Most of us use bath towels or sheets, so why not ensure that we purchase the best ones for our needs and budgets? This page is dedicated to bringing you the best or the best in terms of popular bath towels and sheets. Let’s get serious, though – I cannot simply tell you which ones are popular, sit back and convince myself I’ve done a great job here. I need to help you understand why they are so popular and how they will impact both your shower experience and the overall interior design of your space.

I’m not going to lie – there really isn’t too much to say where any types of towels are concerned. Anyone who finds the ability to type thousands upon thousands of words on the topic is simply trying to show off to you about his or knowledge in the world of fabrics and cleansing. I have no need to show off to you here, so expect that some of these “reviews” will be short and to the point. After all, aren’t the major points what you are really here to read about?

Buying Information

There really isn’t too much to discuss when it comes to buying information for bath towels and sheets. Still, I wanted to include this section, as I have on most of the other pages on this website, to give you a quick overview of those few things you may want to consider before moving forward toward your purchase.

Bath Towels or Bath Sheets? – There is a big difference between towels and sheets. I mean that literally – sheets are much larger than towels. I remember a time when I was unaware that these different sizes of “towels” actually had different names. I had always wondered why some of my friends’ homes had much larger “towels” than my own home as I was growing up. When I finally ventured out into the world to purchase my own towels for my first home, I realized that there were towels and sheets – two very different things. Sheets are not only longer but are also wider than towels.

Both sheets and towels achieve the same basic goal of helping you dry your body and/or hair after a shower or bath. They are absorbent enough to achieve that goal with ease. Well, they should be absorbent enough to achieve that goal. If they aren’t, they are useless and should be completely disregarded. What is different about them is the fact that the bath sheet, unlike the towel, can easily wrap around an adult body for warmth and to cover up. Personally, I like to have a combination of both towels and sheets in my cabinet. I use the towels for my children (who have much smaller bodies) and for wrapping up my hair. The sheets, on the other hand, provide much more comfort, warmth, and cover after my shower or bath.

Whether you choose towels, sheets, or a combination of both will depend upon your own personal needs and preferences. It may also depend on your budget. You should note that bath sheets are often much more expensive than bath towels.

Budget Concerns – Not only do towels and sheets differ in price much of the time, so too do different styles, types, and fabrics of towels and sheets. Generally speaking, the softer, more plush and absorbent a towel or sheet, the more expensive it will be. For those with a love of all things luxurious and for those with sensitive skin, this price difference may not be very important. However, for those with strict budgets, luxurious options may be out of the question.

Individual or Set? – You can purchase many towels and bath sheets on their own or you can purchase them in sets. The size of the sets will vary from one set to another – some come with four pieces, six pieces ,or even twelve. Sometimes, the set will contain only the towels or bath sheets; other times they will contain a mixture of towels, sheets, hand towels, and face cloths.

You choice should depend upon the actual pieces you require and how many you believe are necessary to meet your personal and guest needs. Some people even like to mix and match individual pieces or sets to bring more than one color into their bathroom spaces. This is always an option, but such a choice will be yours to make.

Premium Cotton Bath Towels

I must say that I am delighted to bring you yet another set of 100 per cent Egyptian cotton towels. Much like those listed above, these super plush, ultra-absorbent towels are strong, soft, and hypo-allergenic. As someone with many skin sensitivities, I am always pleased to find products that won’t hurt my skin with harsh chemicals, synthetic fibers, or scratchy fabrics. I must caution, though, that it appears synthetic dyes were used to color these towels, so those with dye sensitivities may want to be careful.

Speaking of colors, these towels come in an assortment of colors. Though I have seen towels which come in many more colors, I have also seen ones which came in only one or two colors. Also, I must say that I am impressed with the range of styles that this company was able to cover with only seven different colors. In purchasing these towels, you can choose among red, grey, brown, beige, white, royal blue, and sage green.

Unlike the last set of towels we discussed here, this set is made up of only towels, which allows you to purchase your hand towels and washcloths separately. As someone who uses few hand towels and many washcloths, I prefer an option such as this one. If you choose to go this route, don’t forget to wander over to our hand towel and wash cloth section to find the perfect accent pieces.

Amazon Basics Fade-Resistant Towel Set

Though these may not be Egyptian cotton, don’t get discouraged – they are still 100 per cent cotton. This means that they may not be as plush or soft as their Egyptian counterparts, but they are still much better for those with allergies than the synthetic options flooding today’s market. Sufficiently absorbent and available in a nice range of colors, these towels are sure to perform just as required in your bathroom space.

Let’s talk color for a moment. Color and style are crucially important consideration in my world, so I like to address this in each towel discussion. These towels are available in the following colors: black, white, light grey, navy blue, teal, acorn and crimson. These are very precise colors which may be difficult to work into certain spaces, so I advise you to keep looking if they aren’t quite what you want, and to circle back to this option if nothing else seems to work as well.

It is important that you remain aware that this is a set of towels, hand towels, and washcloths. Like the very first option on this list, it comes with two regular-sized towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. If you like to have an equal amount of each of these items, this set is probably perfect for you.

Turkish Luxury Hotel and Spa Collection Bath Towels

If you are searching for an extremely plush, soft, “makes you want to wrap yourself up in it all day and never let go” type of towel, you needn’t look any further than these ultra-soft, ultra-plush Turkish cotton towels. These towels are so wonderful that they even come with a certificate which states that they meet the highest standards or quality and contain no harmful chemicals, dyes, or synthetic fibers. These eco-friendly, allergy-friendly, organic towels are the ultimate in comfort and personal care.

Making this entire situation even better is the fact that these towels come in a large assortment of colors – fourteen colors, to be exact. Surely there will something among these fourteen colors which will nicely accent your space. In all honesty, even if I wasn’t able to find the exact color I was originally looking for when setting out to purchase towels, I would stretch my own design concept just to be able to bring home a few sets of these incredible towels. The fourteen possible color choices include white, ivory, medium grey, bright aqua blue, muted sky blue, soft navy blue, sage green, taupe, milk chocolate, salmon, wine red, purple, and bright yellow.

For people like me who prefer to purchase towels, hand towels, and washcloths separately, this set of four bath towels is perfect. In my household, there is no need to have an equal amount of hand towels and bath towels. We also use far more than our fair share of washcloths, so it would only make sense for us to have many more of those. This option would allow me to purchase each of these pieces separately so that I can have just the right number of each. Personally, I don’t feel the need to have the same high quality of hand towels and washcloths as I do bath towels, either, so I love this mix and match ability.

Utopia Towels Ringspun Cotton Bath Towels

Are you in search of a basic set of cotton towels? Want nothing more than bath towels (no hand towels or washcloths)? This set of Utopia towels is a simple set of four 30 by 56 inch bath towels. You won’t have to worry about having too many hand towels or too few washcloths to go along with this set, because you will purchase them separately.

Some of the towels on this page are made with the finest Egyptian or Turkish cotton. These towels are not. I’m not trying to downplay how great these towels are, however. I am just trying to bring you an honest observation of their quality. They won’t be as soft or plush as those high-quality options, but they will be sufficiently absorbent to accomplish their basic task. A solidly positive point about these towels, as well, is the fact that they are made completely of natural fabrics – no synthetics here.

As you should know by now, if you’ve read any of the other reviews on this page, color is an important consideration in my world. In case you feel similarly, I want to include a list of the colors in which this particular set of towels is available: grey, white, beige, brown, sage green, deep royal blue, and red. This may not be the most diverse color selection, but it does cover most of the major bases of many different design styles.

Cotton Craft Ultra Soft Oversized Bath Towels

Available in a four pack, this set of oversized bath towels is just what you likely need for your bathroom space and drying needs. Tiny looped pieces of cotton fabric help to trap water and pull it away from your skin. Compared with many of the other towels, even some of those listed on this page, these ones are incredibly thick. You can even see it when you look at a picture of these towels. The pile of the main towel sticks out much further than most other next to the decorative rayon band.

I love that these towels are simple. Though they do have a nicely finished edge and some decorative accents, they are simply towels. They don’t try to be anything extravagantly wonderful, just towels. The set comes with only towels. See how simple this is? There are no hand towels or face cloths to mess around with. If you would like any of those, you can purchase them separately, ensuring that you get the exact number you need while also allowing you to select accent colors. In fact, you can actually purchase a 6 pack of matching hand towels or a 12 pack of washcloths.

Your possible color choices include burgundy, linen, white, chocolate, ivory, black, and charcoal. Though there really aren’t any bright colors for those of you who enjoy a punch of color in your bathroom space, there is a color for nearly every design style, from contemporary to country cottage and even industrial.

Extra-Large Luxury Bath Sheet Towel

These luxurious towels are, by far, the largest on this list. Possibly the only towels on this list truly deserving of the title “bath sheet”, these are towels you can wrap around yourself for comfort, warmth, and to hide your body as you scurry down the hall to your bedroom from the bathroom. As someone who must share my bathroom with many other people, I understand the importance of being able to throw on a towel and scurry down the hall after a rushed shower.

These towels (or should I say sheets?) are available in eight beautiful colors. Color options include white, grey, black, dark brown, champagne, sage green, plum, and royal blue. Though these are rather standard colors, they are standard for a reason – they will match most interior décor styles.

Not only are these towels huge, they are also incredibly soft. Consumers report maximum satisfaction with their soft, plush texture. Made from 100 per cent pure cotton, these towels contain no synthetic materials and are less likely to aggravate skin than many other options. It should be noted, however, that they likely contain chemical dyes (like most towels and clothing) and should be avoided by people with allergies to these dyes. For the most part, though, they are preferable to most of the other towels on today’s market.