Whether you are trying to lose weight, monitor your weight, or track the weight gain of your children, you are clearly in need of a bathroom scale if you have found yourself here. There is some variation in the bathroom scales available on today’s market. We’ve done our best to bring you most of that variation while also remaining married to the idea that we should only bring you the best of the best. The following bathroom scales are among the absolutely most popular available for purchase and have all received overwhelmingly positive reviews from consumers.

We often include basic buying information for the products we list on this website, but we’d prefer to just get right into things where these bathroom scales are concerned. So, without any further ado, here are our favorites.

Overall Best
Etekcity Digital Body Weight Scale with Step-On Technology

I’ve chosen this as the “Overall Best” digital bathroom scale for numerous reasons. First, it boasts just enough features and abilities to make it extra useful and easy-to-use without going over the top. In my opinion, the abilities and functions of some of the other scales on this list are simply too much. They make using the scale a complicated procedure and require extensive technological knowledge. Despite being perfectly capable of using any of these scales without difficulty, I understand that the same many not be true for everyone. Furthermore, most people are looking for a basic scale with a digital readout of their weight. It is as simple as that.

Simply step onto this weight-activated scale and wait momentarily to receive the readout of your weight. The numbers will be displayed clearly in black atop a blue LED background. You can select either pounds or kilograms; small indicator letters will let you know which have been selected. Special indicators will also let you know if the scale becomes overloaded with too much weight or if its battery is low. If something interferes with its ability to get a clean reading, it will automatically reset itself as you step off.

The black glass top of this scale is both masculine and elegant. It would fit in nicely with an industrial or Hollywood glam style. Hardly taller than a laptop, this slim scale can be tucked away easily if its style doesn’t match your bathroom’s décor.

Best with Extra-Large Display
EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Though interior décor is my passion, I will try not to discuss it too much on this page about scales. Unlike me, you may not care if your scale matches your bathroom décor. Allow me to simply say that the stainless steel accents on this scale make it a wonderful addition to most contemporary spaces with stainless steel and polished chrome accessories and fixtures.

What else is impressive about this scale? The extra-large size of its display is quite impressive, if you ask me. Not everyone has incredible eyesight. For this reason, it is important that a scale meet the needs of those with impaired vision. If you have a difficult time reading small fonts or mid-sized fonts from a bit of a distance, you may want to consider this scale and its 3.5 inch display box.

Running on four AAA batteries, this simple scale will give you an accurate readout of your body weight and nothing more. The only options you can choose between in using it are whether you would prefer to get that readout in pounds or kilograms. You won’t have to worry about connecting it with any other devices or trying to understand how to get a bone density or fat percentage reading.

Best Smart Scale
Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale

If you are tired of hearing me talk about how great it is to have a scale that performs a single function and would like a scale that performs multiple functions, more in line with our high-tech world, this smart scale by Weight Gurus may be exactly what you want. It has multiple abilities designed to impress and to help you on the road to a healthier lifestyle. Though I have seen some others with more functions and abilities, I have chosen this as the “Best Smart Scale” because it is the most popular among consumers and has received many positive reviews.

A Bluetooth device built into this scale allows you to connect it to your phone, tablet, or computer to sync your weight data with most fitness apps, including FitBit, Apple Health, and Google Fit. In addition to weight, with the proper information inputted, it will also calculate your BMI, bone mass, lean mass, and water weight.

Its incredibly slim design allows you to tuck it away if its dark, industrial style doesn’t match your own bathroom décor. The backlit digital readout means that you can get an accurate and visible reading even in the dark. Unlike many other smart scales with this number of abilities, this one has a rather uncomplicated system whereby only one reading is displayed on the screen at a time; you are simply required to push an up or down button to scroll through the other options.

Best Multifunction
GoWISE USA Body Fat Scale

Available in six different colors and styles, this GoWISE USA scale can fit into many different interior décor designs. If you are one of the very unlucky few for whom none of the available six styles work, you can easily tuck this slim scale between or beneath cupboards.

This smart scale will give you an accurate reading of your weight, body fat percentage, body mass index, muscle mass, and water mass. It will allow you to input your height and age for use in calculations. Easy, soft touch buttons allow you to cycle through various readings. You can even program multiple people into the scale, so that accurate readings can be achieved for everyone in your family.

Like the others on this list, and quite standard on the current market, simply standing on this scale will turn it on and begin your weighing or reading. A backlit, digital LCD display will allow you to read your weight and other measurements with ease, even in the dark. It displays whichever reading you have set it to using the buttons as well as the measurement type (pounds or kilograms) and the battery level.

Widest Scale
Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale

Whether you have a wide stance (the result of thick thighs, knock knees, or some other structural concern) or simply large feet, you are obviously taking a look at this particular scale because you are contemplating purchasing one which is wider than normal. Of all the scales which could possibly accommodate a wide stance or large feet, this one appears to be the best equipped for doing so while also performing its job to satisfaction. Its popularity among consumers is proof of that fact.

This scale is rather basic in that it has been created for the simple function of providing you with an accurate reading of your weight. It will not check your bone density or muscle mass. It will not report on your water levels or your fat percentage. It will not connect to your cell phone, tablet, or computer. It will simply tell you your current weight.

Unlike scales of the past which required you to tap them to turn them on, this one will automatically turn on when you stand on it. It will give you a reading much quicker than older digital options. The backlit LCD display will allow you to check your weight in the dark or in dim light. Large numbers make it much easier to read at a distance – perfect for tall people.

Best Black Glass
Digital Glass Bathroom Scale

Although some of the other scales on this list are also made with black glass, I selected this as the best with black glass because it is, quite simply, the most stylish option. If you are looking for a black scale which exudes style, this is the one. You may find that comment odd, considering that this scale is the absolutely most basic looking black glass of all the others on this list. The beauty is in the simplicity.

The blue LED backlit LCD display with large, legible black numbers also lends to the industrial feel of this scale. At the same time, it makes it easy to get an accurate reading in the dark or in dim lighting.

While many other scales top off at about 300 pounds, this one is capable of holding up to 400 pounds without breaking. This says a lot for the fact that it is made of glass, if you really think about it. A reading of your weight, whatever it may be, will be all you receive from this scale, as it is not equipped for bone mass, water mass, or any other kinds of readings. Personally, a simple scale is the preferable option, anyways. If my bathroom was designed in such a way as to be well-accented by this scale I would seriously consider purchasing it.

Most Accurate
Balance High Accuracy Bathroom Scale

This scale claims to have the absolutely most accurate readings of any of the scales on this list. Though I cannot say that I have purchased them all and tested this claim, I can say that I have done research of another sort. I have read a considerable number of consumer reviews that appear to agree with the claims made by the company. I have also found very few reviews which claim that this isn’t a very accurate scale.

Running on a lithium battery instead of typical AA or AAA batteries, the life of this scale is much longer than many of the others on this list. Replacing the battery, on the other hand, may be slightly more expensive. Isn’t it worth it, however, for the sake of convenience and our environment? Fewer batteries needing to be changed means fewer batteries in landfills.

This is yet another of those simple, easy-to-use, just step-on, no fancy features scales I love so much. Put the battery in, set it down, step on it, and you will receive your weight. Though you cannot get readings about other things (such as body mass, bone mass, or fat index) you will be able to get your weight readout quickly and easily.

Step Right On

Usually, people say “Step right up,” but a scale actually requires you to step right on and weigh in. I’ve invited you to step up to this conversation and step onto the scale of your own personal preference. I’ve weighed in with my own opinions, based on ample research and investigation into consumer claims. I hope that this has helped you in finding the scale you most need.