I’m not sure about you, but I certainly hate stepping out of my bathtub or shower and onto a cold, slick floor. As we all know, ceramic floors can be cold enough to cause a chill, and bathrooms are one of the easiest places to slip and fall in the home. To combat both of these problems, finding a good bath mat or rug is very important. Let’s take a look at some of the best and most popular options available today.

Buying Information

Before we jump right into things, I want to go over a few things you may want to contemplate as you look through the available options. This buying information won’t be as extensive as that listed on some of the other pages of this website, but it is still worth considering.

Size of Mat – While you might not think is that big of a concern, you may be surprised by the many different sizes of bath mats available on today’s market. This is not a “one size fits all” product. Different bathrooms have different dimensions and, thus, require bath mats of different sizes. Companies have thought about this and have, as a result, come out with a variety of sizes of bath mats.

The best way to know how large of a mat you can house is to simply measure the space at the area where you step out from your bathtub or shower stall. If it is plain to see that you have a lot of space, feel free to select any of the options below. If you have limited space between your tub/shower and other surrounding objects and fixtures, make note of just how much space you have available so that your mat isn’t scrunched in between these objects and fixtures.

Material – Different types of materials will feel different on your feet. If you are extremely sensitive to different textures, you may want to consider how annoying or pleasurable it may feel to step onto a certain type of material. For example, some bath mats feel rubbery whereas others are soft and plush. Some, such as microfiber mats, are likely to pull at the little bits of dry skin you may have on the bottom of your feet. It is also important to consider any allergies or sensitivities to certain fabrics and dyes you or your family members may have.

The Slip Factor – Is a purely fabric bath mat likely to slip on the type of flooring you have in your bathroom space? This is one question few people consider until they have an unfortunate mishap. As someone whose children love to literally hop out of the shower, it has become very important for me to select a bath mat with a rubbery bottom. While many of these do exist on the current market, not all bath mats are made this way, so it is important to pay close attention when making your purchase.

Matching and Accenting Colors – Finding a bath mat which visually matches the décor and style of your space should go without saying. One thing I do want to say, however, is that you do not need to perfectly match the color of your mat to your shower curtain or any other accessory in your bathroom.

Some people panic when they realize that the company who made their towels or shower curtain did not come out with a matching bath mat or that the matching bath mat doesn’t fit their unique needs. To these people, I usually say, “Breathe.” It is actually best, in most interior décor styles, not to completely match the exact shade and tone of the color of every single accent piece in your bathroom. Instead, you can choose a different shade of the same color or a different color altogether (as long as that color makes sense in the room.)

Best Low-Pile Contemporary Mat
Utopia Towels Washable Bath Mat

Do you want a bath mat which is soft, absorbent, and easy to keep clean? Any of these basic bath mats from Utopia Towels will meet those standards and then some. They feature a medium depth pile, towel-type material which allows them to collect and absorb water without collecting mass amounts of dirt (like some shag-style rugs.) Their towel-like texture makes them soft on your feet without sticking to tiny bits of dry skin the way that many microfiber mats do. Personally, I think this kind of bath mat is the best compromise between the cleanliness of a microfiber option and the preferable texture of a more traditional bath mat design.

It should be noted that this bath mat does not feature a rubber bottom. This means you will have to be careful when stepping out onto the mat because it may be prone to slip on certain surfaces. That being said, you can always purchase rubberized drawer liners to sit underneath the mat as a way of holding it in place. Though it may seem like a downside to some, to others, this lack of a rubber bottom is actually a blessing, because it means they will be able to slip it into a washing machine and a dryer without a single worry.

The fact that each of these mats comes in a pack of two means that you will always have one handy, even if you are washing the other. Alternatively, you can use one in front of your bathtub and one in front of your shower or sink.

Available in a total of eight different colors, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a version of this mat which matches or accents the colors in your bathroom space. The closed edges of this mat, along with its trimmed inner rectangle, give it a crisp, clean, and upscale contemporary appeal.

Best Contemporary Shag
VDomus Non-Slip Microfiber Shag Rug

Do you enjoy the ultra-absorbance of microfiber fabric? Most microfiber bath mats are flat and uncomfortable on the feet. This option, on the other hand, features a thick, noodle-like shag designed for ultimate comfort on your feet. Like regular shag-style rugs, the long lengths of fabric will feel soft while also sweeping water off the areas in between and all around your toes. Unlike traditional shag-style rugs, however, this one features very thick lengths of fabric which won’t trap as much dirt and will be much easier to clean.

Speaking of easy to clean, this mat can easily be thrown into the washing machine whenever it needs a quick clean. It is not recommended that you wash it in hot water or place it in the dryer, however, as the non-slip rubberized coating on the bottom of this mat will become warped or possibly melt. This isn’t much of an inconvenience though. Simply wash it in cold water in the washing machine then hang it to dry. You can even hang it directly in your bathroom, over your shower rod, so that it is handy when you need it next.

Though the color options for this mat aren’t quite as broad as the options available for many of the other mats on this list, the four basic colors available should manage to work themselves into most bathroom designs.

Best Memory Foam
FindNew Microfiber Memory Foam Bath Mat

If you hate stepping out of the bathtub or shower to step on a hard floor, this memory foam bath mat will certainly help to solve one of your largest problems. The somewhat firm memory foam built into the center of this mat will conform to the shape of your feet, gently cradling them in optimal comfort.

The ultra-absorbent microfiber outer layer of this mat will absorb almost all of the water which comes off your body so that it doesn’t sink further into the foam. The water which does make its way into the foam won’t stay there for long, though, because the microfiber outer layer is so breathable it will allow air to flow through, drying the foam before it has a chance to grow any mold or mildew.

I absolutely love the non-slip, rubberized coating added to the bottom of this mat. Though it will stop you from placing this mat in a dryer, it will also stop you from slipping on this mat and injuring yourself in the bathroom – it will hold the mat firmly in one place. Though the dryer is out of the question, you will be able to throw this mat in the washing machine on a delicate cold cycle for a quick refresher if it gets dirty or grows musty.

Best Pebble Design
Chesapeake 2-Piece Bath Rug Set

I have to admit that this bath mat is made for people of a particular taste. Though I usually try to include products which will match a variety of styles, I also believe that it is important to find those products which will meet slightly more obscure needs. If you are hoping to add a touch of the natural elements to your bathroom space, incorporating a pebble/flagstone design into your bathmat may be a great way to do so on a limited budget. I understand that we cannot all afford to go out and actually replace tiles or add wood and stone to our spaces. The allusion of stone, however, can be easily accomplished with the addition of this bath mat.

I love that this mat comes in four different colors. If you actually do have natural elements in your bathroom, these color options will allow you to match them as closely as possible. If you don’t, it will still allow you to match the paint colors or tile colors you have chosen for your room.

Made from 100 percent cotton, this soft rug will easily absorb the water that drips from your body as you exit the bathtub or shower. It will also be quite soft to the touch and easy on the skin of those with sensitivities.

Another thing I love about this mat is that it isn’t actually one mat at all, but two. One large mat (24 by 40 inches) and one small mat (21 by 34 inches) are included in your purchase. This allows you to have one mat by your bathtub and one by your shower. You can also choose to place one in front of your sink to keep your tootsies warm as you brush your teeth and wash your hands.

Best Style Variety
InterDesign Microfiber Stripz Bathroom Rug

Available in seven bold patterns, these colorful bath mats will make an excellent addition to any bathroom space. InterDesign has come up with a design to match most colorful modern interior décor, along with contemporary spaces, and even select posh glam and industrial spaces.

Made from fine strands of polyester microfiber, this mat is made to be extremely absorbent and soft to the touch. Like all microfiber bath mats, this one will dry very quickly, making it much less likely to grow mold or mildew than its cotton counterparts.

The rubber coating on the bottom of this mat helps it grip even the slipperiest of ceramic floors, keeping you safe from slipping in the bathroom. Of course, this non-slip coating also means that you will not be able to toss this mat into the dryer for a quick dry. You will still be able to wash it in the washing machine, though – a simple but important luxury for those of us with busy lives.

Best Bath Mat Set
Townhouse 5-piece Rug Memory Foam Set

Those of you with large bathrooms or very cold feet are likely to need more than one simple bath mat in your bathroom space. You may want one for in front of your bathtub, in front of your shower, to stand on at your sink, to sweep around your toilet, or to place elsewhere in your bathroom. You may even want an extra mat or two to put out while the others are being cleaned. If any of these things sound like they describe you, you are probably in the market for a set like this one.

So, I am certain you are curious about what comes in the set. It features a long runner measuring 22 inches wide by 60 inches long. This runner will run the expanse of many a bathroom. If your bathroom isn’t large enough to accommodate it, I would like to suggest using it in your foyer or hallway – it isn’t only made for a bathroom space. To place in front of your sink, bathtub or shower stall, you can select one of two small rugs – one measuring 17 inches by 24 inches and one measuring 21 inches by 34 inches. There is even a specially designed mat made to fit around your toilet so your feet don’t get cold as you sit or stand there. Additionally, a toilet seat lid cover has been included to give you a soft warm place to rest your tush as you trim your toenails or change your socks.

Each piece in this set features a memory foam core surrounded by highly absorbent and very breathable microfiber. The memory foam will be quite comfortable on your feet as you move around your bathroom, sheltering you from the hard floor beneath. The microfiber will not only help soak up the water on your body but will also help air flow through into the foam to dry it quickly after it gets wet. This will prevent the growth of mold and mildew.