles you will want to begin with a glam style in mind then add touches of the spa style. Begin with your basic black and white design. Next, bring in some natural stone or even a little bit of wood as an accent. Although you may want to skip the additional pastel or bright pink accents, do not skimp on silver, gold, and glass accents. Glam is all about bling.


Whether we are looking more at a luxurious spa or a Hollywood mansion, slick textures are most popularly used in bathroom designs. In spa designs, these slick textures come from slabs of raw natural stone which add a very outdoorsy feel. In a Hollywood style bathroom you should look more at things like marble or any natural stone which resembles the polished look of marble.

Softer textures come into the spa bathroom via towels and bath robes. Sometimes, a rustic spa will feature an animal pelt (or imitation animal pelt) on the floor for extra warmth. The Hollywood glam style brings soft textures in through plush towels and fluffy bathmats. It isn’t rare to see multiple bathmats throughout the bathroom space, offering warm places to stand amid the tiles on the floor.


Patterns really aren’t very important to a spa-style bathroom. They are, however, very important to the Hollywood glam bathroom space. You see, Hollywood glam tries to bring older elements into newer spaces. This is often done by channeling the 1920s and 1930s flapper style. Patterns in your Hollywood glam bathroom will generally follow a zig-zag or diamond pattern.

In keeping with the high-contrast colors for which this style is known, these patterns are usually made up of black and white tiles. To avoid going overboard and creating a room with way too much going on for the eye or brain to handle, try to include much more white in your pattern. Sometimes, herring bone patterns are used in completely white tile, bringing a subtle pattern to the room.


Candles are a majorly important accessory in any spa bathroom. The soft glow of a candle has long been synonymous with relaxation. There is just something about the color of candlelight and the way that a flame dances in the slightest breeze which helps the muscles of your body to relax. Pairing candles with a warm, inviting bath is enough to melt away the stress of the day. This is the exact feeling a spa bathroom should produce.

Of course, if you are going the Hollywood glam route you will want to make sure that your candles fit in with your color scheme. Another way to add the Hollywood flair is to find candles with interesting shapes. Hour-glass and candlestick holder shaped candles in glass containers give the feminine touch for which the glam style is known.

It’s All About the Extras

Extra features are very important to both of these styles since both styles revolve around pampering and feeling special, important, and rich. The key to creating a spa or glam bathroom, however, is to include those extras without it being obvious.

Generally speaking, the more amenities you add to a space, the more crowded it will become. You do not want your space to be overridden with things, though. These styles are all about appearing minimal while offering the maximum. Adequate cupboard space will be necessary to ensure that every single item has a very special and distinct place. Very few things should be displayed in the open, unless they manage to serve both a style and functional purpose. For example, displaying soft, white towels in a well-defined cubby hole not only gives you a place to put your towels, but also adds a soft touch to a cool space.

The extras often featured in either of these kinds of bathrooms include an oversize bathtub, separate bathtub and shower, his and hers sinks, a separate toilet area, a bidet, heated floors, built-in or added Bluetooth speakers, and color-changing showerheads.

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Two Important Additions

If you want to add a touch of glam, add a chandelier – or three. The glam style is all about bling. Everything should glitter. What better way to make your room glitter than to add one or more light fixtures which echo cascades of light on every wall? While many styles incorporate chandeliers as focal pieces, the glam style takes things further by incorporating multiple chandeliers. If you want a mostly spa-like design the simple incorporation of chandeliers will instantly add just enough glam to put you over the top.

The spa style is mostly about comfort and warmth. There are few better ways to create that atmosphere than including a fireplace in your design. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wood burning fireplace, a gas fireplace, or even a false mantle filled with candles – any fireplace will instantly add comfort to your room. Incorporating a fireplace into a more glamorous design is a great way to make it feel a little more like a spa.

Bringing the Two Styles Together in Your Bathroom

Whether you are leaning more toward spa or glam, a freestanding bathtub is an important design element. If freestanding is absolutely impossible, consider a drop-in tub surrounded with a wide ledge and even a built-in step.

Ultra-glam styles pull elements from the days of old, such as clawfoot tubs and ornate Victorian faucets. If this is a little too much for your personal taste, you can select a more modern-style, streamlined freestanding tub. Your faucets, while not ornate, will still have to be interesting. The key to both of these design styles is that the pieces in your bathroom should look a step above what you would see in any average home bathroom. Consider ornate or waterfall faucets in both your sinks and your tub.

Whether you choose to go with the glam designs (intricate faucets and clawfoot tub) or the spa designs (waterfall faucets and an interesting freestanding tub) be sure to continue the theme of the faucets and tub throughout your entire bathroom. While it is okay to mix different elements of these styles throughout your bathroom, you never want to mix things up where your fixtures are concerned. Always stick with one style that runs through all of these elements – bathtub, shower, sink, toilet, and all faucets.