Cold tiles on your bathroom floor making it difficult for you to enjoy what should be a relaxing space in your home? Is your bathroom uninsulated or unheated? Is it so cold in there that you don’t want to undress to get in the shower and fear your hair will turn to icicles? We’ve got the solution for you – bathroom heaters of all sorts, whether your space is just a little chilly or cold enough to create ice.

Buying Information

There are a few things to consider before you go ahead and look into your actual options in terms of bathroom heaters. Since heaters come in many different shapes, sizes, and prices, I suggest looking over this brief guide to help you create a list of favorable characteristics.

Where Will it Go? – You may be surprised at the number of options you actually have in terms of heater placement. You can buy one which installs in your ceiling (this is usually the least intrusive option). If you prefer to place one in or on your wall, you can find heaters which mount inside of and on the surface of bathroom walls. Traditional space heaters can also be placed on cupboards, the floor, and cabinets. There are even electric, water-safe bath mats created to keep your toes toasty as you enter and exit the bathtub or shower.

Do You Need a Fan As Well? – Special bathroom heaters exist which are built into bathroom exhaust fans. This two-in-one option allows you to choose between venting humid air out of your bathroom space and adding warm air into it. We chose to feature most of these combo units on our bathroom fans page. We did, however, place our favorite right here.

How Much Do You Have to Spend? – Budget is an important consideration. We’ve tried to work budgetary concerns into every mini buying guide on this website, because we know what can happen if you don’t consider your budget before going out in search of any product. It’s easy to be swayed by great advertising and an assortment of bells and whistles you truly do not need. If your budget is small, try eliminating all options which exceed it right away and proceed from there.

Best Wall Mount Heater with Thermostat
Stiebel Eltron CK 15E

I could waste all day telling you what I think is important for you to know and consider when purchasing a bathroom heater. Instead, allow me to continue with this article by reviewing what I believe is the best wall mount heater with a built-in thermostat.

Heaters, as I am sure you have discovered by now, come in all shapes and sizes. For those of you who like the convenience of placing your heater directly on the wall, I present this option. This Stiebel heater is an excellent addition to any bathroom space. Its slim design takes up very little space. Unlike wall heaters of the past, it doesn’t stick out and obstruct your ability to move freely about your bathroom, meaning that you can install it on almost any wall.

One of the things I love most about this heater is that you can adjust the temperature easily by turning a dial on its side. Some heaters (in fact, most heaters) on today’s market do not allow you to adjust their temperature output. Instead, they rely on your turning them on when it is too cold in the room and turning them off when it gets warm enough or too warm. An option such as this one will turn the heater on and off, allowing you to maintain a consistent temperature inside your bathroom space. This is especially good for those who do not have central heating in their homes and must try to maintain a certain temperature to keep their pipes from freezing.

Best Wire Cage Ceiling Heater
Broan Model 157 Low-Profile

Though this is advertised as a low-profile ceiling heater, I will say that it is definitely not the slimmest, more unobtrusive option on this list. That being said, this fan has a certain aesthetic appeal which simply cannot be ignored. As a secret fan of the industrial and steampunk interior décor styles, I have to say that I love this heater. The fact that the fan blades are visible through the stylish metal grate just screams functionalism. If you have an industrial or steampunk inspired space, I highly suggest you take a closer look at this option.

Not only is this a stylish bathroom heater, it also a good quality heater. Creating a nice warm radiant heat, this heater will not only heat the air in the bathroom, it will also heat the objects in the room. Suddenly, the floor will feel warmer. The bathtub will no longer cool your bath water, as it will be heated by the heater. Everything from the toilet seat to the taps will be warm to the touch, creating a much more inviting and relaxing bathroom experience.

One very important consideration when purchasing this heater, however, is the fact that it does not come with a timer or even an on and off switch. Since Broan offers many different options in terms of timers, thermostats, and on/off switches, they sell each piece separately so that you can select whichever is best for you and your needs.

Best Floor or Countertop Heater
Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater Fan

Let’s assume that you do not have the ceiling or wall space necessary to accommodate a built-in heating unit. Alternatively, we could also assume that you do not have the electrical or general handy-man/woman experience to install that type of heater and do not wish to hire someone to do it for you. Whatever the reason, you have come to this review to take a look at a portable heating system.

One thing I love about this system is that you can actually take it to other parts of your home. While you could, theoretically, use any portable heating system in any room, it is very good to know that this one has been specially built for use in bathrooms. It features an auto-off feature which shuts the system down if it comes into contact with water – a very large plus for an electrical system destined for use in a damp environment.

You can choose to set this heater on your countertop or on the floor. Just be sure not to place it anywhere that it is likely to interfere with regular bathroom tasks or come into contact with anything. The front grate is likely to get quite warm and could burn someone or ignite certain fabrics and materials. Alternatively, you can choose to mount this unit on the wall. If you choose to do that, though, you will want to choose somewhere that you aren’t likely to walk past, since this unit will stick out rather far from your wall.

Though it doesn’t appear to create radiant heat – a preferable type of heat – like some of the others on this list, this heater does have its own positive aspects which cannot be ignored. You can adjust its temperature based on your own preferences and needs. You can also set a timer so that it will turn on or off at particular time intervals. It features an easy to read, digital clock – a big help when you are setting the timer.

Best Low Profile Wall Mount
Amaze Heaters Wall Mounted Electric Heater

If you want to mount your heater on the wall but don’t want it to impose on the space in your bathroom, I highly recommend this heater by Amaze Heaters. It is, by far, the lowest profile heater I was able to find that is popular among consumers. It has received some of the best reviews by actual consumers that I have found for any bathroom heater.

It’s hard to find a low-profile wall mount heater to begin with. Most wall mount heaters protrude so far that they make it difficult to fit them into small bathrooms. Usually, this type of heater takes up a lot of space and, in all honesty, is quite an eyesore. If you want something that does not stick out far, you are usually forced to find one which actually sinks into the wall, requiring much more work on your part. This heater breaks those rules by taking up little space and it does not require you to cut into your wall; you will simply have to plug the unit into an electrical outlet.

Though this is not a radiant heater, it manages to heat your room without a fan. Call it magic, if you want, as I am not personally able to explain exactly how this works. Magic or not, though, this low-profile heater is likely to keep you warm and happy throughout the cold winter months. It won’t even grow very hot to the touch, meaning that it isn’t likely to burn you or cause damage to anything which accidentally touches it.

Best Ceiling Bathroom Heater and Fan
Broan 655 Bathroom Heater and Fan

Let me begin by stating the obvious, here. We already have an entire section devoted solely to bathroom fans. In fact, some of the options listed on that page also double as heaters. Of all those options, however, I have selected this as the best heater/fan combination. Mostly, this decision was based on the sheer popularity of this unit. It’s hard to argue with consumers. These are the people who’ve actually used this heater and reported back that it more than met their demands and expectations.

Let’s get into some detail about this unit. It is, first and foremost, a heater. It can easily heat your entire bathroom with the flick of a switch. Remember, though, that heating your bathroom with this type of system will mean that you cannot simultaneously draw air out of the bathroom with the fan. The fan will, when you are heating, be pushing warm air into the room. If it were to remove condensation from the room, it would also remove the heat it was creating. That being said, the fan can run in reverse to remove moisture as you shower.

Personally, I would use the heater when I am having a bath or just during regular daily use. When I heat up the room with the moisture of my shower, on the other hand, I would turn the heating portion off and switch the fan in the opposite direction.

Additionally, this fan/heater combination also comes with a light capable of handling a bulb up to 100 watts. Of course, you can choose to put a lower-watt bulb inside for a more relaxed bathroom atmosphere.

Something worth noting is that this heater will involve a lot more effort for installation than some of the others on this list. This is because it will not only require an electrical hookup, but will also need to hook into your ductwork and must be sunk into your ceiling.

Best In-Wall Heater
Broan 9815WH High Capacity Wall Heater Fan

If you would like a wall heater but don’t want to mess around with the external electrical cords associated with wall mount heaters, this option is probably more to your liking. It will sink into your wall so that all electrical components are hidden. Only the grate, faceplate, and controls will be readily visible and accessible. This unit will stick out from your wall less than half an inch, making it optimally low-profile.

A single control knob allows you to adjust the temperature of the air being put forth by the unit. This unit, like most on this list, heats the air and forces that heat outward with a small fan. It does not provide radiant heating, which warms things at a molecular level. If you are looking for something which will directly heat your floor, toilet, bathtub, and any other metal or ceramic objects in the room, you will have to look for one which utilizes radiant heating. That being said, this unit is much more affordable than any quality radiant heating system on today’s market.

Some people worry that heaters placed at wall or ceiling level will not properly heat their rooms because, after all, heat rises. They worry that only the top of the room will stay warm. Fan systems are especially susceptible to this problem, because they heat the air. Radiant heating systems heat the objects and, thus, aren’t quite as susceptible to this issue. For all those people who are concerned about this issue, I want to point out that this particular unit is purposely designed to keep air circulating through the room as evenly as possible. The grate of the fan is pointed downward, pushing the warm air down. Eventually, it will rise on its own.

Best Heated Floor Mat
Cozy Products FWB Super Foot Warmer

If you aren’t concerned about the overall temperature of your bathroom but simply want to add some heat to your cold ceramic floor, this heated floor mat is perfect for you. Specially designed to withstand water, this electrical mat will keep your tootsies warm all winter long. No more standing in front of the sink with your socks and slippers on as you brush your teeth. No more stepping out the shower onto a cold floor or the insufficient insulation of a fabric mat. This heated mat will make your bathroom experience much more comfortable.

Cozy Products chose to make this mat from rubber to minimize any possibility of water running into the mat as you step onto it with wet feet. It also features a special electrical system designed to shut down if any electrical components come into contact with water – further safeguarding you and your family from shocks. Due to the high temperatures that this mat can reach (if appropriately set) you should take caution when placing it on any delicate surface. It is not recommended that you place it on or under a carpet as it may cause irreparable damage. This is, however, safe for use on hard materials such as stone and ceramic.

Warm and Cozy

Staying warm in the bathroom isn’t just about comfort (though that’s important as well) – it is also about staying healthy. A heater, whether portable, wall mount, or ceiling mount, will help to keep your bathroom warm and toasty, even during the harsh winter months.