I’m not sure about you, but for me (and every member of my family) a bathroom mirror is, quite simply, a must. Whether I am trying to pluck my eyebrows, put on makeup, style my hair, check my makeup on a quick bathroom break, or annihilate my latest blackhead – the bathroom mirror comes in handy for almost all bathroom tasks. Just ask my teenage daughter if one is important and she’ll look at you as though you’re insane – trust me, I actually asked her for the purposes of this page.

On this page, we’ll go through some basic buying information you should consider when purchasing your next bathroom mirror and take a look at some of the most popular options on today’s market.

Buying Information

Okay, let’s be honest here – there really isn’t all that much you need to consider when purchasing a bathroom mirror. It’s not like you are investing hundreds or thousands of dollars here. It’s not like you are working with some highly technological device or something which involves plumbing. It’s a mirror; it’s not that complicated. There are, however, a couple of considerations I want to cover here, just to feel I’ve done my due diligence.

Lights or No Lights? – Personally, I prefer a lighted bathroom mirror for the simple fact that it makes it much easier for me to complete those “up close and personal” bathroom tasks such as plucking stray eyebrow hairs and removing the occasional blackhead. Some people prefer unlighted mirrors and choose to place the lights above the mirrors or on the ceiling. Whatever you prefer will depend upon your bathroom needs as well as your desired style. Currently, there aren’t many options in terms of style where lighted mirrors are concerned. They aren’t likely to fit in with many styles, such as the country cottage style.

Framed or Frameless? – Again, this decision comes down, for the most part, to your preferred style choice. Unless the mirror itself is an interesting shape and features a detailed beveled edge, I would not recommend it for any country cottage, Victorian, or rustic space – these spaces usually require mirrors with frames. Despite the fact that your choice will depend mostly on your own personal tastes, I believe it is important to pose questions such as this one to get you thinking about your options.

Do You Need Extra Storage? – The space behind your mirror can be a wonderful area in which you can create extra storage. Usually referred to as medicine cabinets, this type of mirror may stick out from your wall slightly since there will be a boxed area with shelves behind it. Some of these cabinets are made to fit inside the wall, provided you have the space to fit it between wall studs. Given the popularity of these cabinets, we have actually devoted an entire page to them, so you will not find them on this page.

Budget Concerns – As always, I want to quickly remind you to consider your own budget as you venture into exploring the options in terms of bathroom mirrors. The prices of mirrors can range from budget-friendly and quite affordable to rather expensive. Usually, this is based on the size of the mirror, any special embellishments (such as lighting, etching, and beveled edges), and the quality of the frame (if one is included).

Best Bathroom Mirrors With Lights

Though there weren’t nearly as many top-selling lighted mirrors as there were plain mirrors, I did come across these three impressive mirrors. Each of these lighted mirrors was given very positive reviews by actual consumers, and each would look beautiful with many different interior décor styles.

Mirrors and Marble MAM92432 Commercial Grade 24

I love the soft glow exuding from the back of this mirror. The way the frosted glass edges allow the light to shine through from the back as it creates a halo around the mirror is enough to make you feel as though you are viewing an angelic version of yourself.

Unlike the other two mirrors on this list, this one does not shine light directly through frosted panels. The light, therefore, does not shine directly at your face, but, instead, it shines on the walls. This creates a softer glow which adds to the ambiance of the room without blinding you as you approach the mirror. It allows you to leave the lights on for those midnight trips to the bathroom without shocking you awake with brightness. On the other hand, it does not help you with certain bathroom tasks the way the others do. For example, it will not help to light up your face well enough to help you apply your makeup evenly.

This 24 inch by 32 inch mirror is perfect for placing above small and mid-sized sinks and vanities. It isn’t quite the length you would like for a large double sink vanity. It can, however, be placed vertically for a small single sink vanity or turned horizontally for a mid-sized sink vanity.

Vertical LED Bathroom Mirror with Touch Button

If I thought that insetting one band of backlighted frosted glass made the mirror above look elegant, obviously the two bands of backlighted frosted glass on this mirror make it even more elegant. I absolutely love that the lights on this mirror serve multiple purposes – they help to light the room, they add to the overall ambiance of the room, they help to light your face as you complete tasks, and they add to the overall design style of the room.

Measuring 24 by 32 inches, this mirror can be placed vertically above a small sink or vanity. If you turn it horizontally you can hang it above a mid-sized single sink vanity. To look appropriate above a double sink vanity, I would suggest placing two of these mirrors side by side vertically; one above each sink.

One of the coolest features about this mirror is its soft touch button to turn the lights on and off. Some lighted mirrors are directly wired into electrical panels or plugged directly into outlets but do not feature any sort of a button to turn them on or off. Therefore, they are either always on (wasting energy) or are turned on with the regular lights (taking away from their ability to softly light the room on their own).

Mirrors and Marble Lighted Vanity Mirror MAM87236

What I love most about this particular mirror is its multiple bathroom applications. The incredible length of this mirror means that you can easily place it lengthways above a double sink vanity or vertically on a tall stretch of wall. This means that you can use it for doing hair and makeup or as a dressing mirror.

The inset backlighting on this mirror shines brightly through the frosted glass around the edge of the mirror itself, lighting up your face for those up-close personal tasks. The fact that a two to three inch expanse of mirror extends all the way around the outside edge, insetting the lighted portion of the mirror, adds an extra bit of elegance to this mirror.

Best Bathroom Mirrors Without Lights

Not everyone wants a light-up mirror. Not only do many people not require the extra light in their bathroom, many simply do not like the overall style of the frameless options listed above. The following seven mirrors cover a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. One thing they all hold in common, however, is the fact that none of them feature lights.

MCS 20450 Beveled Mirror with Frame

This beautiful framed mirror measures 21.5 by 27.5 inches with its detailed wooden frame included. The mirror’s face, not including the frame, measures 15.5 by 21.5 inches. Typically speaking, this mirror is to be hung vertically above a small single sink vanity. You could, of course, also choose to hang it horizontally above a mid-sized single sink vanity. You could also choose to hang it vertically above a mid-sized single sink vanity, but I would suggest flanking it with pictures, sconces, or shelves if you were to make such a decision. Unlike many mirrors, which are clearly made to hang either vertically or horizontally, this one’s D-shaped hooks allow it to be hung either way.

The detail in this seemingly simple mirror is actually quite important to its overall appeal. The beveled edge of the glass offers a very posh appeal, as it shows that the creator took time and care with this piece. The actual mirror is then paired with one of four different frames, each creating a unique look and appeal. The black and pewter frames, for example, offer another touch of elegance which, when paired with the beveled glass, makes this mirror perfect for any posh, traditional, Hollywood glam, or upscale spa style bathroom space. The white frame makes this mirror more suitable to a country, French country, or shabby chic space. The bronze option is perfect for a room with rustic appeal or a warm contemporary look.

MCS Wedge Rectangular Wall Mirror

If you liked the mirror above but thought that it was just a little too much detail for your space, you will likely enjoy this MCS wedge mirror instead. Like the mirror listed above, it shows care and style with the glass’s beveled edge. Unlike the mirror above, however, the traditional feel or intricate woodwork is not present. The wooden frame of this mirror, unlike the one above, is sleek, smooth, and flat. It features no distracting or busy woodwork.

The detail in the beveled glass offers an appearance of class, while the basic frame is more in keeping with the streamlined nature of a modern-contemporary or contemporary-industrial style. You can select a black frame or a pewter frame – both perfect color choices for many contemporary and industrial spaces. I would not recommend this mirror for anyone trying to create a Victorian, country, or shabby chic space.

Measuring a somewhat large 30 inches by 42 inches, this mirror is perfect for mid-sized single sink vanities. The D-shaped hanging loops make it very easy to hang this mirror horizontally or vertically on nails or screws. Installation should take no more than a few minutes. Hang it lengthwise to create an understated space or hang it vertically to make a big statement in your contemporary bathroom.

Silver Trim Wall Mirror

If you are looking for what is, arguably, one of the most basic mirrors on the planet, but require a frame and mounting system for safety or to offer a polished, finished look, I would like to draw your attention to this very basic mirror. It is, quite simply, a mirror with a thick metal frame. The frame is available in two colors – silver or gold.

Personally, I love this mirror for industrial spaces. It has the somewhat cold, institutional, streamlined appeal that most pieces do in an industrial design. It reminds me of a mirror one would find in a hospital or public restroom in an urban environment. This is the exact look many people are going for when the design an industrial space.

This small mirror measures only 10 inches by 12 inches. I wouldn’t recommend using it over anything other than a very small, single sink vanity or pedestal sink, unless you intend to use more than one in some sort of a scattered, art deco design. Four sawtooth hanging brackets on the back of this mirror will allow you to hang it either vertically or horizontally atop a small nail or screw.

Moen DN2692CH Glenshire Oval Titling Bathroom Mirror

Finally, something a little bit different. As a fan of off-the-wall designs, this particular mirror takes me to an entirely new level by adding literal meaning to a phrase I once considered to represent creativity and difference from the norm. This mirror is literally off the wall. Two mounting arms are attached to this rounded mirror. It is the arms that attach to the wall, not the mirror itself. This design isn’t only interesting in terms of its style; it also allows its users to angle the mirror upward or downward depending upon the height of the person using it.

Surprisingly, this is one of very few frameless mirrors which could actually be placed into a traditional, Victorian, or country cottage space without looking completely out of place. I must admit that there are probably people who would argue against me on that fact, but I will hold steadfast to my opinion. The beveled edge, the elegant circular shape, and the detailed swiveling mounting arms are all features that help it achieve a more traditional feel, despite being very contemporary in its overall design and inspiration.

MCS Oval Mirror with Brushed Nickel Finish

Looking for a traditional oval-shaped mirror you can gaze into and ask, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…” This oval-shaped mirror, complete with a very detailed frame, is quite reminiscent of that Snow White mirror we’ve all come to know so well. The beveled edge around the mirror itself offers quite a touch of elegance and class to this piece. The molded shaped of the oval frame also adds to its traditional, elegant appearance. The time and care represented in the small detail of the carved beadwork adds even more to that appeal.

Silver, bronze, and brushed nickel framing options will all work to accent various contemporary, Victorian, and traditional spaces. I would not recommend this particular mirror for a modern, modular, industrial, or Scandinavian space, given the amount of intricate detail it holds. If, however, you would like to work it into your traditional, Victorian, or traditional-contemporary space, you will be pleased to know that this mirror can be hung either vertically (much more traditional) or horizontally (if you’d like to take a walk on the wild side).

Kiera Grace Groove 20-Inch Round Mirror

By far the coolest and most trendy mirror we have looked at on this page, this Kiera Grace mirror is the epitome of edgy contemporary style. Its round, somewhat detailed, oversized frame makes quite a statement in any space. It utilizes shape, texture and a bold color choice – all critical elements in the contemporary style. The shininess of the frame, combined with its texture, adds an entirely new element of depth to this piece.

Measuring 20 inches in diameter, this mirror will fit nicely above any single sink vanity. You can, of course, also choose to purchase two of these mirrors, placing each above a separate sink in a double sink vanity design. Personally, however, I wouldn’t want to overdo my space by utilizing more than one of these mirrors, since the overall design is so commanding all on its own. In fact, I would suggest making this mirror a major focal point by placing it on an otherwise empty wall, beneath a very basic set of bathroom lights.

Hans and Alice Rectangular Wall Mounted Mirror

Let’s talk Hollywood glam for a moment. This style is all about the adage “Go big or go home.” The statement of pieces in a Hollywood glam style bathroom should be one of superiority and over-exuberance. This large Hans and Alice mirror is the embodiment of that style. Not only is it extremely large (built for that double sink vanity you must have in a Hollywood glam space), it also features a slightly over-the-top frame which further brings out the Hollywood glam style. It has all the glimmer and shine a Hollywood star could demand and the interesting design to set it apart from the rest.

Not only does the scalloped frame add to the overall appearance of the piece as a style statement, it also helps to capture surrounding light and bounce it around. The room will glitter with the reflected light from this frame. It will also throw light onto the faces of those approaching the mirror, aiding in basic bathroom tasks such as makeup application.

A Moment of Reflection

A conclusion is a moment of reflection, after all, is it not? I thought that this wonderful pun was a great way to end this page. In a quick moment of actual reflection, I see we’ve gone over some of the most important things to consider when purchasing a bathroom mirror. We’ve also looked at some of the best, top-selling mirrors on the market today. We’ve looked at rectangular mirrors, square mirrors and even round mirrors. I want to remind you, however, that we also have a section for medicine cabinets (many of which include mirrors) that I think you may find interesting as well.