10 Ways to Create A Home Self Care Haven in Small Spaces

Living in small spaces doesn’t mean you can’t have the luxury of relaxation and home self care treatments. Whether you’re living in a dorm room or a small bachelor apartment, there is always a way to create a Zen space. It’s about creativity and finding the right things.

A spa day at home doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming affair. Once you’ve decided on a location, use some calming techniques and ideas such as essential oils, a bubble bath, or facial mask treatment to start your weekly pampering routine.

Let’s dive into the essential aspects of an ideal home spa and the products you could use.

Natural Décor

One of the simplest ways to make your bathroom feel like a spa is to use plants. Potted houseplants can be placed on the floor, countertops, and other bathroom surfaces – Or even stylishly hung from the ceiling.

Choose plants that will grow in a humid environment and shaded rooms that lack direct sunlight. You can also set a vase filled with fresh flowers on a shelf or countertop if plants aren’t ideal for you. There are options for hyper-realistic artificial plants or flowers that many people choose over the stress of keeping their potted plants happy.

Whonline Artificial Hanging Plants

For those who get stressed out over keeping plants alive, these Whonline Artificial Hanging Plants are an absolute gem. Hyper-realistic and beautiful, you don’t have to worry about sunlight or water.

Artificial Silk Tulips

Artificial Silk Tulips appear real and freshly picked, giving your bathroom or home spa that special touch only nature can bring. Flowers can truly make a living space pop with joy and vibrancy, making these an ideal choice.

Plush Towels and Soft Rugs

Towels that are fluffy and delightfully soft are essential for creating a spa-like environment. Choose bath towels made of absorbent material, such as cotton. Excess towels can be displayed wrapped up or in a stack with crisply folded edges to give your home spa an elegant finish.

Covering your bathroom floors with plush rugs creates a wonderfully comfortable living space. Rugs not only provide personality and an added layer of coziness, but they also keep you from stepping onto icy tile floors when you’re getting out of the bath or shower.

American Soft Linen 6-Piece Towel Set

One of the best-sellers and top-reviewed items you can add to your home spa is the American Soft Linen 6-Piece Towel Set. This set comes in a variety of different colors and is wonderfully fluffy and comfortable, making this the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Rug

Choose a quick-drying mat to prevent mold or germ growth, like this stylish and budget-friendly Luxury Bathroom Rug. Comfort for your feet and style for your bathroom is why rugs are an essential item in modern days. 

Relaxing and Calming Scents

Using relaxing scents like lavender, rosemary, or ylang-ylang to incorporate aromatherapy into your bathroom is such an effective way to instantly feel relaxed and calm. A diffuser, scented candles, or an incense burner are some simple methods to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Ultimate Essence Diffuser Set by Pure Daily Care

Essential oils come in many scents, each one affecting the ambience of the room and your mood in its own way. This Ultimate Essence Diffuser Set by Pure Daily Care already comes with 10 different kinds of essential oils to choose from.

2-in-1 Candle and Fragrance Warmer

Candle warmers are a great way to enjoy scented candles without the soot or fire hazard. This 2-in-1 Candle and Fragrance Warmer works well with not only scented candles but with scented wax melts as well.

Space-Saving Furniture and Products

It’s about space and flow. By utilizing the space spaces we live in, we create a better state of mind for ourselves. Let’s dive into our top 5 favorite items that have helped beat the clutter and chaos.

3-Tier Corner Shelf Bamboo & Metal Storage Spice Rack Display

Our kitchens are one of the most beneficial spaces in our homes to organize. And is often the most chaotic, Spatulas and ladles also tend to disrupt the flow and refuse us entry into our draws! That’s why this 3-Tier Corner Shelf Bamboo & Metal Storage Spice Rack Display can be your space-saving companion.

Makeup and Cosmetic Organizer

A top-rated product that we recommend is the Makeup and Cosmetic Organizer. This is an inevitable item we women all need in our lives. It’s not exactly fun when you can’t find your favorite blush brush or eyeliner, and now there’s a home for everything!

Bathroom Organizer Countertop Corner Shelf

This Bathroom Organizer Countertop Corner Shelf will be a game changer for any living space by incorporating organization as well as stylish design into your bathroom space. Store all your essential products and ornaments to create a Feng Shui flow to a once-cluttered home.

Self-Care Is An Integral Part Of Our Everyday Lives

While it may seem unnecessary some days, we all know how beneficial and calming it is when we spend some time each week to tend to our self-care routines and home spa treatments. Life is too stressful to leave our health and body to chance. This is why we have always valued the beauty of conscious living and calming spaces.

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