Lighting is very important in any bathroom. Though you can select a ceiling mount light, most people gravitate toward lighting which is fixed to the wall above their vanity or sink. On this page, we will take a close look at some of the most popular bathroom lighting options.

Why choose something popular? First of all, you know that it is good quality. Don’t worry that your bathroom will look just like everyone else’s. Your design style and choice of other accent pieces will make a huge impact on the appearance of your space. Also, we’ve worked hard to include more than one style of light fixture here. We have found the top-selling, most popular fixtures for a variety of bathroom décor styles.

Buying Information

Naturally, there are a few things you should consider before going ahead and purchasing a light fixture for your bathroom space. Let’s take a quick look at each of those things before moving on. This way, you can create a list of your needs and use that list to evaluate the options you find as we move into the reviews further down this page.

Location – Where do you plan to put your light fixture? Some people hang them directly in the middle of the room while others choose to put them on the wall above their sinks or vanities. Whichever you choose, make sure that it will optimize the function of your bathroom, not just look good.

As much as a chandelier may look wonderful hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room, it isn’t likely to offer much light in areas where you need light most. For example, how will it help you pluck your eyebrows, put on makeup, or shave your face? Placing lighting in the center of the ceiling also makes it difficult to incorporate a fan or ceiling mount heating system into your bathroom space. Consider these things before committing to that location.

Based on the functionality and popularity of vanity-style lighting systems, we have chosen to include only this style on this page. Even vanity style lights, however, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.

Size – The size of your light fixture can make a big impact on the overall appearance of your room. When we discuss the size of vanity style bathroom lights we are usually talking about the width of the overall lighting system. For example, you can select one with a single bulb, two bulbs side by side, three bulbs in a row, and all the way to about eight or ten bulbs in a row.

You should select your light fixture based on the size of the vanity over which it will hang. If you have a small pedestal sink, for example, a single or double bulb fixture will probably be sufficient. Large double vanities, on the other hand, will require longer fixtures or two separate fixtures – one above each sink.

Style – Of course style is an important part of your lighting decision – you want your lighting to match the overall appeal of the entire room. In fact, the style of your light fixture and the way it casts light around the room will make a very big impact on your overall interior décor design. Consider things such as the direction the lights point (up or down), the way the lights are mounted, the color or finish of the plastic or metal, and the shades over the bulbs (if there are any).

Most Affordable Contemporary or Glam
Nuvo SF77/193 Four-Light Vanity Strip

One look at this light fixture and you may be wondering why I considered this to be a “glam” fixture. You may think of glam and think of light fixtures which resemble chandeliers, with many crystals hanging down in front of the bulbs, shimmering and casting light in all directions like a disco ball. While that style of fixture would certainly be glamorous, I decided to look at glam in a slightly different way here.

When I think of glam, I think of Hollywood. When I think of Hollywood, I think of people sitting in front of makeup counters, having their hair and makeup professionally adjusted. Above the makeup counter, I envision large, round, bare bulbs of light shining toward their faces, allowing them the best possible view of themselves. That is why I was so drawn to this four bulb, Hollywood vanity-style lighting system.

Measuring a total of 24 inches across, this fixture would be perfect above any single sink vanity. You could even place two side by side over a double vanity. With a total of eight bulbs, however, two of these fixtures may be a little more light than you want in your bathroom space. Most four-bulb fixtures measure about 30 to 36 inches long, allowing them to fit over a double vanity just fine. Since this one is more compact, however, it will shine more light down in a concentrated area, making it perfect for those who often use their bathroom mirrors to apply delicate makeup or perform other important tasks.

Best Industrial Steampunk or Rustic Style
Design House 519736 Ajax 3-Light Vanity

I want to begin by saying that I am absolutely in love with this fixture. I cannot get over the details of this piece. In fact, it looks more like a work of art to me than a light fixture. I wouldn’t hesitate to add this to an industrial space for a steampunk style or even to a country farmhouse space. The beautiful wire cages around the soft glow light bulbs are so artistic I almost want to frame this entire fixture.

The dark bronze finish on this fixture gives it a warm, masculine touch. It would act as a beautiful and bold accent in a predominantly light-colored space. It would also match nicely in a darker, more rustic room.

Due to the soft glow nature of these lights, however, this may not be the best option for those who enjoy completing intricate tasks in front of the bathroom mirror. They simply may not cast enough light down on your face to accommodate you completing those tasks with ease.

Measuring just over two feet in width, I would recommend this light fixture for those with a single sink vanity. It would work well over some slim vanities as well as most wide single sink vanities. I would hesitate to place two side by side over a double vanity unless it is a very long vanity with a significant expanse of space between the two sinks. Otherwise, the bold nature of this fixture would make the room like a little over-crowded.

Best Clean Design
Canarm Ltd. IVL370A03BPT Hampton

If you have a streamlined contemporary bathroom and are in search of just the right light fixture for your space, you won’t be disappointed by this Canarm 3-bulb vanity light. A soft-brushed nickel finish has been applied to the back plate and the arched arm which sweeps across to hold the bulbs and shades. This finish is much in keeping with the contemporary style. So, too, is the sweeping arch of the light arm. Pairing that curve with the squared back plate gives the contrast and understated juxtaposition for which the contemporary style is best known.

The soft frosted glass on the three glass bulb shades will cast a subtle glow across your bathroom space. You can install it with the bare portion of the bulbs angled toward the ceiling or pointing down toward the sink. If you like a soft, relaxing glow you should choose to point them toward the ceiling. On the other hand, if you need plenty of light focused toward your face as you look into the mirror, you will want to angle the bulbs downward.

You can put up to 100-watt bulbs in this fixture. This means that, if you choose to use this wattage of bulb, no matter which direction you have the bare part of the bulbs facing, your bathroom will be filled with adequate lighting. In fact, the soft glow I just discussed will only be possible if you choose a lower wattage of bulb, such as 60 or 40 watts.

Best Contemporary meets Traditional Style
Hardware House H10-2469 Saturn Bathroom Fixture

You may wonder what makes this a fusion of the contemporary and traditional styles. Don’t worry – as usual I am here to explain. At first glance, your first thought is likely that this is a traditional style of light fixture. You’ve probably seen the number of curves and thought, “This will never fit into my contemporary space!” The truth is that if your contemporary space has a few other traditional touches, this light fixture will actually accent it well, while simultaneously adding a touch of class to your space.

How exactly does this fit into a contemporary space? It is the contemporary style of finish applied to this piece which makes it possible to fit it in with contemporary décor. If this truly were a traditional style, the finish would be some sort of brass or bronze. Such a piece would stick out like a sore thumb in a contemporary space. Instead, the soft brushed nickel finish allows this piece to be incorporated flawlessly into such a space. Simply pair it with a few other classy touches such as glass vases, a plush shag bath mat, or a makeup stool.

Given the width of this fixture and the fact that it houses four bulbs, I suggest pairing it with a oversized single sink vanity or hanging it squarely in the center of a large double sink vanity.

Best Traditional Country Style
Hardware House 10-1059 Bennington Bath or Wall Light

If you are in search of something a little more traditional than the fixture listed above, you are in luck – this beautiful fixture will match almost any traditional style bathroom. It will also nicely accent most Victorian and country-cottage style bathrooms. The secret to its ability to match this many styles are its general design and the beautiful dark bronze finish applied to its metal components.

The scripty structure upon which the lights are mounted gives this piece a very elegant appearance. Like a few of the other options on this list, this light fixture is so beautiful it makes me wonder whether it is, really, a piece of art. Of course, it is not. It can, however, act like a piece of artwork in your space – infusing it with extra style and substance. The frosted amber glass light shades also add to its rustic appeal. The beautiful bell curve of these shades gives greatly to this fixture’s elegant appearance.

Though pictured with the bulbs facing downward, you can choose to mount this fixture so that the bulbs point upward, casting a delicate glow around the room. Of course, since this fixture can only handle 60 watt light bulbs, you may find yourself with insufficient light for completing intricate tasks in the bathroom mirror.

Best Contemporary for Double Sink
Progress Lighting P2714-09 Gather Collection Vanity Fixture

This oversized fixture is very clearly meant for a double sink. While I have stated that you could simply purchase two of any of the other options listed so far on this page in order to properly light a double vanity, this system will light that entire expanse of space all on its own. It measures an incredible 4 feet in length.

The very basic cone-like shape of the shades covering each of the six bulbs is a big part of what gives this piece a contemporary feel. The shades do not curve outward like the bells of traditional and rustic styles. Industrial wire caging has not been used. Instead, the cone shape is sweeping and easy on the eyes. It flows fluidly from the base of the bulb to the mouth of the shade, gently casting light around your room.

You can choose to angle the fixture upward or downward, deflecting light toward the ceiling or down on your face. Personally, I like bathroom lights when they point upward so that I cannot see the naked bulbs inside the shades. For me, it is all about style. My wife, on the other hand, despite being the more design inclined of the two of us, prefers the bulbs pointing downward. For her, adequate lighting for eyebrow tweezing and makeup application are much more important than whether or not she can see the naked bulbs.

Most Unique
Progress Lighting P2991-15 2-Light Bath Light

I am not entirely certain as to why, but I am infatuated with this light fixture. Whether it is in polished chrome, brushed nickel, or Venetian bronze, this fixture is by far my favorite on this list. The crosshatch etched glass shades remind me of the early to mid 1900s. It offers a touch of nostalgia, making this an excellent addition to any country cottage, steampunk, or eclectic contemporary space.

Especially when finished in dark bronze, this light, with its intriguing shades, the riveted wall plate, and over-pronounced mounting system screams steampunk in my mind. I can see these light fixtures fastened prominently above steel pedestal sinks which sit atop the sealed concrete floors of a New York loft.

Since there are only two bulbs and this fixture only measures a total of 17 inches wide, I have to say that it is meant for a single sink vanity or a pedestal sink. Of the single sink vanities on today’s market, it is best suited to any with a slim design.

Best All-In-One Set with Accessories
Globe Electric 50700 Estorial Bath Set

Most of the time, people want the metal elements of their bathroom spaces to match. If they choose to have a metal towel rod, hand towel hoop, or toilet paper holder, they want to match the finish and overall style to their light fixture. Since most light fixture companies do nothing but create light fixtures, this can often become quite a challenge. You will find yourself searching high and low from store to store, just trying to locate something similar to your light.

Luckily, Globe Electric has you covered. They came out with this five piece set designed to coordinate your contemporary-meets-traditional space. The set includes a three-light vanity fixture, a hand towel ring/hoop, a bath towel bar, a toilet paper holder, and a knob-style hook (often used for a second bath towel or to hang a robe). What’s even better is that you can purchase more matching accessories if you so wish.

You Light Up My Life

As you can see, lighting is a very important part of the bathroom space. It sets the tone of the room by the way it casts light in one place or another. The ambiance is greatly affected by the glow of the light – is it harsh or soft, bright or dim? I hope that we’ve helped you find just the right light fixture for your bathroom space, based on its appearance and size.