Every time I think about bathroom vanities I am reminded on the Carly Simon song “You’re So Vain”. I find it doubly ironic that I am sitting here looking at little clouds of creamer floating around in my coffee cup – of course, you will only know what I am talking about if you are a fan of the song. Despite the fact that Carly clearly paints vanity as a poor quality for a person to have and, arguably, it can be quite bad when taken overboard – we are all a little vain when we boil things down. Why else would a bathroom vanity be called a “vanity”?

We sit in front of these cupboards which house our various beauty supplies (makeup, styling gel, hair dryers, razors, shaving cream, et cetera), pull these items out, lay them on our countertops, stand in front of our mirrors, and proceed to primp ourselves. Men and women alike abide by this ritual day in and day out in many cultures and countries. In my quite humble opinion, this small amount of personal vanity isn’t anything to be embarrassed about.

As we move forward into embracing this tiny bit of vanity we all hold so dear to our daily routines, let’s take a look at some of the most popular bathroom vanities on today’s market which can help you accomplish bathroom tasks while also achieving your favorite overall design and décor style.

Buying Information

As with all things in life, it’s usually a good idea to contemplate your purchases before you make them. While some things in life may be more enjoyable and, ultimately, better when experienced spontaneously, making major purchases on a whim often leads to disappointment. Personally, I find that I overlook some wonderful options when I dive in and buy the first thing that strikes my fancy. Many other people I know find that they overspend when they just jump in and make a purchase.

To help you avoid those problems, I have gone ahead and created this short buying guide. The following list has a few things you may want to consider before purchasing your bathroom vanity. They are designed to help you create a list of your desired characteristics so you can have it ready as you go through the different popular options listed further down this page.

Size – Obviously, one of the most important things to consider is the amount of space you have available and how you would like to use that space. Would you like to fully fill that space with a vanity or would you like to leave some open space on either or both sides of the vanity? It’s also important to consider the location of other items and fixtures in your bathroom. For example, if you purchase a large vanity designed for a sink in the middle, will anything else in the room interfere with you actually accessing and using that sink comfortably?

Counter Space – As someone with many children, counter space is a hot commodity and a luxury in my home. The more we have, the better. However, some people may see counter space as a problem. They may see counter space as simply somewhere else for other people to dump things. Consider your needs and desires in terms of counter space before selecting your vanity. If you are hoping to minimize counter space, you may want to look into a pedestal sink.

Storage – Some vanities have plenty of storage beneath the countertop, while others have very little. Some have none at all, unless you count floor space. Consider your needs while browsing your options. Think about the amount of stuff you have to house under your sink as well as the size and shape of those things. Would it be in your best interest to purchase a vanity with drawers, cupboards, or a combination of both? Would you like to have some open space to display certain items for easy access?

Décor – This is one of those topics I really don’t even feel I need to write about. It should be fairly obvious that you will want to select a vanity which fits in with your décor. I have even gone ahead and helped you find a great option by discussing possible styles with which the vanities on this page would work well.

With or Without Sink and Counter? – Some vanities are purchased on their own, while others actually come with a countertop and/or a sink. Obviously, those which come with a counter and a sink are the easiest ones to install. You will not need to find a countertop, have it cut and ensure your sink fits into the space provided. Those which come with neither, however, are much more customizable.

On or Above Floor? – Some vanities go straight down to the floor and butt up against the floor itself. Others, however, sit on feet above the floor – much like a dresser or cabinet. Personally, I am a fan of the country cottage style and, thus, love the look of a vanity which sits atop feet. That being said, I would never choose that style for my own home, as I absolutely despise cleaning beneath these types of cabinets. In making this decision, try to match your personal style tastes with your level of enthusiasm for cleaning.

Plumbing Concerns – Depending upon the type of vanity you choose, you may find that there is a particular location for plumbing hookups. This is especially of concern for full vanity sets (complete with countertop and sink). In our home, the plumbing comes out from the wall to the left side of our vanity. Most of the time, however, cabinets are built for plumbing which comes up directly behind them. Some fancy handiwork may be required if your chosen vanity doesn’t accommodate the location of your plumbing.

Best Universal Double Vanity
Stufuhome GM-6412-60PW-CR Milbu Pure White Double Sink

If you are looking for a stately double vanity set which beautifully melds the eclectic contemporary style with the feel of a posh home, this vanity, countertop, double sink, and faucet set may be just what you are looking for. It comes not only with a beautiful, raised vanity but also with an elegant Carrera marble countertop, which is built for strength and durability. Two plain, rounded undermount sinks also come as part of the package.

Squared stainless steel handles and knobs add to the crisp contemporary appearance of this piece as well as to its polished, posh appeal. The handles nicely accent the polished stainless steel faucet and handle sets for each sink. The sweeping curves and little bit of intricate designs included on the handles and faucets contrast the square cabinet and drawer handles, adding a touch of femininity and prestige.

Storage should never be a problem where this vanity set is concerned. An ample amount of counter space will allow you to house several on-counter items without overwhelming a wealth of empty space with a conglomeration of items everyone forgets to put away because, well, it’s just easier to leave them out. A total of six drawers allow you to store small items (such as makeup and hair supplies) and two large under-sink cupboards can house larger items (such as cleaning supplies and towels).

Best Slim Design with Sink
Wall-Mounted Vanity Set by Sheffield Home

Do you only have a very small amount of space in your bathroom to accommodate a sink? This slim vanity and sink combination is built to solve exactly that problem. Whether you are retrofitting a useless closet space into a bathroom or trying to add more pieces to your average-sized bathroom, this tiny vanity and sink will allow you to make the most of the rest of the space in your room.

Overall, the design of this floating vanity and sink combo fits in best with a contemporary, industrial, modular, or Scandinavian style. It is a very simple design – no special inlays or cut-outs, just one plain-faced cupboard door. A basic rounded, stainless steel handle has been included as well. If this handle doesn’t match your desired décor goals, however, you can easily change it out for something which better matches your style.

The slim sink is actually rather large when you consider that the sink itself makes up almost the entire top surface – there is no actual countertop here. A single faucet and handle hole has been cut out of the small counter portion around the sink basin, though a faucet and handle combination has not been included with this ensemble. Personally, I prefer not to have the faucet included with a sink such as this one, since that makes it a much more customizable piece.

Best with Open Storage
Simpli Home Burnaby Bath Vanity

If you are searching for a small vanity but do not want to compromise the rich, masculine appearance of your bathroom by adding a tiny modular piece to the space, you may want to look closer at this option. This Simpli Home vanity has all the style and character you are looking for but is small enough to fit into some of the most compact bathroom spaces. This 20-inch piece is perfect for a full bathroom or a powder room.

What I like about this piece is that it actually looks like a piece of furniture which has been turned into a bathroom vanity. This small piece, with its open bottom shelf and its squared legs, reminds me of a bedside table. This “re-purposed” look is one which I love dearly. I also like that, despite having a re-purposed feel this piece still has the rich appeal of a side table built for a prestigious den.

Love the style of this piece but need something larger? If so, you will be happy to hear that this vanity is also available in 24, 30, 36, and 48-inch option. These larger pieces feature smaller drawers, but maintain the overall credenza appeal of the smaller, 20-inch option with the open shelf on the bottom and the small legs underneath.

The dappled grey granite countertop and beautiful, white china, undermount sink both come with this vanity as an ensemble. This means that you won’t have to worry about measuring and ordering and fitting together these extra pieces. All you will need to purchase to finish off this set is your own three piece handle and faucet set.

Best French Country Cottage/Shabby Chic Single Sink
Abbeville Bathroom Vanity Set

I have to admit that I fell in love with this piece when I stumbled across it. I am a diehard fan of the country cottage and shabby chic styles. I can envision this vanity in my own bathroom. Well, I can sort of envision it there. I imagine it would quickly be covered in so many children’s towels and belongings that I would never find it again. Let’s say, then, that I am picturing it in my future ensuite bathroom.

Purposefully distressed to mimic the appearance of an old cabinet transformed into a vanity, this piece has all the benefits of being new (such as strength and durability) with the visual charm of something old. The slatted cupboard doors bring a touch of country to the piece. In case you ever wondered why these pieces are made with slatted doors, there are two possible reasons I would like to share with you. The first is that, sometimes, certain things stored in cabinets and cupboards required ventilation; the second is that in tough times many people were forced to re-purpose things. Creating a cabinet from salvaged wood with doors made from salvaged shutters was probably an excellent way to complete that mission.

This ensemble comes with almost everything you see in any display picture. It is not simply a 30-inch wide vanity. It also comes with a beautifully polished marble countertop. I love the way that this crisp, clean countertop adds a touch of class to this old-world-inspired piece. It also comes with a beautiful, square undermount sink, two handles, and a faucet. It even comes with a matching distressed mirror.

Best French Country Cottage/Shabby Chic Double Sink
Hamilton Shutter Double Vanity

Love the look and feel of the country cottage and shabby chic styles but need something a little larger than the vanity listed above? I’ve got just the right one for you here. This double vanity option by Hamilton Shutter is built for people with ample bathroom prep space and those who often need to share their bathroom space. Oh, how I long for the days when something this size can fit into our main family bathroom so my children can quit fighting over who gets to brush their teeth first.

Ample storage space divided between two large cupboards and multiple drawers should be enough to keep your countertop from becoming cluttered. Intricate woodwork, inlayed drawer faces, imitation shutter doors and exquisite bulb-shaped legs allow this credenza-like piece to meld the country cottage and contemporary styles into a seamlessly beautiful design.

Measuring 35 inches high by 61 inches long, this vanity set comes complete with a one-piece granite countertop and two undermount sinks. Surprisingly, it is available in three different colors. The classic ivory option is best suited for country-inspired spaces. The grey and sea glass options, on the other hand, are much more contemporary in their appeal.

Best Victorian Design Single Sink
Kitchen Bath Collection KBC-A48WTCARR Katherine Vanity

If you want to talk about the perfect vanity for a contemporary meets Victorian décor style, this is likely one which will pass by your radar. Exquisitely detailed in its woodwork, this ornate piece features the voluptuous curves and intricate details for which the Victorian theme is very well known. To bring in a touch of the contemporary style, the white paint sprayed evenly across the wooden structure and doors adds the crisp feel of the twenty-first century.

Measuring 48 inches in width, this single sink vanity offers you plenty of counter space as well as plenty of storage space. Six easy-slide drawers and a double-high cupboard allow you to store items large and small.

To help you find a way to sneak some extra storage space into your bathroom, I have gone through various databases of popular above-sink cabinet systems and brought you the best of the best.

Many of the vanities on this list are singular units or come with a countertop and/or sink. This beautiful vanity comes complete with a Carrara marble countertop, a Carrara marble backsplash, a rounded undermount sink basin, a faucet, and handles. Although it isn’t as customizable as those vanities which are sold solo, it will require much less work for installation and all of the pieces have been beautifully matched to one another.

Best Contemporary Single Sink Vanity
Aria 36-Inch Bathroom Vanity

For those of you who are in search of a single sink vanity with ample storage and counter space in the contemporary style trend, I have found this crisp and clean Aria vanity. Its color and minor embellishments are what most screamed contemporary to me. You see, the contemporary style embraces the idea of adding natural and slate-tone paint colors on wooden furniture. This vanity beautifully applies that style to the bathroom space. The contemporary style also likes to make gentle nods to the country farmhouse style by embracing the inset cabinet doors and drawer faces for which country kitchens are famous. This vanity captures that contemporary element as well.

Four fully-functional, easy-open drawers will hold all of your annoyingly small items, from hair clips to diaper pins. The large undersink cupboard will accommodate many of your larger items. A false drawer has been added to the space above the cupboard to hide away the sink plumbing.

This combination comes with multiple pieces – not just the impressive vanity. It also comes with the expertly cut Carrara marble countertop, ceramic undermount sink, pop-up drain, P-trap, handles, and faucet. All the work will already be done for you, save for basic assembly. There will be no need to measure your marble or granite and have it cut to size. There will be no need to figure out the location of the sink hole and have it cut. You won’t even have to worry about finding matching hardware pieces.

Best Traditional Victorian with Double Sink
Silkroad Exclusive Travertine Stone Top

We’ve already reviewed one contemporary-meets-Victorian single sink vanity, but if you are looking for something more traditional and have the space to accommodate this large, intricate piece, you may want to consider it for your Victorian bathroom.

Pieces like this one are becoming more and more difficult to find. As someone who has renovated my share of old Victorian homes and has tried desperately to bring back the charm of those places, I know the challenge people with these homes face when replacing integral pieces such as a vanity. Therefore, I was rather overjoyed when I stumbled upon this particular piece.

From its curved doors, elaborate woodwork, and perfectly-sized drawers to its beautiful handles and travertine stone countertop, I am at a loss of where to begin when discussing this vanity. In all honesty, I don’t even believe I can do it justice with mere words. To really understand the beauty of this piece, you must actually look at it.

This set comes with the countertop – a wonderful bonus since you will not have to figure out dimensions and sink locations – as well as the two ceramic sink basins. Pre-drilled holes allow you to fit any traditional three piece faucet and handle set into the countertop in just the right location. The faucets and handles do not come with the set, however, which allows you to select whatever style you feel best suits your personal tastes.

Best Modern, Modular, Scandinavian Style
Wyndham Collection Amare 72-Inch Double Bathroom Vanity

If you are looking for a piece for your modern or industrial style bathroom this sleek floating vanity with integrated sinks should nicely accent your space. In keeping with these styles, there are no embellishments to the woodwork. The overall design of this piece is very clean. Its lines are straight and its angles are perfectly 90 degrees. Even the long, cylindrical handles are in keeping with the minimalist modern and industrial styles.

Ample storage space has been built into this piece, among its four large drawers and two cupboards. This will allow you to store your personal care items without cluttering your countertop. Speaking of the countertop, nothing says modern or industrial more than a one piece, seamless countertop and sink combo. Both large, rectangular basin sinks are part of the acrylic resin countertop.

Adding further to value of this set is the fact that, in addition to the countertop and sinks, it also comes with a matching oversized mirror. The mirror compliments the cabinetry of the vanity with its matching MDF frame.