Though toilet brushes aren’t even close to being one of the most glamorous topics in the world of bathroom renovations and decorations, they are still quite an important part of the bathroom. Bathrooms, though they can be beautifully designed and decorated, have a bad rep for being one of the most disgusting rooms in a house. This doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, as long as you keep your bathroom clean, it can be on par with the rest of your home in terms of cleanliness and livability.

Part of keeping your bathroom clean and inviting to visitors is maintaining a clean toilet. A toilet brush is just what you need to keep your toilet clean with minimal effort on your part.

Toilet brushes usually aren’t given a lot of thought when it comes to bathroom décor, but they can be an important part of the decorating process; you can choose to embrace them into the overall design of your bathroom instead of hiding them away in cupboards. This is an especially important concern for people who simply do not have the room to accommodate a toilet brush inside of any cabinet or cupboard.

For those concerned with style, we have included a wide variety of toilet brushes and holders which are designed to fit into particular décor settings. For those more concerned with function, we have also included some high-function options. Be aware that, typically, the more aesthetically pleasing a toilet brush is, the less it can boast about its functional abilities.

Best Basic Function
OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact

This basic-looking toilet brush is one of those built for function rather than style. It is clear to see by its white plastic appearance that this toilet brush isn’t going to be the central focus of positive style attention in your bathroom. However, at an acceptable height of 17 inches, this may fit easily in an under-sink cabinet if you would like to hide it from view. Otherwise, it will match decently well with any interior style which celebrates all things shiny and plastic. To make it a little more appealing to design-minded folk, OXO has made this brush and holder available in three colors – white, black, and biscuit.

In terms of function, this brush has been built to serve its purpose fairly well. Though it doesn’t feature any special projected bristles for cleaning under toilet rims, it is still a step above many of the more aesthetically pleasing options on this list. Its soft white bristles gently clean away toilet dirt and staining without damaging the porcelain bowl. The thicker and stronger blue bristles will help remove stubborn messes with minimal effort.

Though the holder isn’t made for pure aesthetic pleasure, it has been built for easy use. Simply pull up on the brush’s handle to force the holder’s door to slide open. When you are finished using your brush, simply place it in the tray and push down to close the door. This means that you can use your brush without having to actually touch anything which it may have come into contact with.

Furthermore, the plastic holder features an out-of-sight ventilation slot on its backside which will allow air to flow freely in and out of the holder. Ventilation is important for toilet brush holders because it allows water to evaporate inside of turning into colonies of mold and germs.

Best Classy Contemporary Style
Home Basics TB41039 Stainless Steel Toilet Brush

I will just begin by stating that the actual brush portion of this toilet brush and holder set is rather basic. What is not basic, however, is its holder. Let’s begin with a quick overview of the brush itself before diving into details about the holder.

The plastic brush features soft bristles in a blunted cone shape, reminiscent of a cotton swab. Attached to this brush is a stainless steel handle with a small stainless steel ball on the end to stop your hand from sliding. The lid for the canister-style holder is also attached to this entire ensemble, allowing you to easily lift and replace this toilet bowl brush without touching anything more than its handle.

The canister-style holder is actually what is most impressive about this entire set. It is, by far, one of the most beautiful I have come across in my entire search. I must admit that it will not match every style of bathroom décor, but it will match the very popular contemporary design trend. In fact, it will add a touch of class to almost any bathroom space.

The canister itself is slightly flared at the top, almost like a vase. It is made of chrome and has been embossed with a criss-cross shape. What is most beautiful about this vase is that most of it is brushed chrome, while its embossed pattern is polished chrome.

Best Basic Bronze
Home Basics Bronze Toilet Brush with Holder

If you are creating an industrial, steam punk, or rustic inspired bathroom space this basic bronze toilet brush and holder will slip perfectly into your space. A deep, rich shade of oil-rubbed bronze, this set will accent the rich tones and use of metals in these types of spaces.

Like all of the other canister-style holders on this list, this one has been made to hide your toilet brush from sight and to fit in with the overall décor of your room. The brush itself is very basic, again like the other stylish options on this list. It features soft plastic bristles in a blunted cone shape, much like that of a cotton swab, so that it can get into as many little nooks as possible.

A lid has been built onto the bronzed handle of the plastic brush which helps to seal the brush out of sight when not in use. There are no ventilation holes featured in this holder, so you will want to be sure to clean its interior at least once a week to avoid mold and germ buildup.

Best with Stylish Vented Holder
Home Basics Vented Stainless Steel Toilet Brush Holder

You’ve seen your share of boring old stainless steel tube toilet brush holders. This Home Basics brush and holder takes things one step further by adding ventilation to that design. Not only does this ventilation allow water to evaporate and prevent germs and mold from growing, it also adds an extra flare of style to the holder’s overall design. Instead of hiding the ventilation at the bottom of the back of the holder, Home Basics embraced it by adding two rows of stylish circular cut outs around the top of it.

Like many of the other stylishly designed toilet bowl brushes, this one is attached to a stainless steel handle. The handle itself has a large stainless steel ball attached to the end for both aesthetic design and function – it will stop the brush from slipping out of your hand. Between the plastic brush and the stainless steel handle is a stainless lid. By fixing the handle, brush, and lid into one piece, the company ensures that you will never need to touch anything other than the handle when working with this brush. It also allows for a nearly seamless design.

Available in either stainless steel or oil-rubbed bronze, this brush and holder will work well in many different spaces. The circular cut-outs make it very complimentary to contemporary, modular, and Scandinavian designs. I suggest selecting a color option that plays well off of the other colors in your general design. Though it is available in oil-rubbed bronze, I wouldn’t recommend this piece for any rustic or vintage-inspired room, as its general shape and circular cut-outs simply would not compliment those styles very well.

Best Deep Clean Brush
Lysol Bowl Brush with Rim Extension and Caddy

If you are hoping to accomplish a good and proper clean, you need not look any further than this Lysol brush and caddy. Like most highly functional bathroom cleaning elements, this one has not been made to fit into any particular interior décor design. In fact, it will likely stand out in most designs like a sore thumb. Measuring in at only 14 inches high, however, this is one eyesore you can easily shove beneath a counter or inside a cabinet.

Let’s talk about the functional abilities of this toilet brush. I want to talk about this because I was so impressed with these abilities that I honestly stopped caring about its appearance. As someone who is very passionate about interior design, it means a lot that I stopped thinking about its appearance. In fact, when the time comes for me to go out and purchase a new toilet brush and holder I just may forego beauty and grab this one instead.

Owning this brush is sort of like having two toilet brushes in one. While its main, cone-like brush will gently clean away toilet bowl stains and dirt, its other brush will clean under the toilet rim. The smaller, angled brush pointing away from the main part of the brush isn’t doing so simply because the green bristles aren’t friends with the white bristles, it is pointing in this direction so that it can reach underneath the rim.

You may not think that it is very important to clean here since you cannot see underneath the rim of your toilet, but it is actually quite important to keep this area clean. Not only will you be reducing the overall number of germs in your bathroom, you will also be stopping the growth of mold and mildew. Speaking of germs, I would like you to know that this brush actually has germ-fighting microbes built into its bristles. That’s right, I said built into its bristles. Unlike some competitors, who simply spray their bristles with antibacterial soaps which wear off in a matter of days, this brush has germ fighting abilities literally built into the fibers of its bristles.

Best Vintage and Contemporary Design
InterDesign Twigz Bath Toilet Bowl Brush

The oil-rubbed bronze rodding used to create this brush’s holder makes gives it a rustic appeal which many people love to work into vintage-inspired designs. Whether it is a touch of vintage in a contemporary space or a rustic cottage appearance you are trying to create in your bathroom space, this InterDesign set will help you achieve that goal. The leaf design offers a slightly feminine touch without taking things overboard into full-out floral prints – a hallmark of the contemporary style.

Let’s begin by discussing the toilet brush holder, since it offers the most aesthetic appeal. The metal rodding used to create this holder somewhat resembles that of a classy waste paper basket. Small rods have been bent, shaped and welded together to create elegant designs which also act as a container.

Of course, these rods alone would not be sufficient for housing a toilet brush, so the company included a frosted plastic insert. The insert acts as a storage container for the toilet brush. The insert also makes this holder one of the easiest to clean. It can be removed and washed with ease since it is plastic – many of the other canisters are difficult to clean because they are made of steel.

Adding further to the awesomeness of this piece is the fact that it actually part of a much larger set. If you have fallen in love with this design and want to bring more or if into your bathroom space, you can also choose to separately purchase the following a waste paper basket, soap dish, shower caddy, toilet paper stand, and much more.

Best Modern Design
Simplehuman Toilet Brush with Caddy

If you love interesting curves and a space-age modern design that mimics what people of the 1950s thought homes of 2000s would look like, this Simplehuman toilet brush and caddy are just what your bathroom needs. Starkly designed with a high-contrast black and chrome accents, this toilet brush is interesting in more ways than one.

Let’s start by discussing its caddy shape. These days, most stylish caddies are made of tube-like metal or plastic canisters. Cheaper, more functionally-designed options usually feature small caddies, just large enough to fit the head of the brush inside. These often work by trapping the brush inside as you push down on a special lever. This Simplehuman caddy is slightly different than both of those I just discussed. In fact, it is sort of a cross between the two.

Like the stainless steel canisters popular in the contemporary design world, it is quite stylish and keeps style at the forefront of importance. Like the cheaper, more functional options, however, it doesn’t go overboard with style and manages to make good use of more affordable and easy-to-maintain materials (such as plastic).

The brush slides into an opening in the back of the oblong plastic base. This allows it to remain hidden from view while also allowing it to air dry. The base itself is shaped somewhat like a sideways egg – it truly captures the modern style. A rubber stopper fitted to the bottom of the base keeps it from sliding around or marking up your bathroom floors.

The brush is also quite an interesting design. In creating this brush, the company has strayed completely from the typical cotton swab, blunted cone design. Instead, they’ve chosen to create a semi-circular brush which resembles a bent pipe cleaner. This design, presumably, allows you to not only clean the round surfaces of the bowl but also underneath its rim, since the brush is rather slim.

Best Grip
Libman Designer Bowl Brush and Caddy

In looking closer at this Libman toilet brush and caddy, we have circled back around from stylish brushes to one that is, clearly, built for function. Though its curved, white plastic appearance may fit into a few, very specific, bathroom designs, this is not a toilet brush built to impress your friends by how well it seamlessly fits into your overall bathroom design. Instead, this is a toilet brush designed to impress your friends by making them never think of it. Your toilet will, likely, be so clean that they won’t even begin down the spiral of thoughts which leads one to wonder about someone else’s toilet brush.

We will skip all discussion around aesthetics, here, and focus on function. This extremely affordable toilet brush features very strong, thick bristles designed to effortlessly brush away even the most stubborn messes. The caddy opens up like an inverted Pac Man, swallowing the head of the brush as you push down on an internal lever system. Ventilation slots have been cut into the caddy to allow the brush to dry quickly in open air.

What is most impressive about this brush is the incredible grip it will allow you to grasp as you work with it. In fact, this is one of the most ergonomically-friendly toilet brushes I have seen throughout all of my research. The handle is thick and molded to fit into the grooves of your hand. It also features rubber grippies so that it will stick to the palm of your hand, making it much more difficult to drop. This is perfect for anyone with grip problems such as arthritis or a hand injury.

A Sparkling Bowl

I have a very sensitive stomach and, thus, find it very important to keep my toilet clean. In fact, I usually judge the cleanliness of a kitchen based on the cleanliness of a bathroom. Although I do realize that the kitchen will usually be, to some degree, slightly cleaner than the bathroom, someone’s ability to keep the bathroom clean tells me how motivated they are likely to be to clean their kitchen.

I know you don’t want to be one of those people who turns off guests by keeping a filthy bathroom. The very fact that you are here tells me that you care about the state of your own bathroom. Hopefully you have found a toilet brush here which will assist you in keeping your bathroom clean enough to impress even the harshest of critics (such as myself).