Whether you are in the midst of renovating your bathroom or simply need to replace a broken faucet, you’ve come to the right place. We have reviews of today’s best bathtub faucets. Don’t worry if it all looks confusing, we will do our best to take some of that confusion away. Of course, if you are absolutely dumbfounded when looking at the many options available to you, you may want to take the time to consult with a plumber or, at the very least, someone at your local hardware store.

Buying Information

In purchasing a bath faucet it is extremely important that you get the right faucet for your bathroom setup. If, for example, you old faucet was mounted to the wall, you should stick with a wall mounted faucet. Similarly, if it was a one piece deck mount faucet, you should stick with a one piece desk mount faucet. The reason you should stay with the same type is that there are different plumbing requirements for different types. Unless you are experienced and skilled in plumbing work or have an excellent plumber on-hand, you will not be able to switch between two different types with ease.

You also need to consider your showerhead, if you have one. Is it currently attached to your faucet with a hose or does it protrude from the wall? If it comes out of the wall you have pipes running up behind your wall, supplying water to it. You will want to purchase a faucet with a water diverter (a lever or pull which allows you to switch between faucet and shower head.) Again, if you want to change this you will require the help of someone with plumbing experience. If you do not have a shower head and would like to add one, the best way would be to purchase a faucet with a showerhead hookup built into it. If you do not have an attached showerhead and do not want one, steer clear of faucets with diverters.

Are your handles currently attached to your faucet in one full system, or are they separate? As with all of the other variables, I caution you to keep with the same type of system to avoid plumbing work. If you want to switch between an all-in-one system and a three piece system, consult your plumber or hardware personnel.

Finally, you can consider style. We often encourage people to think about style first when selecting pieces for their bathrooms, simply because it helps to narrow down their choices. What we all need to remember when it comes to tub faucets, however, is that they aren’t always going to be the most stylish piece in our bathrooms. Sometimes, in prioritizing function and quality over style, we will find ourselves purchasing faucets which are a little less décor compatible than we’d hoped.

Best with Pull Down Diverter
Delta Faucet RP17453

If you are looking for a basic wall mount faucet with a pull down diverter system, this may be just the one want. Elegant curves paired with straight lines and a few tiny details make this the perfect faucet for almost any style of bathroom. Lending to its versatility in terms of style is the fact that it is available in all of the following finishes – chrome, polished brass, and stainless steel.

I want to premise the rest of this conversation by telling you that this is only a spout. If you are also looking for taps you will need to purchase them separately, making this a two to three piece system in the end.

The large spout hole means that you will receive a high amount of water, quickly filling your bathtub. Some other, more stylish, options are design with waterfall spouts which allow the water to gently cascade into your tub. While this may appear more elegant, I can tell you first hand that it is quite annoying to wait for this type of tap to fill your tub. Keep your waterfall spouts on your sinks, not your bathtubs.

Generally speaking, people have been pleased with the performance and quality of this faucet. Though it is plastic inside, unlike the all-metal faucets of the past, they say that it does not break or crack easily if properly cared for. Measuring six inches in length, this faucet should manage to effortlessly fill any bathtub that has a one to five inch ledge.

Best Ornate Wall Mount
Kingston Brass K5266C Victorian

If you are looking for a mixture of class and old school charm for your vintage-style bathroom, this wall or tub-mount Victorian-style faucet and shower head combination will delight you. There is so much to say about this particular faucet system that I really don’t know where to begin, so forgive me if it seems like I’m all over the place in this description.

First of all, you should know that this is a full system. You shouldn’t need to purchase any extra pieces, save for a couple of plumbing pieces you may need to fit this piece into your existing pipework. It comes with a faucet spout, two knob-style handles, and a handheld showerhead. There is even a mount on the top of the entire system which holds the showerhead for you so that you do not need to install any extra poles or mounts. This is perfect if you would like the showerhead for cleaning your hair while you are in the tub, as opposed to turning this into a tub/shower combination.

The handles and the showerhead all feature ceramic accents which lend to the elegant vintage appeal of this faucet system. The waterfall style spout is bound to impress your guests and lull you into relaxation as you wait for the bathtub to fill. Of course, this type of spout often takes much longer to fill the tub than other, high-flow spouts, but if you prefer style to speed this one has just what you need.

Best Wall Mount for Clawfoot Tub
Heavy Duty Chrome Plated Diverter

I want to begin by saying that this faucet definitely has uses for other types of bathtubs – it doesn’t need only to be used with a clawfoot tub. The manufacturers merely suggest using it with a clawfoot tub because it will allow you to turn a clawfoot tub into a tub/shower combo. Honestly, though, it can be used with any type of tub, so long as that tub is butted up against a wall – it is a wall mount faucet, after all.

Let’s begin by talking about the obvious – the 3/8 inch showerhead riser attachment. Though this faucet does not come with the shower head already connected, it features a little attachment on the top of the spout where you can connect almost and handheld showerhead. How you choose to mount that showerhead when it is not in use is entirely up to you. There are no mounting areas on this particular faucet. One would assume that you would choose to mount it on the wall by running the hose up and hooking the showerhead into some sort of two-pronged hook.

The lever handles built into this faucet are not only stylish for contemporary, Victorian, or country cottage décor, they also make it much easier to adjust the water temperature and flow. The high-flow spout protrudes about 4 to 5 inches, easily clearing the space between wall and tub. What’s more, if your tub is tall enough to accommodate this faucet, you can easily attach it directly to the inside of the tub.

Best Floor Mount
Delta Faucet T4759-FL Trinsic Floor Mount

This is for all you freestanding and clawfoot bathtub owners. If you want your tub to sit away from the wall to gain the attention it deserves as a focal piece in your bathroom, you will require a standalone, floor-mount faucet. This all-in-one faucet, handle, and showerhead system is all you will need to complete that simple task. Its sleek design and futuristic appeal are best suited to spa-inspired bathrooms or bathrooms with an industrial design.

Standing a total of 37 inches (just over three feet) tall, this floor mount system will easily clear the height of most freestanding and clawfoot bathtubs. From the stem to the tip of the spout, this faucet extends a total of 8 inches, allowing you to set it back a little bit from the edge of your tub for an appealing appearance. It is perfect for use at the foot or side of your tub, depending upon where your plumbing is located.

The lever handle design is very simple to use, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the water pressure and temperature. The sleek showerhead fits snugly into the attached mounting system and turns on with the push of a button.

Maintain an industrial or masculine design in your bathroom by selecting the polished chrome, stainless steel, or Venetian bronze options available for this faucet. Alternatively, you can choose the champagne bronze finish to add some warmth to the room.

Best Elegant Basic Spout
Delta Faucet RP34357 Victorian Tub Spout

Creating something which is both elegant and basic is rather difficult, but Delta appears to have managed to find that perfect balance with the RP3457 faucet. Minimal details are what actually lend most to the aesthetic appeal of this piece, making it subtle yet classy. It is available in a wide range of classic colors, including champagne bronze, chrome, chrome with polished bronze, polished brass, stainless steel, and dark Venetian bronze.

This spout’s pull-up diverter allows you to easily divert water from the spout to a showerhead. The showerhead is not included, though, and neither is a hookup for the showerhead. This means that this spout is best used in plumbing designs where the showerhead pipes are fitted behind the shower wall.

Though some people may be put off by the fact that this is only a spout, I actually prefer it this way. It allows you the opportunity to purchase just the right knobs for your bathroom décor. If simple and understated is what you are going for, you can select basic lever-style handles. If you are looking to add more detail, you can play off the Victorian theme of this spout’s minor details by purchasing cross-shaped handles. Be aware, however, that if you are planning to purchase this spout you will require plumbing which is set up for three separate units – two handles and one spout.

Measuring a total of 7.5 inches in length, this wall mount spout should easily manage to fill tubs with ledges as deep as 6 or 6.5 inches.

Best Three Piece Deck Mount
Delta T2705-SS Roman Tub Trim

The sleek Roman design of this three-piece faucet and taps set is streamlined enough for contemporary, modern, and industrial bathrooms, yet elegant enough for those with a more classic feel. To look at this set, I am reminded of the graceful shape and movement of a swan. You should be aware, though, that this set is only available with a stainless steel finish, meaning that it may not suit every bathroom design.

The spout and handles are all separate pieces, meaning that you will require a plumbing setup that is designed for this style. You will also require a recessed, drop-in, or freestanding bathtub with a large enough ledge for you to mount this set directly on it.

Best with Showerhead Attachment Option
Delta Faucet U1072-PK

Of the few faucets with optional showerhead attachments, this one is my favorite. I am probably biased, though, because I am a fan of simplicity in my bathroom. If you are like me and prefer a faucet with clean, classic lines in shimmering polished chrome, I may have found the faucet for you.

Of course, you should remember that this one is best used with an attachable, handheld showerhead. The little extra piece of threaded metal pipe on the left side of this faucet is where you will attach the hose of your shower head. The diverter pull on the top of the faucet is how you will switch between the two.

This option is best for people who want to turn their recessed or drop-in bathtub into a tub/shower combination without having to open up the walls and run new plumbing. Using this method, you can simply attach the shower head and install a showerhead mount on the wall above your bathtub for an instant conversion.

Instead of mounting this spout on the wall, you can also choose to mount it directly inside of your clawfoot or freestanding bathtub. In this case, you will need to purchase some sort of mounting device for your showerhead. You can attach it to a nearby wall or even an external stand.

Function then Style

Ever the rational one in the duo who created this website, I wanted to take a quick moment here to remind you that it is always best to prioritize function over style when it comes to important pieces such as faucets and handles. Though it can be tempting to start by looking at all of the wonderful options available in your local hardware store, you can quickly feel defeated if you find out that the style you liked best isn’t going to work in your bathroom. Figure out which type of faucet you need then work toward narrowing down your choices within that category until you find which matches your décor the best. Good luck.