About Us

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Actually, thank you for taking the time to read our “About Us” section. To be honest, we weren’t really sure if anyone would bother to read it so we actually thought about not writing it at all. After realizing that you may wonder who we are and why we are so incredibly intelligent and wonderful and spectacular at bringing you top-notch information about everything bathroom, we realized that it may be best to include this section. Well, it was either that or we just love talking about how intelligent and wonderful and spectacular we are that we actually wanted to write this section for ourselves.

Despite how intelligent and wonderful and spectacular we are, we really don’t think there is much to say about ourselves. We are two simple people living a rather simple people life. We have a family and dog and a home and car. One of us wants to install a white picket fence to finish off the stereotype but the other of us is threatening to stage a house-chores strike if the beautiful boxwood hedge gets cut down to make room for that white picket fence.

Aside from our entirely regular, average existence, we enjoy renovating homes. Perhaps it is the only thing which sets us apart from all of our other regular and average friends – except, of course, how intelligent and wonderful and spectacular we are. Our passion for renovating homes sprouted from an old house we bought about ten years ago. We renovated it to suit our own tastes and our own family, then found that work changes meant we would have to relocate to an entirely new town.

After seeing how rewarding renovations can be (both personally and financially) we decided to turn it into a little side business. Flash forward ten years and one of us has been able to quit a terrible, menial, absolutely no-fun job to pursue our new dream (hopefully we will both be able to say that one day).

We created this website to bring some of our ideas and the lessons we have learned along the way to you. Our hope is that you can also learn to love the world of renovating the way we do. If that hope is a little far-fetched, we hope to at least make the process a little less frustrating for you. Good luck and good renos!