I bet you didn’t realize that there was such a thing as a list of the best bath pillows. Well, we’ve found them for you and put them all right here for your convenience. While we usually focus our own renovations around structure and basic design, we also know the importance of selecting the right accessories for your space. Whether you are simply staging a house or you’re planning to use the bath pillow you select, the same care to detail should be evident. Although a bath pillow isn’t anywhere near the largest or most costly investment you will be making into your new bathroom, it deserves proper consideration.

Buying Information for Bath Pillows

Selecting the right bath pillow requires you to consider three things – the overall design of the room, the shape of the bathtub, and your own personal needs and preferences. Of course, if you are simply staging a room, you won’t need to worry much about personal needs and preferences, but you should still consider the first two elements. It is important, when staging, to help your buyers imagine what it would be like to live in the home; to use the bathtub. You want them to see the bath pillow and think about optimal comfort.

In considering the overall design of the room, you are mostly considering things such as color. There isn’t too much to a bath pillow that could really add or detract from you overall design. Outside of color, you may want to consider that sleek, foam pillows accent modern, contemporary, and industrial styles better than do puffy, inflatable pillows.

Best Grip
Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Two Panel Bath Pillow

Literally named for its superior gripping ability, the Gorilla Grip bath pillow was one of the first to feature extra-large suction cups designed to get such as strong hold that it is actually difficult to get off your tub when you are finished using it.

What’s more, the waterproof material used to coat this bath pillow means that you should rarely need to remove the pillow, anyway. Every now and then, it is suggested that you pull it off the tub and give it a quick scrub down. Other than that, however, maintenance will be a breeze. Unlike bath pillows made of other materials (such as terry cloth) this one will never need time to dry out and shouldn’t grow mold if left in the tub.

The only pillow on this list available in multiple sizes, the Gorilla Grip can be purchased with either two panels or three panels. The two panel design is best for those who only need some support. It lends itself nicely to shallow tubs with deep ledges.

The three panel design is made for people who need extra support. It would work nicely to give full-back cushioning on tubs with tall, angled backs. The bendability of the three panel design would be perfect for molding to the curve of any curved-back bathtub.

The short, top panel supports your head and your neck, allowing you to rest it on top of the ledge without the uncomfortable pressure caused by leaning your head on something hard. Also, if your bathtub comes to an abrupt corner where it meets its ledge, a pillow such as this one can add some much-needed cushioning to that area.

Best For Bathtubs with Large Ledges
Epica Luxury Spa Pillow

The Epica features an impressive two inches of foam padding on both of its two panels. The top panel appears to be slightly wedge-shaped, offering a little more support to the base of your head than the top of your head. Such a wedge design promotes good neck health and helps you maintain proper posture.

Like the Gorilla Grip mentioned earlier, this two panel design has been crafted for those who wish to lean their heads back on their bathtub ledges. It offers support and cushioning to the head and neck with its top panel and offers further support and comfort to the neck and back with its lower panel.

Consumers have stated that this pillow’s foam is rather stiff. Although some people have complained about this, we believe that it’s actually a good thing. Think about it – any foam will grow softer the more you use it. Wouldn’t you rather have a pillow that starts off a little hard and becomes softer as time goes on instead of a soft foam pillow which becomes flat as times goes on?

Seven large suction cups ensure that this pillow stays exactly where you place it. Though it does not claim to be waterproof, the company does claim it dries rather fast. We would suggest hanging this one up to dry or, at least, removing it from the bathtub after use.

Best Inflatable
Aquasentials Terry Cloth Bath Pillow

If you are in search of the stereotypical, looks-like-my-grandmother-owned-it, inflatable, shell-shaped bath pillow we have found just the right match for you. Though one of us (obviously the one writing this) isn’t very impressed with this pillow, the other one of us is secretly planning to purchase it from her cell phone as we speak.

I’m not a very big fan of this type of bath pillow simply because I manage to pop just about anything inflatable, rendering it useless within a week of purchasing it. As for my wife, she wants to go buy one of these pillows for the very same reason that she is not sitting here writing this article right now: she has injured her neck. As I am typing this, she is going on and on about how it would be perfect for her, because she could let a little bit of the air out and force the pillow to cradle her head in the perfect position as she relaxes her neck in the warm water of a bath. Clearly, if you are someone with a similar problem this may be the best bath pillow for you to choose.

Whether you have neck problems or simply love the incredibly affordable price of this inflatable pillow, you are probably still reading this because you are interested in purchasing it. If that’s true, you should also know that it has been made from a waterproof plastic material coated in soft terry cloth. Though the terry cloth needs to be left somewhere to dry after each use, it is a definite step up from the stick-to-it plastic my grandmother’s bath pillow was made from.

Softest Foam
Surpahs Non-Slip Bathtub Spa Pillow

If you prefer a bath pillow made with thick, soft foam, this Surpahs is bound to impress. Though many soft foam pillows flatten out rather quickly, consumers have reported that this one is capable of standing the test of time. Even the exterior of this pillow is soft. The material wrapped around the foam is soft and grippy. If I were to try to explain its texture to you by means of comparison I would tell you that it is similar to the texture of a yoga mat.

Two flexible panels of soft foam will cradle your body in the lap of comfort as you relax inside your bathtub. As with all pillows of this design, this one is best used in tubs which feature angled backs – flat-backed tubs require something with a little more support.

The foam is approximately 2 inches thick and the pillow itself measures 14.5 inches by 11.5 inches, but the top portion is significantly shorter than the bottom portion. Seven strong, large suction cups hold this pillow in place as you rest.

Ultimate Neck Support
Harrison House Luxurious Bath Pillow

If you need ultimate neck support in the form of a neck roll (not side to side support), this is, in my opinion, the only option you need to look at. Thick foam has been used to create both a back support and a specially-designed neck support for this two panel bath pillow.

Unlike other pillows that feature a flat foam panel for your back and one for your head, which skips your neck, this one incorporates a perfectly-designed neck support system. The neck roll fits perfectly into the contours of your neck while maintaining support for the base of your head – almost the way a mother’s arm cradles her newborn baby’s head. This design will bring ultimate comfort to anyone who has a tub with a tall enough angled back that he or she is able to rest against it.

If, however, you do not have a tub with a tall, angled back you can still use the neck roll for extra head support if the head of your tub is butted up against a wall. Simply place the neck roll on the ledge and it suddenly becomes a comfortable pillow filling the space between tub and wall.

This pillow is covered with a soft, mesh-like material. Though it is not waterproof like many of the other options, it is much softer than those options. People usually steer toward waterproof pillows because they are afraid of mold growth inside of non-waterproof pillows. What is great about this particular non-waterproof pillow, however, is that it is machine washable and dryable.

Best Washable
Zleepi Luxury Bath Pillow

The texture of this pillow is what impresses me most. However I am fairly certain that most of you will be most impressed with its ability to be washed in a washing machine. What’s more, you won’t even need to wash it on delicate or hang it out to dry like many other washable bath pillows. “How is that possible?” you ask.

This particular bath pillow is little more than a simple neck roll. The neck roll itself is made from foam and is zipped up tight inside soft, velvety fabric. All you have to do is remove the foam neck roll and set it out to dry on a countertop as you wash the velvety fabric case in your washing machine.

What sets this pillow apart from other foam neck roll options on the market today is that it will stay stuck in position. Though you can easily purchase a simple foam roll for your bathing pleasure, you are likely to have a difficult time trying to keep that roll in place as you shift around in your tub. The fabric case for this roll features a long flap with two strong suction cups on the back. Simply stick this flap to your tub’s ledge or the wall behind you. You can even wrap it around the curled edge of a clawfoot tub and adhere it to the exterior of the tub.

Best Thin Foam
Estilo Bath and Spa Pillow

If your bathtub is already rather small you probably don’t want to make the experience any more squished up than it already is by adding a two to three inch thick piece of foam to the equation. This Estilo bath pillow is built for people in search of a little extra comfort but who aren’t able to sacrifice much space to gain that comfort. Instead of two to three inches of foam, this pillow’s foam is about one inch thick – just thick enough to offer comfort without taking away too much space from the bathtub as a whole.

Covered in a rubbery, plastic material, this two panel pillow is fully waterproof. You won’t even need to worry about leaving it stuck to the inside of your tub after you bathe because the water will run off it quickly.

I have read complaints about many bath pillows over the years. In fact I have lodged a few of my own. Most of the time, these complaints are based around a particularly nauseating smell of chemicals coming off of foam and plastic pillows. Though we haven’t stumbled across any of those complaints for any of the pillows listed on this page, we wanted to point out that consumers have gone out of their way to discuss the fact that this particular pillow emits no annoying, nauseating scent. Even the company proudly boasts about this fact.