As if we haven’t tackled enough taboo topics on this website yet, here we are to discuss bidets! Upon the realization that this should be something we include here on the website, my husband quickly bowed out and conceded the task to me. He knew it was an important topic, but just couldn’t bring himself to write about it. So, here we go. I think we can handle this together, you and me. We can manage this like adults, right? We can get through this one without laughing too hard or losing our lunch, I promise.

Buying Informations

As per usual, let’s go through a few things you may want to consider before going ahead and purchasing a bidet. At the end of the day, as with any purchase, it’s always best to go into a decision with as much information as possible and a list of your basic needs and desires.

Know Your Budget – If there is one piece of advice I could give to anyone making any purchase of anything, ever, it would be to know your budget ahead of time. Knowing your budget ahead of time protects you from being swayed into larger purchases than you can afford. Trust me, there will always be one product, slightly out of your budgetary reach, with all the bells and whistles necessary to try to pull you into a purchase. In considering bidets, however, you can probably allow a little bit of wiggle room in your budget. After all, you will likely find yourself saving a lot of money on toilet paper purchases.

Would You Like Warm Water? – Many of you probably haven’t even thought about this question, but I feel it is an important one. Let’s be honest, if you are going to get a spray of water in your nether regions, chances are that you’d prefer that spray to warm instead of cold and shocking. Although warm water is much more comforting, that comfort often comes with a price attached. Bidets which offer a warm water option are usually much more expensive on their own. To top that off, they usually require some plumbing or electrical work to supply the warm water to the bidet.

Electrical or Not? – Many bidets require electricity. This electricity can be used to power the spray nozzles, a heating system, movement of the spray nozzles to provide a “feminine wash”, or to allow you to use a remote to control its functions. Again, things such as this come with a price and usually require a little extra work. If this is outside the scope of your budget or ability, you can always go with a water pressure controlled option.

Would You Like a Feminine Wash? – A feminine wash option is one which makes the nozzle move forward slightly to handle all the cleaning needs a woman may have. As should be clear by that last little bit about electricity, feminine wash options require electricity to run.

Other Options To Consider – If I take the time to talk, in detail, about all the possible options you can elect to incorporate into your bidet system I will be here for a month. Well, maybe not an entire month. Suffice to say that I would have to create an entire page devoted solely to the task of describing those options. Instead, allow me to simply list some of them here and try to talk more in-depth about them as they come up as features on the bidets I’ve included on this page. Possible features include adjustable water pressure, water pulse, water oscillation, self-cleaning and/or sterilizing nozzle, air drying, heated air drying, and heated seat.

Best Bidets

On many of these pages I try to include a “best this” or “best that” in the title of each product. Some of these bidets are very different from the others and some are quite similar to the others. Given the breadth of options we will be discussing here and the fact that each of these bidets has more than one major selling point, I have decided to leave out the “best this” and “best that” titles. Instead, I will let you figure out which one is best for you based on its conglomeration of features and options.

Ellegantz GenieBidet Seat

Looking for something simple and easy to hook up as well as simple and easy to use? This Ellegantz bidet may be just what you want. Installation should take less than an hour (a half of an hour if you’re handy) and requires absolutely no electrical components. Instead of using electricity to power the pressure of the water, this simple design uses the pressure created with regular flushing. You will not need to hire anyone for extra help or worry about doing a poor job. Just follow the simple instructions which come in the package and you can quickly turn any toilet into an all-in-one waste disposal and cleaning station.

A small lever on the side of the seat allows you to toggle between off, rear spray, and feminine spray. Separate nozzles for rear and feminine sprays ensure proper cleaning and reduce the likelihood of bacteria transference. There aren’t any fancy pulsating functions and you cannot choose warm water, but these options are usually reserved for much more expensive and difficult-to-assemble electrical units.

The two standard sizes this bidet seat is available in will fit either a typical round toilet or a typical elongated toilet. Of course, it is always recommended that you check the actual measurements of your toilet before committing to any seat-related product.

TOTO SW2034-01 Elongated C100 Washlet

If you are interested in a very high-tech bidet with all the bells and whistles, you need not look any further than this TOTO seat. That is, of course, if you are looking for one with an elongated seat. Unlike some of the other bidets on this list, this one does not allow you to choose between an elongated and round seat – it only comes in an elongated shape.

Still, if elongated is what you are after and you are a fan of high tech gadgetry you will be impressed with this seat’s many abilities. First, you can choose between three different water pressure levels, allowing you to select the one which you believe will give you the best clean and the most comfort. Secondly, you can change the temperature of the water depending upon your own preferences. There is also an air-dry option which blows cool, warm, or hot air (your choice) to help speed the drying process.

It also features lights so that you will never have to blind yourself with the bright bathroom lights in the middle of the night. A water filter inside the stainless steel nozzle cleans water as it travels through, to offer you the best clean possible. A convenient remote control attached to the seat allows you to maintain control over every feature and option with the simply push of a soft button.

An additional piece of information you may find interesting is that this bidet seat is available in three different color options. Most bidet seats (and their lids) are white plastic and in a very simple style. Though this one is very simple, it has been fashioned in white, cotton white, and Sedona beige.

SmartBidet SB-1000
Electric Bidet Seat with Remote Control

This incredibly advanced system is designed to bring you all you need and more. I can honestly say that I am not even sure where I should begin in describing this bidet, for that very reason. Allow me to tell you, before we get too far into things, that this bidet seat is available in both an elongated option and a round option. I like to get that information out of the way at the beginning so you know if there is even a point in continuing to read.

Similarly, I think it is important for you to know that this is an electrical system. You will require a nearby electrical outlet or sufficient knowledge of electricity in order to hook it up directly to a power source. The hassle of making electricity available may be worth it, however, for those of you looking for ultimate comfort and care.

This bidet features a fully adjustable nozzle so that you can ensure you get the right clean, right where you need it. The customizability doesn’t stop there, though. You can also adjust the pressure and temperature of the water. The simplest click of a button on the handy remote control allows you to toggle between posterior wash and feminine wash. It also allows you to activate the heated air drying system, the oscillation feature, or to adjust the temperature of the seat (yes, the seat is heated).

Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000
Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat

This uniquely designed bidet seat system comes with its own cordless remote control. You can select one designed to fit a traditional round toilet or a traditional elongated toilet. Though most round toilets are the same size as most other round toilets and the same can be said about typical elongated toilets, I suggest you double check the size of this seat against the size of your own toilet bowl rim.

The very fact that this bidet comes with a remote should tell you that it is an electronic system. The remote allows you to change functions, alter temperature, and move nozzles. Two stainless steel nozzles are equipped to handle all cleaning of the nether regions. The main posterior nozzle will get the job done for any individual, male or female. A special feminine wash nozzle has also been included to handle the special needs of female users. Both nozzles can be adjusted in terms of position using easy-push buttons on the included remote.

Not only can you adjust the temperature of the water coming from the nozzles, you can also adjust the temperature of the seat and the temperature of the air used in the air drying system. If all this didn’t sound like enough, don’t worry – Brondell has packed in a few other impressive features to top things off, including a sterilization setting and a deodorization setting.

Clear Sense dib-1500R Bidet Seat with Remote

Do you prefer a bidet system with a wall-mount remote control? Personally, I would. I don’t like the idea of pressing buttons right next to the dirty toilet seat many control panels are attached to, nor do I like the idea of using a remote control which can easily be dropped or get lost. Attaching the control panel to the wall or a nearby cabinet just seems much more sensible to me. This Clean Sense bidet system allows you to do just that.

If we want to talk about control panels, this is the one to discuss. It allows you to control every function and ability of this advanced bidet seat. It even features an LCD clock and digital display which shows you your currently selected options.

One of my favorite things about this seat, other than its wall-mount control panel, is the fact that it supplies you with a warm wash. Some of the other seats on this list allow you that option as well, but I just want to point it out because it is one of my favorite options. This seat also includes the following options: gentle yet strong enema wash for additional cleansing, soft-closing seat and lid, heated seat, air dryer, deodorizer.

BioBidet Supreme BB-1000
Elongated Bidet Seat with Warm Water

Okay, you caught me. I just had to include another bidet with a wall-mount control panel. I didn’t feel right giving you only one option of what I feel is the best kind of bidet system available. This bidet’s large control panel does not feature a clock and LCD digital display, like the bidet listed above. It does, however, feature large buttons with large print for easy-to-understand command. From your youngest child to your oldest relative, this control panel should be easy for everyone to use.

If you want to talk about electric bidet systems with a lot of features and options, we will certainly have to bring this one into the conversation. Not only can you choose between regular wash and feminine wash, you can also choose a strong jet feature for an enema clean. The position of the nozzles can be adjusted at any time, as can the temperature of the water or the air. Oh yes, I almost forgot to tell you that this system features an air drying option, as well.

Additionally impressive is the fact that it has a water-saving economy mode. I think, however, that the massage feature is the best. It is perfect, especially when used in conjunction with the enema mode, for those experiencing light constipation.

Brondell Inc. S300-EW Swash 300
Elongated Advanced Bidet

If you would like the comfort supplied by the warm water of an electric bidet system but have absolutely no desire to deal with complicated control panels and a multitude of options, this basic electric option is just what you are looking for.

It features a posterior spray option as well as a feminine spray option, ensuring than everyone’s basic needs are covered. You can adjust the water temperature to be warmer or cooler, depending upon your own personal preferences. You can also adjust the temperature of the seat which, conveniently, has a heater built into it as well. Aside from these basic options, there really isn’t much more to say about this bidet system, besides the fact that it comes with a small, handheld remote control. It does not feature pulse and massage options or enema options, like many of the others. It does not feature an air dryer and will not light up at night. That all being said, sometimes less is more. Less is certainly easier to handle and causes less confusion.

Get the Clean You Deserve

It is important to feel your cleanest. Not only is it important to be clean for health reasons, but also for the positive effects it can have on self-confidence. There is no doubt in my mind that one of these very popular bidet systems will help you achieve the clean you deserve. It all comes down to deciding which features you like best and whether or not you would like a system which runs on electricity.