There’s nothing quite like stepping out the bathtub or shower stall, drying yourself off, and wrapping the soft warmth of a lush robe around your body as you walk through your home in search of your work or bedtime clothes.

I must admit that I know some people who forgo a bathrobe completely and simply bring their clothes into the bathroom with them. Personally, however, I could not do without my robe. Not only does it keep me warm and offer some soft comfort after a relaxing bath or shower, it also provides me with a warm, blanket-like covering I can wrap around my pajamas as I lounge in the evening. Plus, our bathroom, with its hundreds of cosmetics containers and hair do-dads scattered about its countertop, doesn’t really leave me much room to put an entire outfit’s worth of clothing. That is, unless I want to accidentally stroll into work with a fake eyelash pasted to the leg of my dress pants.

If you appreciate the importance of the bath robe as much as I do, you will be happy to explore this page devoted completely to them. I have search the internet, far and wide, collecting the most popular bath robes on today’s market. Quality, affordability, and assortment of colors were among my top requirements for inclusion on this list.

Bath Robes Buying Information

Let’s just take a quick moment to discuss a few things you may want to consider before purchasing your next bath robe. Of course, since this isn’t an expensive purchase and contains no electrical components, there really isn’t too much to consider here. I must admit that replacing a bathrobe will be quite easy if you find that you’ve purchased the wrong one. Still, who wants to make that mistake in the first place? Let’s take a moment to consider these things so that you can avoid the inconvenience of sending the robe back and finding a new one.

Gender Specific? – Look, let’s be honest about something here, labeling a robe as a man’s robe or a woman’s robe usually doesn’t make much sense. Setting aside preconceived notions of gender and the fact that the same shirt can be sold in pink or blue to be labeled as a woman’s or men’s shirt despite being identical in every other way, let’s look at body shape. Men and women tend to have very different body shapes. Although the range of body shapes within each gender is rather large, the biggest difference is between the two sexes. This is the major reason why many types of clothing (for example, jeans pants) are labeled specifically as being made for males or females.

In the world of robes, however, there really isn’t much to consider about body shapes. The robe itself features hardly any shape – it isn’t made to fit around certain curves of the body. It is, basically, a blanket with sleeves. Therefore, it usually shouldn’t matter whether robes are labeled as being made for men or women – their basic styles and shapes are similar. All that usually differs is their color, texture, and, sometimes, their length.

Size – If you are willing to explore the entire breadth of robes – those made for both men and women – you should remain aware that most companies have a different sizing system for each style. Generally speaking, the sizes of men’s clothing is larger. That means that a small in men’s would be much closer to a medium or large in women’s.

The difference in sizes between the two styles of clothing also explains why it is harder to find “plus sized” robes for men. A man and a woman of the same physical size are considered differently in the world of clothing. Therefore, a “plus sized” woman must look for a specialty robe (if she sticks with one made for her gender), while a man of the same size is likely to fit into a large or extra-large man’s robe. This is why you may notice that we have included a “plus size” bathrobe for women but not one for men on this list.

Best Long Hooded Robe
Del Rossa Men’s Fleece Robe

Available in seven different colors, this cozy fleece bathrobe will keep you warm after a bath or shower. In fact, it will keep you warm any time of the day or night. I want to truly begin this discussion by stating that this robe, though labeled as a men’s robe, could easily be worn by someone of either sex. The large breadth of colors and styles is bound to appeal to a wide variety of people, males and females alike.

Unlike traditional terrycloth robes, this one will not serve well to dry you as you get out of the bath or shower. Therefore, I do not recommend throwing it on directly after exiting the bathtub or shower. Take the time to dry yourself with a towel first, since fleece is not meant to absorb water. That being said, fleece is much better than terrycloth at insulating, and is also much softer.

This bath robe comes with a thick banded belt which you can easily tie to keep it closed. Two large pockets are attached to the front of the robe, giving you a place to store small objects or simply to warm your hands. A large hood serves to hold in even more heat, keeping you warmer for longer. You may not be aware, but most of your body heat escapes through your head and your feet. Though this robe can do little for your feet, it can surely keep your head warm.

Best Lightweight Men’s Robe
Del Rossa Cotton Lightweight Bathobe

Are you one of those people who is, on average, a few degrees warmer than the people around you? If you routinely find yourself sweating or overheating and don’t have the option to turn down the heat (or turn on the air conditioning) you may want to consider a thin robe. These lightweight robes by Del Rossa are just what you need to cover up and stay comfortable as you lounge, without overheating. The lightweight cotton fabric allows air to make its way through the weave so that your body can remain just the right temperature.

Since the robe is made only of 100 percent cotton, you can also rest assured that it is completely machine washable and shouldn’t shrink in your dryer. Furthermore, cotton is one of the most hypoallergenic fabrics on the market, meaning that it is one of the best options for people with sensitive skin and chemical allergies.

Though this has been labeled as a men’s robe and comes, mostly, in an assortment of what most of society considers to be masculine colors, I believe that this robe could easily be worn by males or females. There is really nothing different about its shape from women’s robes. Although, women should remain aware than men’s clothing sizes are often different.

Available in a total of fourteen different colors, you are sure to find something which matches your personal style or your bathroom’s interior décor (if you plan to leave it hanging in your bathroom when it is not in use, it’s a good idea to have it match your décor). Among the color options are various solid colors (such as burgundy and grey), stripes of colors (like a combination of white and various shades of blue), and a variety of plaid combinations.

Best 100% Cotton
TurkishTowels Terry Bathrobe

Like the robes listed directly above, these robes are made from 100 percent cotton, which makes them much easier on your skin and much easier to wash. Unlike the robes listed above, however, they are not lightweight. In fact, these are quite heavy robes. Made to resemble a towel, these traditional cotton terrycloth robes are well worth their weight, however. Not only will they keep you warm, they will also dry you off.

Made to be very absorbent, terrycloth robes are the ones you can comfortably slip on fresh out of the shower without so much as running a towel across your body. Though it’ll take a little longer for you to dry off, this absorbent bathrobe helps save time and energy for doing laundry, since you will go through fewer towels in the course of a week.

Best Hooded Men’s Robe
Arus Men’s Hood’n Full Ankle Length Hooded Turkish Cotton

Though this is not the first hooded robe on our list, it is our favorite hooded robe. The last hooded robe had its own qualities which brought it to this page. This one, on the other hand, is our very favorite hooded robe. I’m sure you’d love to know why that is. Well, to be honest, its because we love terrycloth robes. This may make us a little biased but we don’t mind.

Like the bathrobe listed directly above, this one is made from 100 percent cotton terrycloth. In case you skipped the review before this one, allow me to explain what it means for a robe to made from 100 percent cotton terrycloth. First of all, since this bath robe is made from cotton it is gentle on sensitive skin and isn’t prone to shrinking or general damage during the washing and drying process.

Secondly, the thick terrycloth from which it is made is designed to mimic the look, feel, and function of a towel or cloth. This means that it will easily absorb water. Robes which absorb water allow you to step out of your bathtub or shower and jump directly into your robe without actually rubbing yourself down with a towel. However, if you plan to wear your robe for an extended period of time you will want to towel off first so that your robe doesn’t grow cold and damp the longer you wear it.

The thick hood on this robe is my absolute favorite part. I have a robe similar to this one and love the way that I can towel off my body to get it dry, throw the robe on, pull the hood up over my hair, and sit back while the hood slowly draws much of the moisture from my hair.

Best Mid Length for Women
Del Rossa’s Fleece Bathrobe

Whether you’re a woman or a man, you may be drawn to short or mid-length robes for the simple fact that they are breezier. The ability to move around with more agility (not constricted by the dress-like bottom portion of the robe) is also a positive aspect of many mid-length robes. So, men, I’d really like you to keep an open mind as you take a look at this robe.

Though it is labeled as a woman’s bathrobe, there is nothing that says it cannot be enjoyed equally by a man. There is nothing different about the general shape of this robe. It even comes in such a large variety of color options that you are bound to find something you like, whether you are a man or a woman. In fact, this bath robe comes in a total of eighteen different styles, including many solid colors and many patterned options. Available in up to a quadruple extra-large, and available in so many color styles, you are also bound to find a robe to buy as a gift for someone else.

Made completely of plush microfiber fleece, these robes are much softer than much of their competition. In fact, I can almost guarantee you that you will find optimal comfort wrapped inside this thick housecoat.

Best Plus Size
Dreams and Co. Women’s Ultra-Soft Bath Robe

We’ve included a plus size for women but not men, because men’s sizes typically come large enough to incorporate a “plus size”, whereas women are often forced to look especially for this size of robe. Of all the plus-sized housecoats on the market, this line is by far the most popular. Not only do its sales greatly surpass those of many other robes, this line has received incredible feedback from consumers.

My favorite thing about this robe is that it is actually more like a combination of a blanket and nightgown than it is like any other robe. There is no front opening; instead, it flows straight down from the neck to the floor. As someone who has a difficult time holding in my own body temperature, I love this design. It will keep me much warmer than any thin nightgown or any draft robe. In fact, in keeping with warmth and comfort, I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest this robe to an “average” sized woman as something for snuggling up inside.

Long, full sleeves and a full hood add further to the warmth of this robe. As I write this, it is late afternoon and I’m feeling my energy levels dwindle. I must admit that I am very tempted to curl up and take a nap. Looking at this warm, cozy robe isn’t helping matters for me right now! I wish I had one to relax in.

Best Value Kimono Style
Sunnyhu Women’s Short Kimono Robe

For the woman who prefers a kimono-style robe, I present this beautiful line from Sunnyhu. Made to be slightly tight and to hug the natural curves of a female body, this is one of the only robes on this list which I will say is probably bound to one gender – for the most part. This robe’s silky belt is perfectly located to accentuate the slimmest part of the waist while amplifying the bust of the chest. The short length and relative thinness of this kimono means that it is best for use in warm climates or by those who are usually warmer than the average person.

Not only are these kimonos beautiful to wear, they are also great cover ups. Personally, I like to use my kimono-style robe in the warm months. I also, however, like to use it as something to throw over my bathing suit as I walk to and from our building’s public pool.