Anyone outfitting a new bathroom knows the importance of finding the right hand towels and face cloths for their space. You need something which will work with your overall décor and match the towels or bath sheets you’ve already chosen. Of course, quality is important as well. You may even have some special considerations due to sensitive skin.

On this page, we will delve into the world of hand towels and face cloths. We searched the internet far and wide to bring you the most popular hand towels and face cloths on the current market. We’ve done our best to include information regarding their quality as well as their aesthetic appeal. Before continuing, however, you may want to take a quick moment to read our little bit of buying information below.

Buying Information

There are only a few major things to consider when selecting hand towels and face cloths for your new (or upgraded) bathroom space. Let’s take the time to quickly go over them now so that you are prepared with your list of needs and wants as you read the reviews further down this page.

Intended Uses – Knowing what you intend to use your hand towels and face cloths for will help you determine the level of quality you require as well as the number of towels and cloths you will need. For example, if you are planning to use your face cloths as washcloths as well – washing you face by your sink and your body in the shower – you are likely to need more cloths than a person who will only use them to wash his or her face. Trust me, I’ve made this mistake before and learned my lesson as I repeatedly ran out of face cloths before laundry day.

Budget Concerns – If you have already been to our bath towels and bath sheets section, you are probably familiar with this topic of concern. Budget is an important consideration in any purchase. When it comes to purchasing hand towels and face cloths, however, you must be very careful to balance your budget concerns with your quality concerns. The softer, plusher, more absorbent and hypoallergenic a hand towel or face cloth, the more expensive it is likely to be.

Individual or Set? – If you believe that you will need the same number of hand towels as face cloths, you may want to just make life a whole lot easier by purchasing a set which comes with both. If, however, you are planning to use more of one than the other, you may want to think about purchasing them individually. Sets usually come with an equal number of each type, meaning that you would have to purchase additional face cloths or hand towels to make up the difference – not always an easy task since some items are not sold separately.

For the sake of simplicity, we’ve chosen to only include separate hand towels and face cloths on this page. However, we have gone ahead and ensured that some hand towels have exact matches in face cloths so that you can create your own sets.

Hand Towels

First, let’s look at your best options where hand towels are concerned.

Utopia Towels Large Hand Towels, Various Colors

Measuring 16 inches wide by 28 inches long, these hand towels are among the largest on this list. If you ask me, that’s a good thing. I enjoy a nice, large hand towel – one which is equipped to handle any important bathroom task, from drying hands to wrapping up your damp hair. These hand towels come in a total of eight different colors with matching full-sized towels and face cloths available. Available colors include black, white, beige, dark brown, electric blue, plum, grey, and sage green.

I love that Utopia came out with a full line of towels, hand towels, and face cloths sold separately from one another so that you can mix and match. You can select different colors of towels and hand towels for variety and a brilliant layering effect in your bathroom. You can also choose to purchase the perfect number of each item without having too many or too few of anything.

As you can see from the height of the pile, these hand towels are thick and absorbent. Made predominantly of ringspun cotton, these hand towels feature small loops of fabric which sweep water droplets off your skin and hide them away inside the bulk of the towel. The thin, elegant accent band has been fashioned of rayon for a shimmering appearance.

Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa Hand Towel Set of Six

If you are searching for an obscure color of hand towels, I can assure you that the Turkish Luxury Hotel company has you covered. Most of the other options on this list are available in traditional pastels, rich colors (such as navy blue and black), or muted earth tones. These hand towels, on the other hand, are available in some of those colors as well as some bright shades designed to add a pop of life into your bathroom space. The available colors include white, ivory, blue, navy, wine, green, taupe, rose, chocolate, yellow, grey, purple, aqua, and salmon.

What’s most impressive about these hand towels, however, is the fact that they are eco-friendly. In fact, they are made only from organic materials with absolutely no chemicals added. If you have allergies, intolerances, or simply sensitive skin, you will be happy to know that these are among the most hypoallergenic towels available on today’s market.

To top everything off, they are also made of only the finest Turkish cotton. They are super thick and super absorbent – surely designed to please even your most critical guests. A full line of bath towels and sheets is also available in matching colors, allowing you to pick and choose and mix and match.

SimuLinen Hand Towels
Decorative Disposables – 100 Count

Looking for luxurious, disposable hand towels? We’ve got them right here for you. I’m certain that many of you doubted something like this even existed, and yet, here we are. Designed to mimic the feel and absorbency of actual cotton towels, these super thin, disposable towels will complete the hand drying job for which they have been designed. Their thick, strong weave keeps them together as you dry your hands to ensure that your fingers don’t pop out the other side.

What makes these towels stand apart from all the other soft and strong disposable towels is their elegant design. They aren’t just plain white like all the others. Instead, they feature an exquisite script of metallic print along their edges. The print is available in either silver or gold – both perfectly accent any posh bathroom space and add well to the atmosphere of a holiday party.

Linen-Feel Guest Towels
Disposable Napkins 200 Pack

Looking for something a little different than the traditional cotton hand towel? Hosting a party or simply enjoying the ease, simplicity, and sanitary nature of a disposable option? These disposable hand towels are made to give you convenience of a paper towel with the softness and luxurious feel of a linen towel. Brought to you in a pack of 200, these disposable towels will last a considerably long time, even given their extremely affordable price.

When unfolded, these towels are sufficiently large for all hand drying needs, measuring 12 inches by 17 inches. They are also sufficiently absorbent, which is surprising given how thin they are. Perhaps the trick is in the slight texture which helps to pull the water from your hands and trap it inside the fabric. The special weave of this material keeps it strong so you won’t find yourself picking lint balls off your fingers after you dry your hands, or even poking your fingers right through (as is often the case with traditional paper towels).

Face Cloths

Now it’s time to talk face cloths. They are often used for the simple task of washing one’s face, but also, at times, to wash one’s body or clean one’s bathroom. With their more possible uses compared to hand towels, it quickly becomes important to select a high quality face cloth.

Utopia 24 Pack Face Cloths

For those who are looking for simple face cloths, I present this affordable 24 pack of Utopia face cloths. If you do not plan to use your face cloth for cleaning your bathroom space – and, thus, do not require one which is extremely durable – this may be a great option for you. As someone who lives on a budget but also has many kids, I understand the importance of finding affordable face cloths.

We go through many of these in my house during the course of a week. Purchasing 6 or 8 cloths would not be an option for us. That is, unless I wanted to do laundry every other day. Purchasing 24 high quality, thick cloths would blow my budget to oblivion. Therefore, I find an affordable option such as this one very attractive.

These may not be the highest quality of all the cloths on this list, but I assure you that they are still superior to many of the others on today’s market. Remember that we have searched for the best options for your bathroom and haven’t included any low-quality items on this list whatsoever.

One of the best-selling properties of these cloths is the fact that they are 100 percent cotton and feature no harsh chemical substances or synthetic materials which could aggravate your skin. This is what really sets them apart from many of the other affordable face cloths on today’s market. It is also what makes them ideal for people with chemical allergies or generally sensitive skin.

Turkish Luxury Hotel and Spa Wash Cloth Set

You may have already had the privilege of reading our review of the Turkish Luxury Hotel hand towels in the section above this one. If so, you are already familiar with many of their wonderful qualities. I will list and quickly discuss those again in just a little bit for those of you who haven’t had a chance to look over the hand towel review.

These face cloths, like the hand towels listed above, come in a wide assortment of colors. In fact, they come in the most diverse color palette of all the face cloths on this list. They can be used to create a set of face cloths, towels, hand towels. See our section on bath towels and bath sheets for a review of the matching bath towels.

These face cloths come in a pack of twelve. A package of this size should be sufficiently large for most people. Families like my own, however, will probably need to purchase two packs. It is truly worth it, though, for those whose budget can accommodate two packs, because these are extremely high-quality face cloths.

Just one look at these cloths will tell you just how soft and absorbent they are. Much thicker than many of their competitors, these cloths could even be used to dry off your entire body after a shower if you ever find yourself short on towels. Adding further to the luxury of these cloths is the fact that you can choose to purchase a set with a plain border or a set with an embroidered rayon border for that extra touch of elegance.

Utopia Cotton Washcloths

If you enjoy creating a matching set of face cloths, hand towels and full-sized bath towels, but aren’t a fan of the color options available in the Turkish Hotel set, you may want to have a look at these Utopia cloths. Like the Turkish Hotel cloths, there are matching hand towels and bath towels available for these cloths. In fact, we reviewed the matching Utopia hand towels a little further up this page and took a quick look at the matching bath towels on your Bath Towels and Bath Sheets page.

Though these cloths aren’t quite as plush as the Turkish Hotel cloths, they are close to the same level in terms of overall quality. They are made from 100 per cent pure cotton, with no added synthetic fabrics. They feature no added chemicals – with the possible exception of dyes in the colored cloths. They are super absorbent and made to be soft and gentle on skin.