Hiding storage away into any little available space can be important in almost any home. The more places you have to store the inevitable buildup of “stuff” you own, the easier it will be to keep your place organized and clean. This has never been truer than in a bathroom – especially a bathroom shared by multiple people.

Of all the rooms in our homes, it appears that our bathrooms tend to house the larger number of tiny items. From face cream jars to hair pins and hair brushes; from razor blades and shaving cream to first aid supplies and medication – there is a plethora of tiny items we must find a place to house in our bathrooms. Otherwise, our bathrooms would quickly become disorganized and our countertops would fill with an endless pile of “stuff”.

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As I am sure you’ve gathered by now, we are discussing cabinets which hang above your sink. Often referred to as medicine cabinets, these storage devices come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Though there isn’t much to consider when making this purchase, I want to take a quick moment to draw your attention to the very few considerations I do recommend you make.

Mirror or No Mirror? – Let’s begin with one of the most basic questions: would you like your medicine cabinet to have a mirror on the front? If you choose not to purchase one with a mirror, you may want to consider whether or not you can place a mirror in a different area of your bathroom. Similarly, you can consider placing your cabinet somewhere else – above your toilet, perhaps.

Can You Recess it Into the Wall? – Many people like the extra storage offered by a medicine cabinet, but do not like the space it takes up. Instead, they prefer the streamlined look of a mirror hanging directly on the wall, as opposed to one sticking out from the wall three to six inches. If you would prefer not to have your cabinet stick out from the wall you can choose to purchase one you can mount inside the wall. Of course, this will require you to open the wall, but that should be as simple as cutting through drywall with a knife.

Not all cabinets are made to fit inside the wall and will not provide you with the right kind of trim to make this project look complete. Therefore, it is important that you find one which is made specifically for this purpose. Another consideration is your wall itself. Ideally, you will want to place the cabinet between two support studs. A stud finder can help you locate the wall studs to see if this will be possible.

If your cabinet is larger than the amount of available space, or if your wall studs are simply in the wrong place to allow you to place your cabinet where you would like to, you will need to consider some basic construction work. You should never just cut right through a wall stud and leave it that way. Studs are there for a reason. If you need to cut through them to fit your cabinet inside, it is always recommended that you build a box around the cabinet with two by four planks of wood to allow for proper weight distribution within the wall.

Elegant Home Fashions Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

One of the things I love most about this particular cabinet is that it is suitable for placement above a sink or a toilet, depending upon your preferred style and the overall shape and design of your bathroom. People who prefer a streamlined, mirror-only area above their sinks, or those who have simply fallen in love with an over-the-sink mirror which restricts their ability to place this mirror above their sink, can choose to place it over their toilet. People who need a ton of extra storage can even use this above a toilet in addition to a separate cabinet above the sink in their bathrooms.

The small, square cubbies on the very bottom of this cabinet allow for a little extra, visual storage space. You can place a variety of items in these cubbies. Personally, I like to use this space as somewhere to store my scented candles. Even though I would never light the candles as they sit in these cubbies, they manage to add a little extra scent to the room. Also, I have a tendency to purchase beautiful candles that add to my overall aesthetic design. Whenever I need to use the candles for a relaxing bath time ambiance, I simply pull them out of their cubbies and place them around the bathtub. Other people like to use these cubbies for basic trinkets they feel add to their overall design. I also know many people who use cubbies such as these to house the items their guests are likely to need, such as cotton swabs and disposable mouthwash cups.

The overall design of this piece – the crown molding around its top, the wooden slats criss-crossing its mirror, its delicate glass handle, and various other details – makes it suitable for traditional spaces as well as contemporary spaces and even certain country cottage and vintage-inspired bathrooms. The white option would be best suited to cool, airy bathroom spaces, whereas the espresso brown option would work nicely in darker, warmer, more masculine spaces.

Kohler K-99007-NA Verdera 2 Sided Mirror Door with Magnifying Mirror

By far one of the most useful designs, these cabinets allow you to make the most of your space above the bathroom vanity. Available in two different sizes, this cabinet is one that is best used above a sink. Unlike others that I would suggest you use on any wall or even above a toilet, I must say that this one should stay above a sink. There’s a lot to be said about these cabinets, so I will do my best to cover as much as possible in the space provided.

First, let’s discuss the smaller of the two options. Measuring 24 by 30 inches, this cabinet is best matched with a small to mid-sized single sink vanity. You can also choose to place two separately above a large two-sink vanity. You can choose to hang this cabinet directly on the wall or you can recess it into the wall. Since it is a very basic, streamlined design, placing it directly on the wall is likely to give a very cool, industrial feel. To create a warmer feeling, some people have recessed this cabinet into the wall and fixed an accent frame on the wall around the outer edges.

My favorite things about this cabinet are the many features built into it. Like some of the others on this list, this one features a mirror on the back wall behind the interior shelves. Unlike those others, it features three shelves which create five separate storage areas. As someone with many little things to store, this is very good to know. For me, more shelves are better and there doesn’t need to be much space in between them. The back of the door also features a mirror, allowing you to share the back and front mirrors or the door with another person or to angle the mirror to see the back of your head in the mirror behind the shelves. What’s more, this cabinet also features a magnifying mirror which can be pulled out from inside and placed at whatever angle you desire.

The large size of this cabinet measures 40 inches by 30 inches. It would be well suited to sit above a mid-sized or large vanity with one or two sinks. It features three separate storage areas, all of which have a mirror on the front of the door. The large storage area in the center features a fold-out magnifying mirror. This center storage area as well as the two small side storage each feature four tempered glass shelves, back panel mirrors behind the shelves, and mirrors on the backsides of their doors.


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Elegant Home Fashions Chesterfield Medicine Cabinet

Perhaps you aren’t looking for a medicine cabinet with a mirrored front. Maybe you would like something a little bit different. Oftentimes, when people place a basic mirror above their sinks and need to place a medicine cabinet on a different wall (perhaps above a toilet), they find that the room can become cluttered with mirrors if they select a cabinet with a mirror on the front. To keep such a problem from occurring, I would like to draw your attention to this glass front medicine cabinet by Elegant Home.

Let’s begin by discussing the design styles for which this cabinet would be appropriate. If it won’t work for your own space, there really isn’t much of a point in continuing to read, right? The dark espresso color of its wood means that this cabinet will best accent warm, dark rooms. That being said, I have also seen this color of wood mixed well into bathrooms with white tiles and countertops – the juxtaposition can be a beautiful thing.

The contemporary-meets-modern style of the waffled glass also adds to its overall style. I would suggest using this cabinet in a contemporary bathroom with a 1950s-1960s flair. It can also work well in certain other types of contemporary spaces as well as some industrial and traditional-inspired bathrooms.

Kohler K-CB-CLC2026FS 20 by 20 Aluminum Cabinet

Your industrial or modular space couldn’t ask for anything more basic and streamlined in its outward appearance than this Kohler aluminum cabinet. It is a simple rectangular shape. The entire front is covered with a mirror to assist you with many of your bathroom tasks. The outside edges of the mirror, as well as the overall encasement of this cabinet, are a clean, brushed aluminum.

Despite the very basic appearance of this cabinet from the outside, there is much hidden away inside to impress you. As you open the front of the cabinet, what was at first a very understated, basic design becomes slightly more elegant. Two floating glass shelves allow for three separate storage areas inside. A fully glass back panel allows you to continue your tasks with the door open. You can even choose to remove the door altogether and display the things inside this cabinet. Removing one shelf or both shelves after taking the door off would allow you to create an even more unique shelving and mirror area in your bathroom space.

If you do not choose to remove the door, you can have it open in either direction (left or right), depending upon your own personal preferences or bathroom limitations.

Kohler K-3073-NA Archer Mirror Cabinet

If you liked some of the interesting aspects of the cabinet listed above but need something with a little more personality for your space, this Kohler Archer mirror cabinet may be a little closer to what you are looking for. It is rather simple in terms of its overall design – there is no wooden framing and the focus is on the mirror. The interior is similarly impressive (though we will have to return to this discussion a little later on).

The major difference between this cabinet and the one listed above, and what makes this cabinet better suited to traditional, classy and feminine rooms, is the fact that the mirror itself is curved at the top and the bottom. This added touch of elegance makes a big difference to the overall appearance of this cabinet.

Let’s talk about the inside of this cabinet for a little bit. It will be difficult to not be impressed with the inside of this cabinet. The backing of the cabinet itself is also a mirror, so that you can still see yourself even when the cabinet is open. That is, assuming that you haven’t packed too many things atop the beautiful tempered glass shelves.

Although I said the inside of the other cabinet was so beautiful and useful that you could remove the door completely, I do not recommend doing that same with this cabinet. This isn’t because this cabinet is any less beautiful or useful than the other. It is simply because the inside of the cabinet door features yet another mirror. Peering into the mirror behind the shelves, while angling the mirror on the inside of the door, will allow you to effortlessly take a look at the back of your own head. I cut and dye my own hair, so this is one very important perk.

Update International (MC-1253) Locking First Aid Cabinet

This cute cabinet is perfect for those people who want to add a little bit of extra personality into their bathroom space. Of course, just by looking at it, it is clear that it would be best suited to a modular, modern, Scandinavian or industrial design. The steel and glass give it a very cold, institutional feel, but don’t make it any less amusing. These features, though cold, can easily be offset in any space with warmer textures and colors, if you so wish.

Aside from its appearance, another interesting thing about this cabinet is the fact that it is lockable. You can easily keep others out with the turn of a key. Whether you are trying to keep medications away from children or hide a tiny birthday present, this lock is bound to come in handy at some point in time.

Most of the glass is etched for the sake of style, which will make it difficult to complete some bathroom tasks (such as cutting or styling your hair). Thankfully, the mirrored cross in the center of the cabinet’s door will allow you to attend to minor bathroom tasks such as applying eye makeup and plucking eyebrows.

Kohler K-2967-BR1 Aluminum Cabinet with Oil-Rubbed Bronze Framed Mirror Door

This somewhat basic, rectangular cabinet can be wall mounted or inserted into the wall for a clean, recessed look. The mirror on the front of the door is very basic. It features no etching or beveled edge. Although this may make it somewhat plain, it allows the details in the oil-rubbed bronze-colored frame to stand out. These fine details add a slightly antique appearance to the piece. When it is recessed into the wall, it would be easy to fool someone into believing that this was a simple, antique mirror hanging on the wall.

Interestingly, despite being antique in appearance, this is one of the most versatile options on this list. It can act as a touch of masculinity in a feminine space. It can anchor an already-masculine space. It can be a touch of old in an eclectic contemporary or industrial design. It can also play well into the overall ambiance of many cottage and country-inspired spaces.

The inside of this cabinet is up there with the best of them in terms of quality and usability. It features two tempered glass shelves which divide the space into four separate storage areas. The backing behind the shelves is another mirror. The back of the door is also a mirror. Simply move some objects aside to peer into the mirror on the back of the cabinet and angle the mirror on the back of the door to see the back of your own head. The mirrors on either side of the door also allow two people to make use of their own mirrors when the door is opened 90 degrees.